Zanu PF youths call for Lumumba’s ouster

Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao

Zanu PF youths in Harare have called on the Harare executive to fire Acie Lumumba from his provincial position over his recent public spat with Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, whom he alleged was corrupt.


Zanu PF losing candidate for Hatfield Ace Lumumba  (far left) standing next to Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere near a presumably United Nations-chartered posh vehicle in New York yesterday
Zanu PF losing candidate for Hatfield Ace Lumumba (far left) standing next to Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere near a presumably United Nations-chartered posh vehicle in New York yesterday

In a video posted on social media, Lumumba claimed Zhuwao was trying to enrich himself through illegal dealings including demanding 3% of the Old Mutual stake in the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Fund.

But Zhuwao, who fired Lumumba from chairing the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment, hardly a week after his appointment, has denied the allegations.

Harare provincial youth league chairperson Edson Takataka told NewsDay yesterday they were pushing for the sacking of Lumumba as deputy secretary for environment and tourism.

“He doesn’t fit to be in the provincial executive anymore. As youth league, we believe that if there is a misunderstanding with a party member you should find amicable ways to resolve the matter. There is no need to use social media to attack seniors,” Takataka said.

“In as far as we understand the matter, he is the one who erred and was told to correct things by Zhuwao, but he declined to accept free advice. We have heard a lot about him (Lumumba) before, but we have never gone to such levels as he did.”
Takataka, who threatened to reveal Lumumba’s alleged dark side, said the youths were not being sponsored to hound out the losing Zanu PF Hatfield constituency candidate.

“We are not doing this for the minister. We are at different levels with Zhuwao. We decided as the youth league to take up the matter with the higher body so that disciplinary action is taken against Lumumba,” he said.

However, Lumumba urged Takataka to back off.

“The matter is above his pay grade and he should leave main wing business to people who know a bit more about the party,” Lumumba said.

“I think on this matter if he really did say that, then he better be careful. I don’t leave the main wing and replace him in the youth league because we all know who runs this city. He is my friend and I am sure what he said was (during) a moment of madness.”

Lumumba was co-opted into the main wing this month as deputy secretary for environment and tourism.
Both Lumumba and Zhuwao have been linked to the G40 faction which is reportedly loyal to First Lady Grace Mugabe.


  1. What happened to freedom of speech. Let Zhuwawo respond for himself. In fact take him to task instead of acting like lapdogs.

  2. no one is brainless like zanu pf youths. next month they are marching in solidarity to their president who promised them 2, 2 million jobs but instead over 60000 jobs were lost. Now someone is standing up against corruption and they accuse him and say he’s not fit to hold office. useless youths

    • Come 2018 elections, no right-thinking Zimbabwean should vote for Zanu-PF. It is time that the opposition parties increase calls to have ministers investigated for corruption. You have a corrupt minister like Zhuwao demanding a stake in Old Mutual and no one says a thing.This is why I will be voting for Biti as his performance in the GNU was above par.

  3. BITI above par???? What did he do with the diamond monies? Told Mpofu and Mugabe that diamond money was not reaching him before he was silences by the mafia? Aitongodawo cheziso which should be the money that silences him. Someone performing above par should have made more noise and stopped the looting.Akagota moto vembavha akatenga dzimba, kupaza makomo achiwaka uye buying houses in RSA and the USA.Taura zvimwe Biti PDP.

  4. Kkkk.Tendai Biti even his wife will not vote fo him.Ayas.Takataka is a stupid idiot.Infact he is a zombee.Zhuwawo is a Mozambican.Mugabe u oppressed pple fo a long time nw.U shall pay heavily

  5. Am surprised by these zanu youth.They dont think but are simply stooges who carry out G40 instructions.He talks of respecting those on higher levels than themselves!He shud ask Chipanga and Sarah Mahoka abt respecting higher authority in zanupf.these youngsters do not think of tomorr.if they were,they wud attack corrupt individuals destroying this country.izvezvi vari kufunga kutiza kuenda kunyika dzine vatongi vari nani!its a tragedy for zim!

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  7. Normal route means sweeping dirt under the carpet. What Acie did is the correct way to go. Corrupt people must be exposed vanyare sezvaitwa muzukuru izvi.

  8. haas in zimbabwe people think politcs is threatening others ,its a shame because people aim at bringing down those who want to make things right
    Each time sm1 tries to correct or blow the whistle ….. that person is attacked

    • Dark side? What darkside? Mfowethu Takataka, are you trying to say brother Lumumba is someone’s much-loved girlfriend ?kkkkkkkkkkiest!!!!!!!!!!!

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