Zanu PF 2018 campaign ploy exposed

Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni

THE main opposition MDC-T yesterday said the circus happening at Harare’s Town House –which saw mayor Bernard Manyenyeni suspended by government hardly 24 hours after lifting an earlier debarment over reportedly frivolous accusations – was part of a wider Zanu PF plot to take over control of the capital city and parcel out land to ruling party members ahead of the 2018 elections.


The MDC-T warned that, if unstopped, Zanu PF commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who is also Local Government minister, would roll out similar smash-and-grab programmes in all councils under MDC-T control to destabilise the opposition party and enable Zanu PF to win back all urban seats.

“The latest suspension is just, but a manifestation of the evil and fascist machinations of the Zanu PF regime that is desperate to wrest control of Harare City Council from the popularly elected MDC council,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

He said the involvement of Kasukuwere and acting Local Government minister Jonathan Moyo – known Zanu PF electoral strategists – raised a stink.

“The MDC-T will never, ever give in to the factional machinations of these two misguided and misdirected Zanu PF factional warlords,” Gutu said.

Another top MDC-T official, who declined to be named, said: “Zanu PF’s decision to create a vacuum in Harare is to find a way of working with a malleable (deputy mayor Christopher) Mbanga in order to get rid of (suspended town clerk James) Mushore, who is a professional and incorruptible administrator.”

The MDC-T national executive member added: “The whole Zanu PF electoral agenda for 2018 is hinged around a second land reform based on the indiscriminate parcelling-out of urban land in a manner that flies in the face of good urban and regional planning.”

Kasukuwere has already pledged to dole out urban State land in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare to Zanu PF youths and members of the women’s league.

Manyenyeni was yesterday sent packing again, hardly a day after Moyo lifted an earlier suspension imposed by Kasukuwere. This time, the government accused Manyenyeni of failing to cause an audit of council’s business units.

The circus resulted in the cancellation of a full council meeting scheduled for the evening as MDC-T councillors boycotted in protest.

On Monday, Moyo gave Manyenyeni the nod to resume his duties following the mayor’s earlier suspension effected on March 20 this year.

Moyo claimed the decision had been informed by government’s failure to constitute an independent tribunal to try the mayor for “unilaterally” appointing Mushore as town clerk in contravention of sections of the Urban Councils Act.

However, before he settled down, Manyenyeni received another marching order for allegedly abetting corruption and plunder of public resources at Town House.

A crestfallen Manyenyeni could only say: “I have been suspended again for not carrying out the corruption audit for City Parking and Harare Sunshine Holdings. I am still consulting.”

He said the directive to audit council business units was directed to the entities’ respective directors.

“The directive was referred to the boards that run the companies, not the mayor. It’s highly likely my next suspension will be for Harare City Football Club coach Moses Chunga if he shouts at a fan,” Manyenyeni quipped.

Part of his suspension letter authored by Moyo read: “It has come to my attention that on July 27, 2015, you were advised in writing of various allegations of corruption at Easipark and City Parking and ordered by Hon S Kasukuwere in terms of section 316 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) to cause a forensic audit of the two entities and to provide a preliminary report to the minister on the same within six weeks of the engaging of the auditors.”

Moyo added that Manyenyeni had also rebuffed advice from Auditor-General Mildred Chiri in January this year to expand the internal audit to all the entities under Harare Sunshine Holdings (Private) Limited.

He described the mayor’s alleged inaction as “gross violation of duty and abuse of office on your part, bordering on incompetence and corruption to the detriment of the residents of the City of Harare”.

Moyo and Kasukuwere are key figures of a Zanu PF faction known as G40 and reportedly pushing for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her husband President Robert Mugabe. The G40 group is reportedly seeking to hinge its campaign to control the ruling party on doling out pieces of land to the youths.

G40 is locked in a bitter succession struggle to take over from Mugabe with another faction reportedly led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa boasting support from the country’s war veterans.


  1. If only they will deal with other corruption cases glaring at the people which have been exposed and nothing was done. Big corruption cases for that matter, then the government will be doing good. Zviri pachena kana muchibatabata vanhu vasina kana corruption leaving vamwe vari kuita corruption yadonhedza nyika then you do not know what you are doing.

  2. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Where are the good men????

  3. Zimbabwe is now acting on corruption hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. The only corrupt official who brought Zimbabwe’s economy to a stand still is being dealt with. Now all Zimbabwe ‘s problems will disappear hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. And the $15 000000000000000000000 is found hahahahahaha. and 2,2 000 000 plus jobs are created hahahahahahahahahaha

    • Ana Viona Ngwena, you sound bitter,why? is Zimbabwe not acting on corruption?when its an opposition member who has bee arrested or suspended for allegations of corruption it is called intimidation but when a member of the ruling party or those perceived to be aligned to the ruling paty are done the same its now called factionalism..and by the way can we be told how much money has to date been generated by easy park and how much money was realized after city council desposed most of its rufaro beerhalls which were the city councils cash cow then.and why have council employees in Harare gone for 6 MONTHS WITHOUT PAY,

  4. Why this bitterness over the manyenyeni issue.if there are people who are suspected of aiding or abetting corruption let the law take its course.why is it that when its a member of the opposition who is arrested or suspended its called intimidation but when the same is done to members of the ruling party or those perceived to be aligned to the ruling party its now called terms of revenue how much has easy park generated,and how much was generated when Harare city council sold its rufaro arketing entities?and why have city workers not been paid in the last 6 months

  5. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me……
    ——————– ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐ w­w­w.f­a­c­t­o­r­y­o­f­i­n­c­o­m­e.­c­o­­m

  6. @gustavoz its politics, and I mean politics. Yes Zanu Pf is in power. We have admitted. Its political power and nothing else. We are happy that they have power. But the only pathetic thing is that they have power against opposition and they can not scare away corruption, they can not scare away poverty, they can not scare away unemployment, they can not scare away low agricultural production and out put, they can not scare away de-industrialisation, they can not scare away cash shortages, they can not scare away hopelessness they imposed on Zimbabweans. Let them do it as long as they wish. Its their time

  7. How on earth someone coming from suspension is suspended within 2 hours, mmmmmmmm. There is something fishy here. I think politicians should leave our city alone. Their meddling is too much now.

  8. The residents of the City of Harare have no spokespersons in Zanu PF. These residents have more confidence in MDC officials than anyone in Zanu PF, right up to their absentee president. Zanu PF is incompetent, inefficient, corrupt, inept and is a huge failure. It is going to be very hard for Zanu PF to attract urban voters because city slickers all know that you work for a living to survive in the city. Zanu PF officials always “give” or “hand-out” what does NOT belong to them. Only thieves and lazy people fall for that. Tell us where $15 bn is not this nonsense.

  9. Whilst I don’t support ZANU’s move to suspend Manyenyeni again, it should also be noted that MDC is myopic in their choice of Town clerk. James Mushore was literally fired from his CEO post at NMB due to corporate governance issues. To say he is incorruptible is a blue lie. Why would MDC want to entrust the finances of a City like Harare to a known conman and fraudster. MDC seems to be in the same boat as ZANU insofar as paying lip service to the elimination of corruption is concerned. Can they not find a better candidate for this job?

  10. mbavha dzese mujeri matsotsi ese mujeri chikule chakaba 15 bhidha mujeri…isu mayouths ePeople First taramba marara muhurumende.

    mapurisa ese eparoad mujeri charity mujeri zvekare. Come 2018 vana gumbura tichambotovabudisa toisa mbavha idzo

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