Army fails to get salaries on time for second month


HARARE — Zimbabwe has failed to pay the army on time for the second straight month, military sources said yesterday, underscoring the precarious financial position of President Robert Mugabe’s government as it faces rare popular protests.

The military is paid on the 14th of the month, but soldiers and air force officers said they were still to receive their pay and had not been given an alternative date.

The delays are likely to fuel tensions in the southern African nation, which has been hit by drought, a drop in mineral prices and chronic cash shortages — all factors behind this month’s popular protests against 92-year-old Mugabe.

“The mood is sour among the rank and file. Life is tough and we are not being told by our superiors whether we will be paid this month or not,” one private said.

One colonel said even senior officers were in the dark about when their pay was going to arrive.

“We have not been informed of new pay dates by the ministry of finance,” the colonel, who declined to be named, said.

There was no comment from Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, who was attending an African Union summit in Rwanda with Mugabe.

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore could not be reached for comment. — Reuters


  1. You guys have been propping up Mugabe’s corrupt regime for the past 20 years and now you are starting to complain…Are you serious or you are just slow learners. Malcom X once said chickens going back to roost should never surprise you…ndozvaigara zvichitaurwa naTsvangirai pamaimudashura, naMawarire pamaimugadzidzira nyaya uye naZvorwadza pamaimukanda kubva mumota. Itai tione the ‘most patriotic uniformed force in the world’

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  3. This is no laughing matter guys,the country is progressively sliding into arnachy. It’s time for all Zimbabweans to put their heads together and deal with this situation.We used to read about these crises ravaging the countries north of us,today those crises are staring at our door steps with resultant grim consequences.The country is effectively being plunged into darkness.One can’t envisage a situation where the bulk of the public sector,including protection services would go for months without being paid salaries,recipe for disaster.

  4. @chasura, l agree 100%, let them cook their guns & eat the bullets for lunch, they are the dumbest army & police force on the planet but hunger shall soon wake them up

  5. Soldiers in Zimbabwe and the police you are a big let down to the general populace.You stand by mugabe when protestors deman change.You guys real deserve NO PAY FOR A YEAR to make you appreiate hunger and suffering so that next time Evan Mawarire calls a stay away you shoud be the first ones to comply!You reap what you sow guys!ARMY AND OLICE YOU AREW THE DUMBEST LOT IN THIS COUNTRY CZ YOU BLOCK CHANGE MUCHAMAMA!

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