MDC-T threatens ‘grandmaster demo’

The late MDC foundeer Morgan Tsvangirai

THE opposition MDC-T has threatened to mount the “grandmaster of all demonstrations” in the coming weeks to force President Robert Mugabe to quit over his government’s failed economic policies.



MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu told NewsDay yesterday that the forthcoming demonstration was a follow-up to last week’s protest march, where party members clogged the capital’s central business district, demanding Zanu PF deliver on its election promises and end economic collapse.

“We staged a successful ‘mother of all demonstrations’ on April 14 and the toiling masses of Zimbabwe should now brace for the ‘grandmaster of all demonstrations’ that will be taking place soon. The moment for change has arrived. The people of Zimbabwe have had enough of the Zanu PF regime’s misrule, mismanagement, corruption and thievery,” he said.

“Zimbabweans, in their millions, are calling upon Mugabe to retire. Surely, he can spend some quality time watching his cows being milked at Gushungo Dairies, while he enjoys his retirement.

Anyone, who seriously thinks Mugabe, at 92, can manage to successfully turn around our economy is obviously living in a world of make believe.”

Since the 2013 elections, over 90% of the population is now believed to be in the informal sector, with starvation, cash shortages and unfavourable policies forcing most unemployed people to seek greener pastures in neighbouring countries.

Political analyst, Eldred Masunungure said, although pundits had ruled out Tsvangirai as washed up and no longer relevant, the thousands that turned up to support him proved he is still a key threat to Zanu PF.

“Many people ruled Tsvangirai out of the political scene and were already writing his obituary.
But, the demonstration proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is still a serious contender and has unsettled many in government and ruling party. The attendance and discipline from that large
number of people was a good performance,” he said.

“Tsvangirai is a serious threat and the attendance shows that the people of Zimbabwe still have someone to hang on. Some (from government and Zanu PF) maybe fraternising with Tsvangirai to show how rival supporters are poorly doing things and win favours with him. We cannot rule out this possibility as there are too many factions in Zanu PF.”

But Zanu PF has dismissed the MDC-T protests as “shrills from the graveyard”.


  1. Zanupf has never thot that MdcT is an asult on zanu s inteligence.The party that zanu dismised are those that break away out of malice,like mujuru n dhabengwa,simba,welshman,biti n mangoma.These r the parties that president mugabe has always said are ideologies.MdcT we know have sme form of clout as long as the funds keep coming from overseas.The time when they looked dead was when they ranout of money.After 2013.Some financiers pulled out hence they started fighting,espe cialy wth Biti n Mangoma becoz they wr the finance. guys in mdct.The fights generated into power gauging.Bt the origin was lack of funds.Many suporters left.So we wait to see now that sme cash is cming into mdct.Yes Obert plse do another one lets see.

  2. History repeats itself for fools.In 2013 yu had the biggest rally at the sheraton grounds.Very big that Tsvangirai concluded emidiately he was going to win ,even telling Lindiwe ZUlu to forget about the Roadmap,.Little did he know that half of the crowd was unregistered voters.He lost.We knew that in zanu.we sent in our spies ,party spies to do a randorm check and 1 out of 15 of that crowd was not registered..we said these fellows dnt know that.So when tsvangi said lets go for elections now ah we said hendei.Akubaira zanhi haasi wako smetimes.

  3. don’t care who leads us. all we want is change from this blood sucking zanu pf gov. A gov with misplaced priorities. 3 years after election “victory” still they talk of elections zuvaly..when are u going to build the economy?? spin it all you want but I will not vote for a 92 year old man. He is 92

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