SA nationals fined, deported for breaching immigration rules


THREE South African illegal immigrants were last week fined $100 and deported for contravening Zimbabwe’s laws after they sneaked into the country and started working at a service station in Marondera.

BY Jairos Saunyama


Erick Myende (34), Tembani Mabaso (44) and Michael Bachlall (25) were fined $100 each, while their South African employer, Erasmus Francious (70), a director at Coastal Structures (Pvt)Ltd, was fined $300 by Marondera magistrate Josephine Sande.

The court heard that on April 26 this year, Francious brought in the three, who were his employees, through the Beitbridge Border Post, claiming they were visitors and they were given 30-day visitors’ permits.

On May 11, the three were picked up while working at a Trek service station in Marondera without work permits, leading to their prosecution.

Courage Chakawa represented the State.


  1. Manje ko veduwo vakaitwa saizvozvo, because we have thousands who hve sneaked into South Africa without even documents.

    • Taura hako. They were wrong but what if SA chooses to stick to the rule-book and play tit-for-tat. Vatori zvavo pabasa, havasi mbavha, ah musadaro jaji. Tunitemo twamunoda kuzoziva stereki pane zvisina basa dai maizviita pane vakuru vari kuba dzevana nechembere tingadai tiri kure mwachewe.

  2. kikikikikikikikiiki a very funny story kikikikikikikiki 3 versus 3 million magistrate ava vanonwa mhamba kupfuura goritoto chaiye kikikikikiki vanonakidza , hanzi go back to south africa kikikikiki, ko venyu vari kupihwa chance to regularise their stay in south africa witout even a birth certificate. manduraya mutongi musapote muchienda kubasa mune bhabharasi

  3. Go back where? U can not tell your child that since u have been naughty, today u are not going to eat Sadza and beef but you will eat rice and chicken. Can that be a punishment ??

  4. Got a feeling these are Zimbos who have changed their identities after staying in SA for a while. Otherwise they is absolutely nothing wrong with the judgment, illegal Zimbos are deported week in week out in both SA and Botswana. Under no circumstances should we be seen advocating selective application of law, that is what has made Zanunoids law unto themselves and hence questionable ” rule of law” in Zim.

  5. muteme mutemo, zvine basa rei kuti kuSouth Africa kune 3 million or zillion munofunga kuti vakabatwa vachishanda zviri illegal vanoregererwa. law has nothing to do with ethics, if your stay is illegal then kamani get out!!!!

  6. yes vanoregererwa. vakatopiwa maZDP permits vari maillegal. chinonetsa zimbabwe ndechekuti they feel as if they are the last born of the world. they arrested 8 zambians for fishing muKariba, zambia ikati munotamba and arested 31 zimbos. kwava kuchema kunge isu tisingazviiti. But Zambia haina funny idzodzo.

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