Missing Diamonds to be captured on video

Silvanos “Banditi” Mudzvova

FOLLOWING the overwhelming demand of award-winning theatre producer-cum-actor Silvanos Mudzvova’s satirical one-man play, Missing Diamonds — I Need My Share, all is now set for the DVD recording from May 17 to 18 at the Alliance Francaise in Harare.



The 30-minute controversial theatre piece, which led to Mudzvova’s brief arrest after he staged it at Parliament Building, was inspired by President Robert Mugabe’s scandalous disclosures that the country had lost $15 billion in diamond revenue through corruption.

Mudzvova told NewsDay yesterday that the idea to capture the play on DVD came after overwhelming demand by fans and other stakeholders miffed by the country’s huge loss at a time when the economy was on a nosedive.

“When I penned the play Missing Diamonds — I Need My Share, I had no plans to perform it at a traditional theatre set-up, but theatre fans and some people who are interested in this diamond issue requested it in traditional theatre venues and on DVD,” he said.

“I greatly appreciate the support I am getting. So I have decided to unveil the play on DVD as a way of taking it to different audiences across the country.”

The play, in which Mudzvova asks critical questions about government’s reluctance to deal with corruption, has already attracted international recognition and he will be taking it to the third edition of Bergen Afro Arts Festival in Bergen, Norway, next month.

“Where is the share of the overtaxed Zimbabwean civil servants? Where is the share of poverty-stricken war combatants? Where is the share of the hawkers who are the spinal cord of the Zimbabwean economy? Where is the share of the Marange, Zimunya community? I want my share,” Mudzvova said.


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