Police block MDC-T protest march

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba

POLICE in Harare have turned down a request by the opposition MDC-T to hold a protest march against the government’s alleged misrule tomorrow, citing shortage of security details.



In a letter sent to MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, officer commanding Harare Central police, Newbert Saunyama claimed the planned mass protests would disrupt “the flow of traffic and people as well as peace being enjoyed currently”.

“We would like to advise you that we are unable to provide enough manpower, as most of our officers are engaged in the preparation of the independence celebrations. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted,” Saunyama wrote.

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka told NewsDay yesterday that his party was now considering taking legal action against police.

“Our secretary-general is seized with the matter to challenge this illegal response by the police,” he said.

Initially, the march was set for last week, but had to be postponed to pave way for President Robert Mugabe’s meeting with war veterans.

This came as Tsvangirai yesterday addressed students at the University of Zimbabwe and urged them to take to the streets to force the Zanu PF government to honour its election promises and guarantee students’ freedoms.

“We must all join hands in demanding, not only the implementation of the Constitution, but also the institution of far-reaching reforms to ensure that the next election does not breed yet another contested outcome. As students, you represent the future of the country. You are the leaders of tomorrow. But the leaders of tomorrow cannot just stand idle while tomorrow is under siege from the men and women of yesterday,” he said.

Tsvangirai reminded the students that his party was born out of labour and students’ movements.

“Rights will never be voluntarily given to you, especially by this government. Rights will have to be demanded. As students, you must not look at your problems in isolation. They are part and parcel of the national rot under this clueless party in government. The current leadership of government has chosen to ignore the multi-layered crisis facing the people. It is choosing, instead, to focus on the issue of the succession issue of our 92-year-old President (Robert Mugabe), whose age is a crisis unto itself.”


  1. Remember last election when Makarau gave Hre,Chitungwiza and Epworth only 4 voter registration teams in an area with almost 3million ppl whilst Mash Central had 40 teams with only 1.5million ppl.

    Taneta ne ma non inclusive elections.

  2. MDC shld go to court.tired of Mugabe.Tsvangirai shld also step dwn.If MDC is going to field Tsvangirai in 2018 as presidential candidate,will vote fo Mai JM.

  3. Mdc must approach the courts.Mugabe must GO.One thing fo sure is that MDC shld not impose Tsvangirai to us as presidential candidate.If it is so,i will vote mai JM.Tsvangirai apera

  4. MDC shld fight Zanupf till to the end.What i dont like in MDC is the dictatorship of SAVE.Save his term of office expired long time ago a.d he arm twisted the party constitution to his advantage.Votting Tsvangirai is the same as votting Mugabe.No to dictators.I just decided to end my marriage with MDCT.I will vote for mkadzi WeDotito.Mai Mujuru my choice

  5. Machinja amunaweee.Tsvangirai is my hero.He is fighting fo our rights.Thank yu SAVE yu have done yo duty and its high time fo u take a rest.Heroes give others a chance.Just step down my Hero.I agree with some commentators here,SAVE will not remove Bob panyanga.Lets try Joice Mujuru.

  6. having been taking political precautions, from the statement above i have concluded, Mai Mujuru is the real deal… Lets all rally behind Mai Mujuru and dislodge Zanu PF.

  7. hapana zve preparation ye independence, in Mutare there is a police block everywhere. Mapurisa akawandisa imagine along chimanimani road from Zimunya between zimunya township turn off and Cannibal inn there is a block, fern valley turn off there is a block, mutare teachers there is a block, redcross pamuonde there is a block, moffat hall there is a block and just before flyover pa railways gate another block again. let’s talk of long distance rank just close to Murahwa apo ndipo pane camp yese yemapurisa kuzoti kwatisina kutaura kuchikanga worse. So madam speaker don’t tell us you do not manpower or womanpower you don’t want MDC-T to stage their protest. ngakunzi kune vema hofisi epamusoro in town every corner imenge ingori ZRP chete.

  8. Can the Opposition demand transparent voter registration right now and get every citizen over the age of 18 on the voter’s roll. Furthermore, the current voters roll must be audited and unresolved election issues dating back to government of National Unity satisfactorily dealt with. It’s futile to start registering voters a month before elections as happened in 2013. Election campaigns without satisfying above conditions will just lead to the status-quo.

  9. Zimbabweans votting a clueless leader like Morgan Tea Boy Tsvangirai will be a political suicide.Svinurai meso maziso maZimbabweans.Lets say no to Mugabe.I will vote for mai Mujuru.She is my hope

  10. we wont have a transparent voter registration as long as we still have mudede who is a civil servant who has over stayed his time. now we hear that nikuv is back. remember the president saying the generals should have retired long time ago but because they did well in the 2008 and 2013 election they could not be retired. so is mudede

  11. i see here a lot of people who are trying to pretend they love us, but in fact they are our enemies indeed. these people who want tsvangirai out of the picture are infact our enemies. they know that tsvangirai is at present the greatest threat and would rather influence people not to like him and say we can do without him. mdc t is no way without tsvangirai at present. mai mujuru is not a threat to mugabe at present as long as she is still observing the secrecy act. i can tell now, since she came into the scene there is nothing which has given tangiable impact for us to have hope. nothing at present.

  12. you guys who are calling for morgans ouster are true zanu guys who are wishing we can reject him for your party to have no problems.

  13. Newsday I was busy posting ONE comment and you tell me I am posting comments too quickly and I must slow down. What do you mean?

  14. Love him or hate him MT won 2002, 2008 and 2013 was heavily rigged and manipulated. By any fair rights MT should have formed a legitimate government. What makes any of us think Mai Mujuru will succeed where Zanu PF failed. She was part and parcel of nearly 35 years of systematic destruction. Ideally all opposition should grow up and put self aside and form a strong mature coalition for the betterment of Zimbabwe. But are there any mature politicians in Zimbabwe?

  15. Does it not also work to approach both the court’s ,sadc and AU and inform them that the opposition is being perpetually denied their constitutional right to demonstrate ,Mdc t has to take major steps now rather than always behaving as if they always run out of ideas .

  16. My bros n sisters in Zimbabwe : one of the best ways to make Zim better n better is to stop hate speech n protest against CORRUPTION ! 15 billion is a lot of money ! At the moment PROTEST MUST BE AGAINST CORRUPTION TO FIGHT HUNGER eventual !!!

    Thank you !

  17. Better a tea boy who can still get the tea to where it needed than a President who sleeps anywhere and everywhere. JM wenyu failed as a VP and what new ideas will she bring. She was part of the corrupt system for too long. PA tea ipapo.

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