Kasukuwere railroads Senate to pass Local Govt Bill

Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere

LOCAL Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday railroaded the Senate to pass the controversial Local Government Amendment Bill despite protests from opposition legislators, who argued that the proposed law was unconstitutional.

by Staff Reporter


MDC-T senators tried, to no avail, to block the passing of the Bill after they were outnumbered when the Bill was put to vote.

The opposition bench claimed the Bill had been rushed and did not represent the interests of the electorate.

The Bill seeks to give the minister sweeping powers to suspend or fire non-performing mayors and town clerks.

On Wednesday, MDC-T legislators in the National Assembly also tried in vain to block passage of the Bill, but lost due to their numerical disadvantage after the matter was put to vote.


  1. Kasukuwere is Zimbabwe’s most biggest mistake. Though there is glaring evidence that he is being sent by someone at the top, you wonder if you still have the energy to believe in God. I mean, we all know the people who are dragging our country back to 1890, and God is just standing there and watching while evil men and a woman get their way.

  2. With all e corruption happening in broad daylight it amazes me kuti unotonzwa munhu ne Sunday achito repeater e Lords’Prayer….

  3. Another lesson for Morgiza. When the MDC split for the first time it was about him refusing to protect the opposition’s political space. You repeated the same mistake with recalling MPs.

  4. My fellow Zimbabweans, we are in a very difficult situation for reasons we are quite aware. Perhaps each one of us could have acted differently in the past? But surely I strongly disagree with those who blame any of this on God. Our God the Almighty says in one scripture my ears are not blocked that I can not hear, nor my arms so short that I can not help, but your misdeeds have created a barrier between you and your salvation. What it only means therefore is that instead of cursing God, let us all fear Him, and go before him with humility, truthfulness and contrition. God is merciful, gracious and patient. He will hear our cries and heal our land.

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  6. In his previous portfolio, Tyson’s bullying antics on indigenisation policy ended up causing more harm than good to the economy, thereby weakening this regime. I predict that while his his strong-arm tactics with councils (in preparation for 2018) may weaken the MDC’s hold on them, the ultimate result will be to reduce performance (much as the rigging and taking over of parliament in 2013 has done), Whereas the performance of these councils leaves much to be desired even now (as did parliament before 2013), in a war of attrition, the people must take whatever wins we can get.

    Tyson is a short-term gain, long-term loss kind of guy; just like his principal.

  7. Nyika takatora, mapurazi takatora, mafactory takavhara, migodhi takapfushirsa, mari tikaviga zvino tauya kuzovhara madhorobha.

  8. morgan is part to all this mecy why did he accept gnu in the first place ?he is the actual problem to all these problems zimbos are in period.pasi na morgan

  9. @muchamuka…uri..dununu..remunhu and uchakavata..for sure…Pamakashandiswa..ku..splitter ma..votes 2008..haupatauri..sei.. Why are you not blaming Simba..Makoni, Dabengwa, Welshman..and Mutambara… for splitting the votes?

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