CIO blocks Mujuru church meeting


FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who now leads the opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), was yesterday barred from attending a scheduled inter-denominational women’s guild fellowship in Chinhoyi as suspected State security agents feared she could use the event for campaign purposes.



Just before the event kicked off, suspected Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives summoned heads of various churches gathered outside the Anglican Church’s St Paul’s Parish at Gadzema Township and ordered them to disperse or face unspecified punitive action.

The women, clad in church garb of their respective denominations, quickly left the scene oblivious of the reason for the prohibition order.

NewsDay witnessed the unfolding events as Mujuru, a Salvation Army member, and her entourage including ZimPF Mashonaland West chairperson Marian Chombo, the divorced wife of Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, also clad in church uniform, arriving around midday only to find the venue gates locked, while a few party members were still milling around to welcome her.

After realising the event had flopped, Mujuru then visited a fellow bereaved Salvationist in Chikonohono suburb to pay her condolences, before leaving the town in a huff.

ZimPF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday described the incident as “undemocratic” and “an act of desperation by the Zanu PF regime”.

“It is most unfortunate that CIO operatives stopped the interdenominational meeting. We don’t expect this to happen in a democratic Zimbabwe. It violates the Constitution, the rights of the people as well as the churches. It is a violation of the Constitution to disrupt religious organisations from carrying out their functions,” Gumbo said.

ZimPF Chinhoyi constituency co-ordinator Tendai Musonza also deplored the move by the suspected State security agents.
“This is an act of desperation by Zanu PF which is using the CIO to intimidate innocent women who should be exercising their constitutional right to freedom of worship and assembly. However, this will strengthen our resolve to truly liberate this country from a failed government clutching at straws,” Musonza said.

A female congregant, who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation, said a known intelligence operative had threatened to harm them if they remained defiant. She said the spy agent also ordered them “not to entertain Mujuru and her Western puppets”.

The church guild is made up of women fellowships from mainline denominations that include Anglican, CCAP, Methodist, Salvation Army, Reformed Church in Zimbabwe and Christian Marching Church.

Mujuru’s party has had several of its meetings and campaign rallies violently disrupted by suspected Zanu PF supporters, who now view her as the main threat to President Robert Mugabe’s throne come the 2018 elections.

Mujuru was kicked out of the governing Zanu PF party at the end of 2014 after Mugabe accused her of plotting to dethrone and assassinate him.

She was booted out with several other top ruling party officials who reportedly sympathised with her, culminating in the formation of ZimPF.


  1. Was there at Gadzema.Why Joice Mujuru still popular like that?Im not into politics but pple waved to her.The business came to a standstill when she arrived in Chinhoyi.Not so sure why pple stil treats her like a Vip.

  2. Who views her as a main threat to Zanu??? Why dont you rebrand to ZimPF Public Relations and save us the trouble? And why use a “church” gathering for campaigning??

    • Even ZANU PF uses the same platforms. Why not others. Several occasions tichiona mudhara wenyu achibuda pa news akagara kudzichechi opedzisira oita ma slogan.

    • The CIO views her as a main threat to Zanu, who told you she was using the church for politiTRICKS campaigning? This the fear we have, kuvhunduka chati kwata, we know who uses churches for poliTICKS and we shall see them very soon in the white garb while carrying a Shepard yet they are Catholic.

  3. Tsvangirai is having far bigger meetings countrywide yet you dont cover it.. Are you afraid it will derail your favourite candidate..?

  4. I agree with the writer,Zanupf see Zimpf as their biggest threat than other opp political parties.Fo instance in Mash West a traditional chief from Mhondoro vaMurambwa,openly told his pple that they must vote fo JM party.U need to be endorsed by chiefs if u want ti win rural vote.

  5. @Valembe ….Facts are very stubborn.Mdc enjoyed coverage from private media and nobody complained.Nw the same happens to Zimpf and u are complaining.I dont like Zimpf or Mdc but dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe.Masangana nazvoka.Mai Mujuru everywhere muprivate media

  6. Why is it that JM stil enjoys police and army services when she travels.Who pays fo that?Is it state?Ws surprised yesterda to find that she stil treated like VP.

  7. is CIO a state security agency or ZANU Pf security agency why is CIO fighting in ZANU’s corner? I wonder…….

  8. I thought this was a church meeting until this line

    ” while a few party members were still milling around to welcome her.”

  9. JM & Co. – welcome to the other side of politics that parties like the MDC have been fighting against since 1999 (whilst you were still “ruling” with ZPF).

    It remains to be seen what strategies JM & Co. will employ to avert this sort of thing so that their authenticity as an opposition party will become clear. Perhaps she could teach the other opposition parties a trick or two…..its institutional challenges which the opposition parties have to fight against now.

    JM & Co are the biggest threat to ZPF currently because they have declared that ZPF & war veterans are their targets for membership switch. This does not make JM & Co. the biggest opposition party.

  10. I hope Joyce Mujuru realizes how painful the actions of Zanu PF were and still are to Tswangirai. So, we ask her again – when are you going back to Zanu PF or tell us all things bad about Zanu PF – remember you did not resign but you were expelled. The other thing is that you join the MDC-T to remain politically relevant. We are not talking about Chimbwidoism here NO, we are talking real politics – join the MDC-T or go to hell.

  11. Kkkkkk chii chakasiyana Joice naMgabe hevo vamwe vava kuita apeal kuZANU PF kureva kut akadzokera kuzanu pf munongoti pamberi neZanu. Dai asina kudzingwa aifunga kutanga yake party here musapatiswa mhani inzara here kana kuti chii maZimbambwe

  12. Wezhara mai Mujuru will not go back to Zanupf.Even if she is to succed Mugabe.She will not go back there.Why is it pple are not talking of Simba Makoni;Dabengwa,Biti,Mangoma and the likes of Dzinemunhenzva?Mai mujuru this and that as if ndivo vega ku opp.Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa

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  14. iko kuchinhoyi ndiko kune nyaya dzose. 7 gallant soldiers started war in chinhoyi. dhisziri pachinhoyi. mujuru pachinhoyi, Temba zvakare

  15. JM is a main threat to ZANU 2018 will come just watch out our Amai knows every trick on how to win that is the biggest and most significant tool

  16. its everywher in intellegence circle. The intelligence pay allegiance to the ruling gvt. Valembe Tsvangira failed, is a loser. Joyce hapana hapana anoenda nenyika kupi

  17. we are almost there, if u r a true patriot this is the time to support all forces opposed to zanu pf, like what we did during the struggle…………..

  18. Nange vakamurambidza kupinda Church, Mai Mujur ndivo vachatonga chete.. and first thing muoffice is to fire the supervisors ema c# akasendwer.

  19. What the ignoramuses at C10 do not realise is that the more you openly try to sabotage and frustrate a politician’s interaction with the public, the more mileage such politician gains in popularity and sympathy.

  20. Munodiwa navanhu Amai,siyanai nevanoswera kuti,hee akazodai heee ivzi…murimubhora ndimi Messi or Ronaldo. Mumupeta,mumahofisi nemumaKombi ndimi chete uye taneta kubhejera mabhiza anomhanya nemusana

  21. This is a tribal party. Full of people who were kicked out of zpf. Had they not been kicked out they would have never formed this party despite the glaring issues we ve always raised against zanupf with them watching in silence. It is Zanupf members themselves who must protect the constitution from being abused by their superiors & securocrats. Otherwise this is a non event for us in Matebeleland

  22. I just love these ZimPf lunatics here on this platform. who try very hard to prope up JTR thinking that elections will be one thru such silly comments. In ZANU-PF we are finished with 2018, our eyes are on 2023. Takahwina kudhara

  23. The irony of it is that Tswangirayi had a big rally that was not disrupted and here we are hearing of a women’s meeting and it is a threat before it even starts. As I said about Tswangirayi, it simply proves that he is a ZANU project. He connived with ZANU on having a big demo to coincide with Chinamasa’s visit to Washington as a way of sanitizing Mugabe’s regime in the eyes of the West. Well as for Mai Mujuru, she is part and parcel of the creators of a monster, now she has to face it. The very rights they have denied Zimbabweans for 35 years are coming to haunt them.

  24. Kkkkkkkkkkk. VanaRaisedon munoshamisa. Kutambura kuri kuita mhuri yeZim hamuna basa nako. U are benefitting from the current system. What new ideas does yr party have kupedza nhamo? Why is it that life was better during GNU than now makutonga mega? Kugona here kuri kuita zanu? U lied better life and is it better now? U waste gvt resources nemabiko neconferences, etc? Corruption yadzika midzi muno under yr party’s leadership? Bigwigs are millionnaires in less than 6 yrs mari vakaiwanepi? VanaMai Mujuru vakazviona vakazviramba kare ndokusaka vaida kuita takeover? Wakambonzwa Mai Mjuru vachiti pasi nanhingi kubva kare?

  25. I’m really very surprised if people thinks that only the ruling party is the enemy of opposition parties ,no what about MDC,mdcs,mavambo,ZAPU etc.People can do bad things in the name of ruling party,wake up and see.muchaona the real side of the coin rimwe zuva,mamwe ma opposition parties ava kutora cover neZanu Pf kudzivivira to share votes.Ngwarai mhani,you are stereotypes kind of people, you are very fast to judge b4 analysis .People in sheepskin.

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