Churches call on Mugabe to step down


A GROUP of clergymen operating under the banner, Christian Voice International Zimbabwe (CVI-Z), has added its voice to growing calls for President Robert Mugabe to step down over “his failed economic policies” and worsening human rights record.



CVI-Z president, Tapfumaneyi Zenda said Zimbabweans had suffered for a long time under Mugabe’s misrule and urged him to step down and stop holding the nation to ransom.

“As long as the President does not want to genuinely repent and to find a notable gesture for the butchered people and the surviving relatives, he continues to hold Zimbabweans to ransom. The honourable thing for him to do is stepping down,” he said in a statement.

Zenda said the role of the church was to act as a neutral mediator to help find lasting solutions for the nation and speaking out against oppression.

He said they were not, by any means, trying to meddle in politics, adding it would be misplaced for people to accuse them of siding with opposition politics.

“That is the mentality that has corrupted our society, that when you speak the truth, you will be labelled opposition. Our message is that let the truth be told as the truth and even the Bible says so. As the church, we are speaking on behalf of the oppressed.”

This comes hard on the heels of repeated calls by opposition parties for Mugabe — who turned 92 in February — to allow for leadership renewal, as the economy continues to nosedive.

On Tuesday, a section of war veterans believed to be aligned to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru also expressed dissatisfaction with Mugabe, saying they no longer supported his candidature for the 2018 elections.

CVI-Z said a lot of human rights abuses had taken place under Mugabe’s watch, particularly the Gukurahundi massacres, Operation Murambatsvina, the economic meltdown and high levels of underdevelopment, poor service delivery, corruption and the missing $15 billion from diamond


  1. These people do not represent all churches in Zim but represents opposition party do not lie to us. CVI-Z is made up of opposition political party members.

    • SPOT -ON man. these are political crooks hiding behind the bible, the typical pius ncubes, who once said he is read to face the bullets only to be shamed by an illicit bedroom act, and now he is history. Even the bible supports murambatsvina, you want disorder, and epidemic diseases, unplanned structures to mushroom everywhere? Very idiotic, just quote one bible verse which encourages lawlessness. These idiots must now be made to pay taxes, i urge Zimra to check there books because they are now more into money than the word. Day light robbers.

      • A responsible gvt would not have embarked on Murambatsvina before securing on alternative accommodation for those affected.

        Are you saying that when the likes of the Catholic and Anglican churches condemned Ian Smith’s government they were “political crooks hiding behind the bible”?

    • That’s hard to avoid when “opposition” parties got 80-90% of the vote in the last election.

  2. Who said they represent all churches Guru.These are churches and are seeing with the same eye with the man and woman on the streets, Mugabe must go, period.

    • They are pseudo! The Holy Bible teaches that rulers are ordained by God and must be respected. They must revise the Bible first before pontificating foolishly. They must also call for the fall of sanctions which are supported by Tsvangiruza and imposed illegally by the West to make Zimbabweans suffer. Those who support sanctions must go! Not our dear leader.


      • Kikikikikikiki where did you keen the bible from. Mugabe is an illegal poll fraudster who stole an election and therefore doesn’t qualify in your dimwitted bible knowledge.

    • I thank God the reporter says Churches and not the Church because the Church has no business in politics.Please lets desist from being blasphemous.The true and only one Church’s mandate is to preach the gospel.The gospel is so clear that to imply that Mugabe our President should step down in the name of the Church,let me repeat that is being blasphemous.Those people claiming to carry the voice of the Church are mere political minds trying to hide behind the Church.May God have mercy on them that they may see the light. J.Nyakatawa

      • Which bible do you read and where did you see that the responsibility of the church is only preaching the gospel? This is why ignorance is such a bad thing. The church is the conscience of the land. The church stands up to speak the mind heart and intent of God. The church votes and the church speaks into the space of society so please excuse us from your ignorant rant and stick only to things you know.

  3. Asi Guru iwe chii chaizvo? Still hoping this flickering flame will light up? Cant you see the state of the country too?Whats wrong with advocating trying new ideas? Toramba tiri hee sanction when pple in government are living it large. Be just vanhuwee!

  4. This is the first time to hear of such a church organisation,Their tone is not of christians but of some …….. who hide behind the church.

  5. During the war churches were in front to denounce the unjust where is the $15b corruption is the root to all these problems.

  6. Sanctions are indeed bad but let us not blame sanctions where we have ourselves to blame. If for example $15bn went missing, how do we apportion blame to the sanctions? If we fail to set our priorities right we will forever be the laughing stock of the SADC Region if not the world at large. As Churches must not meddle in Politics but should ask the Lord for divine intervention. If God approves of change, be it of policies, government or leadership who will stand in the way of the Lord? Let our Churches pray for such to preserve God’s glory in them.

  7. Cde Muzvinavhu says leaders are ordained by God and should be respected. If that is the case why did we remove Ian Smith? We should have respected him as a God ordained leader!

        • Do not argue with this so called Cde Mzvinavhu. He is part of the system. He has benefited and would like the status quo to remain. By the way could you tell us where to find your thesis? Would love to read it.

  8. In as much as I understand the proctracted political and economic warfare that Zimbabweans are currently undergoing, I unequivocally and in all fairness would like to challenge the church for applying double standards. The church is obligated to keep checks and balances in our society and voice out any concerns in all fields whether social, economic or political without fear of victimisation. On the contrary most churches nowadays have been subjected to take a stance either for financial benefit or intimidation. Instead, they have turned to prosperity gospel to please the desperate congregation instead of challenging those behind their (public) desperation head -on. They tend to give divergent answers on an issue whose solution is clear and automatic. Let them style up and challenge the poor political leadership and governance and social ills inflicted on the people without fear or favour.

    • Reality check, While i respect your conviction and concerns on social,economic or political balances,however i wanted to remind you that the Church has a mandate to preach and teach people the word of God within the framework of the Bible and not to be guided by human feelings or never mix politics and salvation.

    • I we reality check which article are you responding to? Ingawani this article doing exactly that but you just waffle about the responsibility of the church iwewe what have you done? Read the article and make meaningful contribution not this waffle. Or is it your lunchtime and you felt obligated to say somwthing?

  9. shumba I like your think. We mustnt be blinkered to the point of saying the church mustnt speak against the shortcomings of the leadership. A lot of churches played a very crucial role during the liberation struggle.

  10. This is a talk you will never hear from the likes of Guti, Magaya etc… If u say churches shldn’t intervene because “leaders are ordained by God”, then what of Adolf Hitler, Gaddafi, Mussolini, who ordained them? Churches speak what is right chete kwete zvamave kutaura izvo. Did God authorise what happened in 2008?

  11. Church men of all religions including Christians for that matter,save only that Christians were instructed not to be violent& disorderly, are all politicians.Churches have a right to talk or influence politics.Inasmuch as politics has to do with the management of the affairs of God’s peoples which is the same area the church also finds its business,therez no way the church can be excluded from the very business it stands for.Mind you itz God’s sole right to run the affairs of his own people who happen to be the father of all politics or the biggest politician himself.Other people whom you call politicians are runners of other people’s affairs only by default, otherwise itz not their right.

  12. Don’t blame it on the messenger. The important thing is the communication that they have made. Its precise and everyone’s concern. He has failed big time and there is no economy to talk of. It will be selfish and irrational for some to try and justify Gushungo’s stay in power any longer. Those myopic should concentrate on the essence of the communique. Some people are now so engrossed with arguments based on political affiliations and opinions at the expense of seeking for substance in a communique. Nxaa.

  13. In this whole article I liked,

    “That is the mentality that has corrupted our society, that when you speak the truth, you will be labelled opposition. Our message is that let the truth be told as the truth and even the Bible says so. As the church, we are speaking on behalf of the oppressed.”

    The comments on this article show you clearly (1) those who feel oppressed, (2) those who side with the oppressors and (3) those who are indifferent.

    I feel oppressed and have no apologies to make to anyone – out with the ZPF system in its entirety. It has ruined the life of many hard-working civilians for the past 36 years and there is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

  14. I see ma CIO adzoka papage that’s intresting means that we are now getting some momentum now which is very good. Mugabe has to go this year come rain come thunder. Zimbabwe cannot survive after December.

  15. Mugabe must go he took over since 1980 but nothing he did and he knows to kill ,steal and 92yrs old is a shame ,and God never look at kind of that person don’t test God ,he must be ready to go to hell cauz nothing good he does # those who stand with him are those who eat money of the country with him fullstop

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  17. It was about time the church called for this. Always wondered why they kept quiet for so long. After all, they were very vocal during the liberation war era.

  18. Zimbabwe now a backward state becoz of these comrades who sit and dwell on history.Even in bible politics and religion were inseparable. Read the bible carefully the short sighted pple.

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  20. It is ironic that these church leaders want our leader to step down. Think about it, they talk about human rights abuses by Mugabe and how his policies has failed…….. What about their fictional leader, god? God from their bible endorsed slavery, did a lot of ethnic cleansing, killed Egyptian babies, endorsed cannibalism and rape and would burn anyone who disagrees with him in hell, probably the most evil character ever written in print. They are quick to criticize Mugabe but their ideal leader is a 100 000 times worse than Hitler. Why don’t they apply this level of criticism on their ideal biblical character? Why don’t they call out god and expose the ugly “truth” about him? Visit Underlings’ God is evil YouTube videos with biblical evidence for god’s numerous failures and numerous crimes against humanity, compare those with Mugabe’s political career. I know god only exists within the pages of a bible and in the fundamental christian’s mind, but the fact that these leaders would adore this fictional horrible character to the extend of devoting their lives to the myth and sacrificing their reason and sanity but are quick to judge, even the slightest mistakes by a real person disgusts me. Why the double standards? I have my grievances with Mugabe too but I hate the fact that a church leader’s opinion is given much credibility and media attention. It goes back to Christian arrogance, they believe they have the power to share a divine opinion, more important than any other. Seriously though, is Mugabe staying in power the real problem we have in Zimbabwe. I, the an irreligious Zimbabwean who has no imaginary authority over anyone will give you a rational opinion for your consideration. Policy reformation is what we need. Mugabe already did a good job this past week when he clarified on the indigenization policy, clarifying was a figure of speech but it was actually a reform, if Mugabe was to step down, the clueless Zhuwayo was to win the case against Chinamasa and we would have a dead economy by the end of the year. We also have a problem of corruption not just from ZANU PF, do not be delusional to rule out opposition out of this question. Do you think Mugabe stepping down is actually gunning down this animal we call corruption? Mugabe stepping down will cause conflict and more problems and he is not even the problem we have as Zimbabweans, let’s all participate as citizens and stage an effective campaign against patronage, embezzlement and engage in policy reform, not declaring that the veteran step down, but cooperating with him. United we stand and divided we fall, we’ll never build our nation in conflict, let us get over our differences and resort to sustainable solutions. These fairy tale paraders should do just that, daydream about ice cream in the clouds when their god ends their lives and give them another one, forgetting how natural selection awarded them with this one. Their opinion is not even viable from a development practitioner’s perspective, they just love the controversy coming out of their lips like god’s farts. Bloody moronons! Nxaa

  21. We all know ZANU members who manipulate their churches. Are they to be allowed while church members fom the majority parties are silenced?

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