Shape up or ship out, Mugabe tells war vets

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe has upped his unrelenting attacks on war veterans telling them to shape up and leave the youths to take over from where they left in the history of the country and Zanu PF.

By Tatenda Chitagu

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Addressing thousands of bussed party supporters and schoolchildren at Chamisa Primary School in Gutu yesterday, Mugabe said war vets should let the party youths continue with their legacy in the party as the former liberation fighters were getting old and dying

“We applaud war vets, but they should unite the party,” he said.

“War veterans fought for the liberation of the country, but are now among the people and in the party. That is what the party fought for. You cannot say you are outside the party and appear like you are living in isolation. You must strengthen the party and not appear as if you are outside.”

Mugabe said youths should take over the baton and proceed with the legacy created by the war vets.

“Who is going to take over our heritage because there is not going to be another group of war veterans tomorrow?” he said.

“War veterans are getting fewer by the day because of ageing and death, so the youths must be uplifted in Zanu PF.

They are joining Zanu PF and not outside the party and we want the unity of the party, not divisions. War vets should exercise their right to belong to the party, they have no right to operate outside the party, not at all.”

Mugabe, as if to balance the tongue lashing , reprimanded the youths, saying they should not fight senior party members.

“Youth league must remain youth league and united, not a group which wants to fight elders,” he said.

“There are no factions in Zanu PF. We have one big group which is Zanu PF. We do not know about factions.”

Mugabe, who seemed out of touch with reality, skirted pressing issues of the day, among them the economic decline, unemployment and the biting cash shortages, as he unleashed his usual sanctions and anti-West rhetoric.

Mugabe had gone to see his uncle Chief Gutu, born Edmund Masanganise, to pay his condolences following the death of his predecessor, Anos Kasirai Masanganise, who died in 2013.


  1. Mugabe!!! pliz pliz pliz pliz pliz mwari pindirai munhu anetsa muzimbabwe uyu, ko iwe lead by example resign asekuru machembera zvakanyanyisa kunyanya nyanyest

  2. robert arikunobata maoko munhu akafa 2013, aaaaa zvakaoma… chimudhara chatinetsa ichi mhani… zvinhu zvirikunetsa mari hakuna economy irikufa mabasa hakuna asi chinoswera chichirotomoka nezve ma sanction. Hameno chatakatadzawo isu

  3. If it is not allowed in Zanu Pf to disrespect elders, why then is Mahoka tolerated when she rubbishes the vice president of the party in the presence of the president of the party? It shows that G40 is tolerated and that is the faction enjoying blue eyed boy status. So no matter how wrong G40 gets to be, nothing will happen to its members. This is what is dividing the party and this is what genuine war veterans are against. War veterans do not want to leave behind a party that pretends that the definition of loyalty is when one supports ONLY G40 activities and ideas, even if those activities and ideas are against the party constitution.

  4. The problems in Zanu pf all stem from one thing. Its a party of thieves who want to maintain their grip on the gravy train even from the beyond.Thus we see even the military,intelligence all embroiled in looting of resources. There’s no sense of patriotism. Its all about how much you can steal and who you can put in power to protect your ill begotten wealth. The war vets just want a piece of that pie. Not for the benefit of the nation but for their own benefit.Mbavha chete chete.

  5. Mugabe pretty knows that war veterans are ageing and some are dying. And he advices that youth should take over. Why then does he not realize the same thing to himself that he is very old and that he must leave it to new freshy leader. This guy is abusing us really.

  6. We want all the ageing and dieing to go and hand the reigns to us.Lead by example. We are tired of empty, hollow speeches to appease the select few. BE EXAMPLARY. Who will want to go when others are saying “till death do set us apart” Let all the war veterans and the ELDERLY stand aside and be advisors. VIVA ZIMBABWE.

  7. ‘To pay his condolences following the death of his predecessor who died in 2013’…..That sounds a bit queer to me. Condolences to someone who died 3 years ago? Something is not right with this President. And then he instructs war vets to leave it to the youth for the future.
    That can be a fact but why can’t he also do the same and leave his presidency to his juniors. I don’t think there is any surviving war veteran who is older than Mugabe as of now but still he tells them to shape up and leave the youths to take over…..

  8. This is utter madness.even if u hve a busy schedule shuwa kunibata maojo 3 years after the death, hakusi kushura here uku?

  9. If Mugabe resigns before the youths take over I bet you in a million years there will be another old president,,,the idea is to leave paane mumwe fresh blood… stop being negative zimbabweans

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