Sick Tsvangirai rushed to S Africa


OPOSITION MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been rushed to South Africa for treatment over a yet-to-be disclosed ailment.



In a statement yesterday, the party’s secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora, said Tsvangirai was flown out early this week.

“Tsvangirai was taken ill. On the advice of doctors, he had to travel to South Africa for treatment. Yesterday (Wednesday) he successfully underwent a medical procedure and is recuperating well in South Africa,” he said without disclosing further details, including the name of the hospital.

Party sources told NewsDay the MDC-T leader was being treated for a fatigue-induced ailment at a private hospital in Johannesburg.

Last month, Tsvangirai looked frail when he led his party’s anti-government demonstration in Harare, but the opposition leader dismissed reports he was unwell as speculative, insisting he was “as fit as a fiddle”.

This was after a State media columnist, Nathaniel Manheru, revealed to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, raised concerns over Tsvangirai’s health.

Said Tsvangirai then: “I think that Charamba must realise that he cannot compare me with his boss. If Mugabe is frail, it doesn’t mean that Tsvangirai is frail as well. I am healthy and I don’t have any health problems. In fact, [during the march] it was my wife (Elizabeth Macheka), who was balancing on me because she was wearing shoes that made her require some balance from me. But the long and short of it is that I don’t have any health problems.”

Tsvangirai last month failed to attend the burial of Harare councillor, Farai Muzhinyi with acting mayor, Chris Mbanga telling mourners that the party leader was bedridden.

Tsvangirai has been vocal about Mugabe and his family’s expensive medical trips to Asia, saying the First Family should use local health facilities and save on taxpayers’ money.

But, MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu yesterday defended Tsvangirai’s decision to seek treatment in South Africa.

“You should know that there is certain specialist medical attention that is not locally available in Zimbabwe because the Zanu PF regime has trashed the health delivery system over the past few decades,” he said.

“As a political party, the MDC doesn’t approve of a system where leaders have to travel outside Zimbabwe to seek medical treatment for ailments that can be effectively and efficiently treated locally. That’s our main bone of contention.

“You will recall that at one time, President Mugabe travelled all the way to Singapore to seek treatment for an eye cataract, a condition that can be effectively treated by local eye specialists,” he


  1. I think we all know that all those who are high up do not even want to go near our health systems. They deem them death traps for the poor helpless povo. Ko tingavadini havo vane mari? Isu hatina tongofira hedu muno.

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  4. he is human not made of metal by the way, chashamisira chii, its ZANU PF which damaged medical system saka musarwadziwe regai arapwe. LEARN TO SEPERATE ISSUES

  5. What goes around comes around. You Tsvangirai said Charamba could not compare you with President Mugabe. For your own information, President Mugabe is healthier than you Tsvangirai taking into consideration his age. Mwari akasika munhu also puts an appointment with same person thru death. Hatina kugadzirwa nesimbi isu. Its very bad for Tsvangirai to speak ill about the President. Where are his manners especially for someone aspiring to be President?

  6. Hoo, Mrs Tsvangiari came to a march wearing high shoes that need someone to hold her hand! Kkkkk

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  8. Get well soon brother Morgan.Yu have yo place in our society, sure the president Mugabe will pop in to wish yu a speedy recovery.Im sure out there in foreign lands we shuld just all be zimbos.get well soon sir.

  9. I think its a known fact that it is a natural phenomena that one becomes ill at one time or the other, so if its Tswangirayi who is ill just to make people happy than he has to be treated in Zimbabwe, come be realistic people, it is Zanu Pf that we must be talking about and how it has run our economy down, not Tswangirayi and his health. The bottom line is that he has gone for treatment which if okay and there is nothing wrong with it. Come on people we need to realize that if he has to lead the part he needs to be treated of whatever the problem is , it does not matter where he goes for his treatment.

  10. Wishing him recovery soon ,so that he can face another and his last defeat as MDCT leader, in the 2018 Presidential election!

  11. Shame u idiots remember Dr Richard Tsvangirai was not made of still he is a human being like u kurwara muraiiro wamwari Robati akatanga kurwara ari the age of 6 months from her mothers womb till now ndiye umwe arikucontributer from our lost $15b nekurwara rwara kwake

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  12. Manje haafi kusvika akoromora bob, get well Mr President and come back very fast takamira negumbo rimwe for l000 demos, mapurisa eHarare hokoyo bwaaa,eByo hokoyo bwaaa eGweru etc iwalkover

  13. if you can afford it, go outside for treatment, Zanu has destroyed the local system and have the capacity to kill you through the few available doctors if you are against them. It’s just a matter of safety, your life or death, I can’t object to anyone seeking medical attention beyond our borders unless of course they are Zanu and contributed directly to the distraction of the healthy system.

  14. Yes Tsvangirai hatingamufananidzi nabob asara nema meters mashoma kusvika paguva rake kurwara kwaSave its board sevice get well soon Dziva wangu

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