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Mudzvova speaks on censorship


AWARD winning actor, Sylvanos Mudzvova, who was recently in Norway for the Bergen Afro Arts Festival, said Zimbabwe’s censorship laws were archaic and draconian compared to other progressive societies.


Mudzvova, who staged his one-man play Missing Diamonds I want My Share at the festival, said other countries were far more democratic than Zimbabwe.

“In other countries, they have advanced freedom of expression compared to Zimbabwe. There is no need for censorship. A lot of international artistes are actually shocked with the processes we go through here just to stage a performance or a demonstration,” he said.

“In Norway, the government actually has people who listen to the voices of artistes and citizens in general. They listen to the issues being raised regarding human rights and democracy in order to improve the situation. Here, one is arrested for articulating issues of national importance.”

Mudzvova said it was important for citizens to know about the situation in their country so that they stay well-informed and know that Zimbabwean artistic productions were in demand on the world market.

“Audiences in Norway know a lot about current world affairs to such an extent that they wanted to know about what transpired with the missing $15 billion diamond money. So it should be noted that the world is watching Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mudzvova said, as a protest artiste, he was also working on producing and directing Tajamuka videos as part of his civic duty as a citizen.

He said his new one man play King of Mtapa will be staged at Theatre in the Park in early September.

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