Lumumba dumps ‘corrupt’ Zanu PF

Acie Lumumba

Outspoken Zanu PF activist, Acie Lumumba yesterday quit the ruling party, claiming it had lost direction and was now infested with corrupt officials bent on enriching themselves.



He said Zanu PF could no longer serve the interests of the people and was too divided and out of touch with hard realities being faced by the majority of Zimbabweans.

Lumumba fell out of favour with his former bosom buddies, including Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao, whom he described as an extortionist.

This came after Zhuwao sacked Lumumba from chairing the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment, hardly a week after his appointment on allegations of stealing some funds.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts today that I resign as deputy secretary for tourism and environment for Harare province and withdraw my membership from Zanu PF,” he wrote in a letter addressed to Harare provincial chairperson, Charles Tawengwa.

The letter was also copied to Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo and political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.

He accused the Zanu PF government of collecting taxes from ordinary people to pay huge salaries to corrupt and incompetent parastatal bosses. Lumumba said the government was collecting huge taxes that killed local manufacturers, used double speak on indigenisation, and was thwarting the participation of Zimbabweans on national issues, among others.

“I am leaving the party. I cannot continue like this being part of a system that is destroying its children, fails to care for its elders, doesn’t honour its servicemen, and, most importantly, doesn’t allow youths to grow and flourish,” he said.

“I am surrounded by youths whose dreams are oppressed and stolen. I have never known any other political home and I have no other love politically except the ideals Zanu PF taught me. I am aware how cold it is outside Zanu PF politically, but I am cognisant that is where the rest of my peers are. Like our President (Robert Mugabe) many years ago made the decision to start a struggle, tonight I make mine.”


  1. Point of correction Mr Lumumba, ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE DID NOT START THE ARMED STRUGGLE. He joined a struggle which many brave and illustrious sons of Zimbabwe had started and developed. Please get your facts right sir!!!!

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  3. We are tired of people like you Mr Lumumba who see the light after demotion. It was always like that, nothing has changed from the day you accepted the position you were fired from. You are only a bitter man running on emotions manje like you correctly said, its really cold outside ZANU PF. All the best

    • He was fired from his job he was not fired from ZANU PF he resigned. And ari kutaura point se point.

  4. futseke wako mhani iwe lumumba or whatever you call yourself.nekuti wakadzingwa now you are saying zanu pf is corrupt.getaway apo.pawaidya navo wanga usingaioni corruption?u r jus d same as joyce mujuru and company.f*** off

    • the least you could do is be appreciative that one who was corrupt has seen the brighter light and has seen that what is being done is wrong not only that but also vows to start a battle to fight corruption that no one else is not even you yourself Jilo has been confident enough to take up so l suggest that you shut up & respect Acie

    • Damned if you do, damned if you dont!!! Thats why most people just stay in Zanu PF and loot because black people are impossible to please.

  5. Ivo vana Lumumba ndevemuzimbabwe hee ava? Vanobva nechepapi? Unogona kutonzwa kuti anobva kuharare!! yet kuharare hakubviwi kunotoendwa?? Havasiri vechirirudzi here just like kuti Matibili for example. handisi kuti its wrong to be from malawi NO kuti tizivane. Uyu wedu muzukuru Zhuwao wawakakonana naye ndeepa Moza apa. Hameno work permit akaiona sei hake, ut no problem. Lumumba unobva papi muno??
    Zanu PF wont miss you. Ukabva another thief takes over, if you dont know.

  6. Lumumba you are OK bcz you are telling Zimbabweans wat you were doing in ZANU pf . Thanks for reducing the # of Stomach politicians in Zim

  7. Ko iye Brigadier unobvepi,bcoz kuma camps kunoendwa ,hakubviwi..Zimbabweans stop being tribalists n doesnt help a thing on our economy.pres obama s father is kenyan or was,ramaphosa rumoured to be a maphosa originaly from here,so?if Lumumba s father came from congo so what,wasnt he born here?MDC pple yu lack good reasnings.parthetic reasonableness.silly mind structures wth blinkers.

    • Tete vhiyora Gwena, marasika, the Maphosa’s are not originally from here as u say. Vakauya muno 1928 nechamupupuri chakabva paMkuze village apo, paAzania. NdokuSausa Afrika ka? Saka Ramaphosa atori kwake chaiko-akadzokera kumhatso. Kuno ndekuno ikoko ndeikoko.Vekuno ndevekuno veikoko ndeveikoko. Dont mix up krango ne Don Juan. Nothing tribal, just tracing events and putting history into proper perspective. And in any case, the present day Mozambicans were all Dzimbadzemabweans before the Berlin Conference of 1874 and their one king was Munhumutapa. Kare Mazambiki kwainzi Kumazambuko or ‘flood plain fords’ for people drifting south from Tanganyika between 300AD to 1700 AD.Before Cahora Basa dam was built, ndokwaiita kuyambuka nako kubva middle East Africa. SO there is really nothing amiss with the identity of moscans, they are originally zimbos all the way from Nampula, to Beira, Tete to Gaza. To sound broader and exact, even the Azanians were Dzimbadzamabweans during Mutapa’s empire which engulfed the whole of SADC. What yu call SADC today was Munhumutapa empire between 700AD to 1500AD. Saka Ramaphosa’s origins are neither here nor there.

  8. Finally you saw the light Lumumba…we welcome you to the struggle! That is if you are sincere!

  9. People are busy insulting lumunba for telling the truth, i wonder which party is he going to join,or he will go back to his country. where axactly is he from,DRC or Malawi? Iam sure he is a foreigner like P Zhuwao. I think zhuwao was a little matsanga in chimoio

  10. I bet he got inside info that the DC was coming for him, why wait to get pushed when you can jump, kkkkk.

    But the sad part from people’s comments, is how xenophobic zimbos really are.

  11. Aluta continua
    Rest in Peace coward of all cowards
    Go bad rubbish

    Wakaiwana iripo naVaMugabe, ukaisiya ina VaMugabe.
    What value did you bring (zero sum game)

    From the videos you are posting, you sound like an Americano. I guess your bosses have called you back.

    Pamberi nekubatana!
    Pasi neRegime Change Angenda!

    Be guided by the fact that Politics is not a ‘cut and paste’ issue, your American style of political presentations, here in Zimbabwe, were view that as theatrics just as Kapfupi. We actually laughed at you when you posted your theatrics.

    You had made a great stride in Hatfield, soon you were going to be rewarded with that seat. You worked tirelessly, but now who is gonna stand in as witness as the whistle blower has gone.

    GO COWARD!!!!!!!!

  12. Is this not the same moron who referred to Mujuru’s officials as a singing elephant and a dancing clown during the launch of ZPF? But it was only yesterday that he was really grandstandingvfor the same guys he is calling corrupt today.

    I believe that he was deprived of an opportunity yekuluma, hence the bitterness. Kkkkkk.

    • Even footballers when they switch from one team to another, the same happens. There is nothing wrong with that. Ukabva pamukadzi uchienda pane mumwe you we notice a difference.

  13. Our sovereignty is so sacrosanct and very much fundamental to the general populace than just an individual who decides to hang their boots. Imagine if all those living and fallen heroes had done this would you have the audacity to go on air and announce your resignation, would Zimbabwe be here today???

  14. Lumumba was zanu, thank you for coming in the open. at least there are people like you who have accepted and clearly told zanoids that they are corrupt.

  15. In asking who are these people and where are they from we should include Lazarous Dokora. Its not that we hate foreigners, but what they do and their policies is far from what zimbabweans are and are going through. Just imagine Government is failing to pay civil servants, Dokora says we need uniforms and he sends education officials to go around and see if children are reciting his personal pledge in schools. this increases govt expenditure. a sign of misplaced priorities. focus on the economy not these useless things. Dokora sort out your mess of exam leakages and wrong result publication where a person who never sat for a subject will be surprised to see it on the result slip.

    The reason why tichiramba takasarira its because we are living in history and we are speaking of chimurenga as if we are still in 1975 yet those we were fighting are long gone, Ian Smith died many years ago. Its time to speak of economics- development, technology not kuvhundutsirana nekuurayana.

  16. when smith used to deny black majority rule saying, “africans can’t rule themselves”, it was like he was insulting the black race, but events in the country vindicates him

  17. And where does that place Sis Thokozani khupe, morgan komichi,dumiso dabengwa,vp josh nkomo,john landa nkomo,.and me,viola gwena,great grandfather settled in mutoko frm kwazulu my mother from I a less zimbabwean,eve tho born here in Budyaland,mutoko,mhanduwe ini.So?how do yu place us ,all these pple I mentioned?

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  19. He was still going to be fired from the party I think if he had not quit on his own accord because he had just been fired for stealing in a committee where he was appointed to safeguard state resources from thieves.

  20. ZANU PF dumped him before he resigned, All what was remaining is to be fired officially like the likes of Mutasa and cabal through the disciplinary committee led by Mpoko but indirectly controlled by Grace Mugabe

  21. Another Mickey-mouse jumping off a hot stove,somebody put it on! The folk tale is not new.

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