Breaking: War vets leader Matemadanda arrested

POLICE have arrested Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary -general Victor Matemadanda, hardly 24 hours after the arrest of the association’s spokesperson Douglas Mahiya as part of a witch-hunt for authors of last week’s hard hitting communiqué calling on President Robert Mugabe to step down.

According to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Matemadanda was allegedly picked up by five police officers from his Gokwe home early this morning and taken to Harare’s Law and Order section.

The lawyers said both war veterans leaders were likely to be charged with subverting a constitutionally-elected government and insulting Mugabe.

The latest crackdown follows Mugabe’s Wednesday rant against authors of the alleged offensive communiqué.

More to follow…..


  1. Augustine Zingwe

    Defend your comrades!

  2. Its a revolution. Arrests will not silence it

  3. hanya nani chidhoma chekwachivi

  4. I can bet my last dollar these guys will be free & drinking away at gochi gochi if not this weekend then by next week, there’s simply no case for them to answer here, Mugabe just wasting time as usual

  5. Zvino zvawapedza vamwe vako uchasara nani?Your funeral is only next week so Marujata, Mandi,mahoka, Chombo,Kasikuwere vanosara nani?

  6. Why are this war vets being arrested in the first place? can someone tell me the difference between Smith and Mugabe?

  7. Ufudu lutshekela oluthweleyo

  8. Only fools, idiots and imbeciles in the Police or intelligent services will carry out the arrests, because, they don’t realise that they shall one day live to answer for their actions not long after Their dear leader,s departure.

  9. what crime have they committed

  10. Zanu PF has become a phenomenally huge circus. Let them blow each other apart as they are all dishonest and insincere people. A club of people who see their colleague doing something wrong and keep quiet (and don’t reprimand) so that they can use that information 40 years later is completely useless.


  12. Its never too late, one day Zanu big wigs wil feel and see it that greed is a helluva cancer

    1. Zanu ibere ukange waritasva hauburuke, ukangoda kuburuka rinokudya The Party has this ability to use then abuse its cadres. The zanus themselves are so dull and never learn. Their history is full of deaths , injuries and broken limbs . Examples are just too many, vana Border to border, vana Norah, vanaMudadigwa. Some were abused and jailed during the struggle so it’s not surprising that the trend continues

  13. Lawe Silomsebenzi . Ini Newe Tinebasa.It seems as if the Vets have joined #ThisFlag . First We Don’t Understand Why Somebody Would Call #OurFlag Our National Flag ” #ThisFlag “. We have 100% entitlement & Ownership to the flag.#Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy. In other words..its a country that promotes,protects & uphold the basic & fundamental human rights of the citizen of #Zimbabwe.One of those rights is the Freedom of expression.These guys are making, I have to make this clear they are making legitimate,genuine & valid points or concerns because these are issues that must be addressed in any society.Their anger is misdirected because they seem to be angry at the President,at the Govt,at ZANU PF who are not their enemies…their enemies are actually the #US, the #British,the #EU …the guys that imposed unjustified,illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. This is the reason why from 2001 when ZIDERA,was enacted in the #US congress,we have gradually got to the point where we are.The anger is misdirected.We ought to harness all our energy, anger,power & all we can as proud & patriotic citizens of this country to say those sanctions that were imposed on Zimbabwe must go ASAP,totally & unconditionally…#OurFlag Hameno zvenyu kungojamukajamuka on #socialmedia & foreign TV stations kunge masascam!!!!

  14. Why, in a law abiding and DEMOCRATIC zimbabwe, MY understanding was/is in a democracy, munhu is allowed to say things which are according to his feelings not right. The politics of patronage should END and when all the dust has settled we should be asking questions of mysterious deaths that have happened in revolutionary party, will site a few that need to be re-investigated Josiah Tongogara, Rex Nhongo, Moven Mahachi, Robson Manyika, Nhora, Eddison Zvgobo and Peter Pamire.

    1. Then why are they being arrested when they have got freedom of expression nhai comrade Hungwe.

    2. Then why are they being arrested when they have got freedom of expression nhai comrade Humba. Is this the democracy that you preach?

  15. This government never ceases to amaze me, for one to be arrested for speaking what he/she wants them it becomes a crime. so which clearly shows that Mugabe is untouchable.

  16. We hv hv been telling these pple hw ruthless their part is and they thot we wer crazy. Wen atrocities happened in the past they celebrated even participated nw test yo own medicine sir. Feel it. U cld hv nipped it in the bud long back bt u wer enjoying the gravy.nw tables hv turned

  17. Now you Consult Pachedu Bennet. The same scarY zvimbaboy nocturnal music

  18. There is no such like democracy in Zimbabwe but its near

  19. zvamuchapedza nyika yese muchisunga and yet you cannot feed them when they are in the prisons. nxaa a government of disunity discord and confusion. Mapurisa munotondinzwisa tsitsi shame. munoramba muchishandiswa kusvika rinhi. asi zverwendo rwuno ka,,, muri kuchibvondora mega, watch this space. enoughisenough mhani

  20. Its amazing how some of us think that Zimbabwe is a democratic country.Democracy is a nonexistent word in the world of communism.It is only the elite that has the right to dictate policies and to decide for the rest of the populace.What we are witnessing in Zimbabwe is a direct result of adopting the Marxist-Leninist ideology.As Zimbabweans we it needs to dawn on us that we are fighting a system which requires everyone to organise on the side of Democracy.In that vein we need to have one democratic political movement to weed out the evil system created by our so called Liberators.We should never allow those who were part of the communist system to lead us.As long as we allow ourselves to be so enslaved then we will continue to witness the same problems that we are trying to fight against.

  21. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Why waste state resources and time.Their arrests won’t solve the country’s economic,political and social woos.The is at cross roads,the collapse of the economy is just imminent.Where else in the world does it constitutes an offence to call upon a sitting president to step down?Zimbabwe becoming a laughing stock in the region.

    1. It is a standard political approach used worldwide. If you dont like or approve what they are doing, tell them they must step down, when you have had enough. We need to rebuild Zimbabwe and will only get help from other countries when we have good stable , fairly elected government. Law abiding people , freedom of speach and effective Government bodies like the Civil Service , Police , and the Military. All of these must be working within the Judicial system staffed by legal eagles not scared of political shananigans.

      Go Zimbabwe , Go flatout to restoration and rebuilding, for ALL your peoples sake.

  22. Honestly wat crim have they committed? I m out of words to describe our govment. Is Uncle bob legally correct to change the executive himself of the war vets

  23. They are being prosEcuted for telling the truth as it is, my heart bleeds for a free zimbabwe. hapana chakataura chekunyeba in that doc.

  24. They have committed a crime of defying their GOD!! let them enjoy their newly found freedom.

  25. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Neither is it communism what is obtaining on the ground.Let.s not blame communism, China is said to be a communist state neither is it a multi party democracy but look where it is at the present moment.It is one of the powerful economies in the world,for the simple reason that the authorities embarked on economic reforms and leadership renewal.Nothing else Democrat.

  26. Smith in a different colour or otherwise worse off.

  27. I forewarned about Mugabe’s constitutional political defensive options. All manipulation being subjected to these war vets is constitutionally enshrined in his bid to safeguard his authority. He can go to any length for the same. Had you demanded for constitutional reforms, all this brutality on freedom of expression could have been trimmed. Ironically, this is treated as a local affair where the International Community has no powers to intervene. I keep calling for Zimbabweans not to hit off-target as I am conversant of the constitutional backlash. You shall be subdued to tyranny by these archaic laws for as long as it takes until you revise your constitution.

  28. Bring them to court and lets see if these ridiculous charges stick.

  29. Enock Tawanda

    Let these cdes feel it because they used to smpthaise with the Regime

  30. @Enoch u r spot on. Let’s them experience the brutality and force of this evil regime… Kana vavarigwa then they will see howcwe felt….

  31. on what charges???you zrp idiots stop being used like nappies muchachema,this is an internal fight though it has a risk of becoming a full blown war considering the roots of the people involved so plz hands off,zrp does not belong to ZANU I personally own a stake in the police force to serve me even you Bob ndanzwa nekubirwa newe nevana mbava vako because I pay tax nxaaaa

  32. You simply cannot rule by brute force, arresting people, left, right and centre when they have clearly not committed any crime.

    I thought it is the same Mugabe who said war vets are only an afflialate and so why being so bothered by an afflialate.

    But at the end of the day Mugabe and his police cannot arrest everyone.

  33. I don’t understand why a citizen is arrested for criticizing his own government. I thought all along it was wrong for a government to arrest citizens for expressing themselves. The President himself is a victim of such oppression, when he was jailed for expressing himself. I now don’t under why he is throwing away what he fought for.

  34. Now the zrp thnk they are belongs to zanu all ther doing is completely wrong in the country,war vets protest againt zanu ‘s ruling propagandas ,economy melt down under mudhara’s ruling and for 92 old guy to resign bcz he was too old to b a president

  35. Yes comrades makafarira n,gangs neinobata Mai . When we told you that this man was no good you refused to listen . We even said Ian Smith was better but your obsession and unsubstantiated belief that any other Zimbabwean would not preserve the gains of the war kept you blind to reality. You believed your own propaganda . Thank God at least you have seen what we saw long back , never mind the time-now

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