Macheso breaks down on stage


SUNGURA music maestro, Alick Macheso wept on stage last Friday at Pick N Save in Mutare after he was overwhelmed by emotions, as he belted out the song, Baba, from his highly-successful album Tsoka Dzerwendo.



Macheso, who delivered one of his greatest performances at the packed entertainment venue, temporarily broke off from the song midway, as he shed tears.

“You see, some of these songs are so touching. This song reflects deeply into our lives. Sometimes I end up being emotional,” he said, wiping away tears, before resuming.

NewsDay understands the song was based on the musician’s upbringing and relays the story of a young boy, who accuses his father of neglect. This was after the parents divorced while the mother was pregnant.

Despite the emotional moments Macheso and Orchestra Mberikwazvo gave a scintillating performance that kept the audience on its toes, as he played all the songs from his latest album.

The songs Gungwa, Kurarama Inyasha and Mude Mude proved to be crowd favourites, as they were repeatedly requested. The plug song, Gungwa, was the toast of the night, as the band’s guitarists took turns to showcase their guitar strumming prowess, with Macheso playing the bass guitar, with his chin and leg.

New kid on the block, Jethro Walewa, mesmerised fans with some fascinating guitar skills on the sub rhythm guitar, while Tafi Nyamunda, Devine “Wezhira” Muzenda and Donald Gogo blended into the melody.

The dancers, led by Selemani “MaJuice” Mposhi, dressed in all white, gave the stage ambiance, while their choreography left the audience clamouring for more.

A handful of Macheso’s fans from Mozambique also attended the show.

In interview on the side lines of the show, Macheso acknowledged his fans, including those who had travelled from Mozambique, for their support.

“I am speechless… I owe it to them. I also want to thank the Lord. Everything I do, I put to God first,” he said.

“I am so touched by the love that the fans have shown me through supporting the new album. I have never seen like this before.”


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  2. Maybe he was thinking of his relationship with Tafadzwa kuti vana vake vokura vachichengetwa namai.How will they feel vakuru

  3. Zvinochemedza zvokwadi.This song has got a meaning a everyone’s life asi dai iri Dhenzi horo hapana hapana

  4. The song is really touching. Especially if you were raised by a single parent mother. going through all and sundry to eke out a living for you, zuva ripise sei, mvura inaye sei vachishingaira zvokwadi kupiwa mazindima emaricho. trying to mirror it all. and in most cases baba vanenge vakuzama kuti iwe unda mai vako stereki blah blah. unochema neshungu nako kakaipa

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  5. baba sharo song iyi (baba) makainyora mukaikwenenzvera.message yakakora and maimbiro amakaiita ndeepamusoro soro. nemonday ndakasvimha misodzi ndirimukombi yaplayiwa apo ndakange ndichifunga makuriro arikuita vana kumusha ini single parents headed families apo vana baba vavo vachinakirwa nelife pajoza

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