Breaking: Kasukuwere suspends Harare mayor Manyenyeni

Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni

GOVERNMENT has suspended Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni for allegedly unprocedurally appointing former banker James Mushore as the city’s town clerk.

Manyenyeni confirmed the development this afternoon, saying he had been suspended by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere for alleged disobedience and insurbodination.
“Just to let you know that I have received a letter from the minister that I am suspended both as councilor and mayor with immediate effect,” Manyenyeni said.


  1. haa iri dofo rinonzi Kasukukuviri
    vamwe pavanogona anotoda kubvanyangidza chete
    pandakaenda Zim in Dec ndakaona maComoil ake akavhara hapachina chinoitwa, basa kungoita humbwa hweku suspenda vanhu vari progressive

    haaa ibva kumhepo mhani

  2. Comoil yakavhara Kambani ya Kasukuviri. Munhu akatadza kuita manage a company, how can he manage a whole ministry for a country? He thinks running a ministry only resolves around suspending mayors. Mbwaaaaaa!

  3. This is the guy akanzi naCommander In Chief arikugona basa mugvt. Shows you the calibre ye “job well done” in the eyes of RG. Shame, you wouldn’t believe they are in the same team with Prof JNMoyo and Chiyangwa considering the great works being done by these two in their responsible positions.

  4. Kasukuwere is a plain gay idiot with the body of a hippo and brains of a frog. His political grandstanding will soon come to naught. He must be fought in court. Stupid fat arse

  5. Guys, you can all bay to the moon but the fact remains that the mayor presided over the un-procedural appointment of the town clerk. Whether he is the best candidate is neither here nor there. What Manyenyeni tried to do was flexing muscles he does not have. Where is he now?

    • Unproceedural? Read the Constitution, you stupid idiot! The Minister has absolutely NO mandate to meddle with the appointment of town clerks and NO mandate too suspend the mayor. He wiill lose in any court! Can’t believe how stupi people are, believing anything that’s in the papers. It’s like me going our suspending the Bobster…

      • Until the laws have been aligned with the relevant section in the new constitution, you’re the idiot right now, mate.

        The problem is that legal airheads shout the most on these forums.

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