Teachers reject national pledge


The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) says it does not respect and support the learners’ national pledge, saying it is unconstitutional and infringes the rights of children’s different religious opinions.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini


The issue has already stirred outrage and criticism from some churches, human rights, activists and parents who have taken the matter to the Constitutional Court, saying the pledge should have been subjected to public consultation before being “forced” onto learners for adoption.

Speaking at a news conference at the ongoing 35th Zimta conference in Victoria Falls on Wednesday, Zimta president Richard Gundane said while it was not a bad idea for children to understand their history and culture, government was indoctrinating teachers to prescribe the method to the schoolchildren, hence depriving them of their professional independence.

“We are proud inheritors of the richness of our natural resources. We are creators and participants in our vibrant traditions and cultures. We commit to honesty and the dignity of hard work,” he said.

“We are currently in serious debate over the issue and the question is: Is it a product of consultation or somebody just sat and came up with the pledge?”

Gundane added: “We are in a predicament and dilemma because of this pledge which begins as a prayer and Christians have seriously condemned that. There is a huge reaction from the Christian and non-Christian world and constitutionality. One asks: Should schools force pupils to pray? Plus we have so many religions in the country like Islam and those who are into African religion and where is their place in such a pledge?”

Zimta chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu said there was a gap between the expectations of government and society especially on the issue of consultations, thus leading to lack of respect for human rights.


  1. Honestly a Gvt that thinks national problems are caused by praying students in schools needs to go.
    Attack on Scripture Union is attack on the heart of Zimbabwean faith.

  2. Dokoras evil excuse of banning Scripture Union in schools under the pre text that he seeks to regulate it with an MOU is the very reason why the police were beaten by vapostori that other year.


    Not through men of God or Islamic minister s like Dokora.
    Christians should stand up against this nonsense.

  3. Nonsense indeed. What a government instead of solving economic issues, its busy now doing rubbish pledges. Taneta kungotambiswa pfungwa.

  4. I see that little was told to parents. Parents are supposed to accompany their kid to school on the day of opening and the kid recite the pledge infront of parent who will then offer a gift to his/her kid. I received such a note from my kid’s school and I also verified this from a head of school where I teach. Phew! This Dokora guy is insane

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  6. The text of the pledge, though sounding patriotic masks a sinister motive on the part of the framers, and perhaps the reason they did not consult. It is far much better if kids can memorize one or two stanza of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe instead of whimsical expressions of a single human being who happens to be in power…that is dangerous.

    (A School is an academic institution, period)

    Asi imi vanhu munondishamisa. Exactly this time last year there was an outcry where 4 JW kids where actually expelled from SCHOOL for refusing to attend CHAPEL services at the school (Anglican owned school). A lot of you sided with the school saying the kids should be expelled for refusing to follow the requirements of the church since chiri CHIKORO CHE CHURCH. Chikoro che church? Chikoro che church chii nhai vanhu? Chikoro-Church here kana kuti chikoro? Chikoro che church ehe asi chikoro ka. You wholesomely agreed that since the church owns the school they should have the right to “indoctrinate” all kids studying there right? In a way you where saying kana uri pachikoro che church wotoita zvinodiwa ne church yacho even their “church pledge”. The school was taken to court and the government was watching all this time.
    Now the same government is following your lead. These are government schools and the medicine is the same: lets introduce our own “national pledge” at “our” schools. Now mochema? Munochemei? Zvikoro zvenyikaka izvi. Ko handiti makati church ine chikoro inogona kumanikidza vana vese vari pachikoro chayo kuita “church pledge” payadira? Mukati kana pane vana vasingadi ngavadzingwe. Hezvo nyika yakutevedzerawo zvamairumbidza machurch kuti aite moti mavara azarevhu su? Now you are agreeing kuti zvenyika zvinofanira kuitwa kunyika but when those JW kids and their parents where arguing the same vachiti zve church zviitwe ku church mairamba sei? A lot of you where crying out muchiti chikoro che church. Zvino izvi zvikoro zvenyika sahwira. Ndiwe wakazvikanyira wega (System’s beat in my head). Too bad for JWs they are in this mess with you once again, but this time you brought this on all of us.
    That’s why they say some of the choices and decisions we make will come back to haunt us. Its happening now. Makazviparira mega. You set a wrong precedence. Vamwe vana vakadzingwa pa chikoro varamba kuita zve “church pa chikoro”, now vamwe vana vachadzingwa pachikoro varamba kuita “zvenyika pa chikoro”.
    My take on the issue is very simple: zve church ku church. zve nyika kunyika. zve chikoro kuchikoro.

  8. You missed the the point, In Zimbabwe everyone has freedom of Worship, if you are being bought with money to bound down unto those Moslim guys lm telling you what you see happening in Libya, and in Nigeria will soon witness it happening here, Moslems killing Christians because they are very violent.

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