UMAA boss forms church, now a minister


Educationist and UMAA Group of Colleges owner Cleopas Kundiona has turned into a religious leader, with his UMAA Ministries Foundation Church set to be officially launched in Marondera next week.

By Jairos Saunyama

Kundiona told NewsDay recently that he had already recruited some administration staff to run the church and assist in the membership drive.

“The ministry was born as long back as in 1987, but was waiting for the right time to go big. I would love to say that we are not a church, but God’s community,” Kundiona, who has declared an interest to be voted Zanu PF Marondera Central MP, said.

“We will be establishing assemblies at ward level in Marondera before moving to other towns and cities. UMAA Ministries is rooted in the tradition of obedience within God’s original will for eternity. The ministry is a substantial and dynamic foundation to guide mankind to be obedient to God. It is time for mankind to graft themselves to the obedience within God’s will.

“We are not a miracle-performing church, but a God’s community meant to spread the Word of God to the lost and urging people to obey God. God’s Word heals. All in all, the UMANIAN Kingdom is now a reality. The response is overwhelming and the people are ready for God.”

Kundiona, a former Methodist Church in Zimbabwe member, disclosed that he was also currently recruiting ministers to lead assemblies and said he preferred to be referred to as the “chief minister”.

He said he had penned a book titled The Holy Book, which he said was supplementary material for the church.

The book — printed in English, Shona and Ndebele — contains chapters on Kundiona’s biography as a messenger of God to the world and another chapter on Zimbabwe as a country favoured by God.

“The book will be launched on the official opening day. The Bible is our master book, but the manuscript I did is powerful enough for the readers. The church will hold its major services at UMAA University premises in Marondera,” Kundiona said.


  1. Thank you very much Mr. Kundiona for playing your part in the education sector. However, I wish to advise you to make a distinction between a career and a calling. If it is really the calling of GOD of you to start a church ministry, be blessed. If not, you stand a very huge chance of soiling what little reputation you had garnered over the last few years in the education sector.

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