Tsvangirai’s defamation trial in false start again

THE $500 000 defamation lawsuit filed by a Zimbabwe National Army officer, Colonel Christopher Mayoyo, against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Alpha Media Holdings (AMH)’s flagship newspaper NewsDay was yesterday deferred to July 14 after the officer’s lawyers indicated they were not ready for trial.


The matter was postponed for the second time by High Court judge Justice Amy Tsanga in her chambers.
AMH are publishers of NewsDay, Southern Eye, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent.

In the matter, Mayoyo faults Tsvangirai of falsely accusing him of leading a terror campaign in Zaka ahead of the June 27, 2008 presidential election runoff.

The article was published by NewsDay on October 8, 2012 under the heading Zanu PF hands drip blood: PM.

NewsDay is being represented by Advocate Thabani Mpofu while Advocate Eric Matinenga is representing the MDC-T leader.

The report published by NewsDay was based on a speech made by Tsvangirai while addressing a party rally in Zaka.

In the story, the MDC-T leader said there “is a Colonel Mayoyo and members of the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) and the militia. These people are known and perpetrators are walking scot-free, laughing and boasting of committing a crime”.

Mayoyo claims Tsvangirai’s remarks were directed at him since he was the only member of the Zimbabwe National Army holding the rank of colonel whose surname is Mayoyo.

Both AMH and Tsvangirai have dismissed the claim, arguing it lacks merit.

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  1. But kuZaka kwacho vanozvizivaka kuti ainetsa. Pane akatombpzviita pa Silveira akazoona akumwa doro mu bhawa ari ega vanhu vatama.

  2. Ko kunyepa here Mayoyo wacho imhondi . he is a vampire.

  3. The defense must take this opportunity to expose the goings on during that sham of an election. Its a great opportunity to put the state on the dock for those elections. This trial should be transformed from being a lawsuit into a state trial.

    IT is a great opportunity.


    He want to get rich quick.

  5. Mayoyo is a fukn yoyo…

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