I regret serving as minister: Mutsvangwa

OUTSPOKEN former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday said he regretted accepting a Cabinet appointment last year, claiming the 12 months he spent in government were the most unproductive in his life.

By Everson Mushava/Xolisani Ncube


Mutsvangwa was last year appointed War Veterans minister, a year after he played a key role in the ouster of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru from both Zanu PF and government on allegations of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.

But the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairman was booted out last Friday for gross misconduct, a day after the Zanu PF politburo slapped him and his wife, Monica, with three-year suspensions from the party.

Both Mutsvangwas have been linked to a faction reportedly supporting Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Monica has also reportedly lost her Manicaland senatorial seat and government post, where she was Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion deputy minister.

Yesterday, she declined to comment on reports of her expulsion.

In an exclusive interview with NewsDay yesterday, Mutsvangwa said his ouster from government was a blessing in disguise as he would now concentrate on his “successful” business life.

“I have been in Cabinet for a year now. Sadly, this has been the most non-productive 12 months of my life,” Mutsvangwa said.

“I am once again out of appointed public office. I can now revert to being more flexible and innovative in what I do best. I love the thrill of global business. The beauty this time is I have a formidable global network. And the rewards can be targeted, so my family can be in the catbird seat. Let the good times begin.”

Before his expulsion from government, Mutsvangwa last week said he neither cared about losing his Cabinet post nor the politburo position that he had just lost, claiming he had long loathed the positions he served at Mugabe’s discretion.

“I take consolation in my past. Kicked out of ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) in 1993, I went on to give Zimbabwe its first digital switch with NetOne and Siemens in 1998, its first broadband,” Mutsvangwa said.

“It is business acumen starting with Foreign Affairs deputy minister that unlocked value to multi-billion-dollar loans invested in electricity energy generation at Kariba South and Hwange. I did all the spadework in Beijing [China] well ahead of Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s breakthrough visit in 2014. All in the same spirit of collaboration as we had done on the China Tobacco investment back in 2004.”

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  1. ahh vakomana. blessing in disigaisi iwe wadzingwa. come on guyz. dai Waka rizaina wega we were goin to accept yo statement.

    yu are like amai mujuru. yu get fired. motanga kuti zanu yaipa. yu were feeding from the same table. violence muchiita mese. mutswangwa yo handz are equally dirty. u hav zanu dna.

    1. Taura hako makaveli, asi makabiasi aya akasiya audzwa na Zvobgo kuti ZANU isinjonjo, tamba wakachenjera. They are slow learners.

  2. mgobhozi wezintaben

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining.Anyhow those who appoint may disappoint,the appointment for both politburo and cabinet is the prerogative of the president.The situation as it stands at present,those serving in those organs should never be perceived to be at loggerheads with the first lady,there is a newly created offence/misconduct,that of disrespecting the first lady.The offence/misconduct once established no need to follow the rules of natural justice,the offender is simply slapped with a suspension,that is if he is lucky not to pay the highest prize of expulsion.Personal rule at its best.Those people are very brave to work under such an environment.Qinisela/Shingirirai until when cowards?

  3. Zvinonetsa izvi. Chete kana munhu uchitukirira vamwe siya peukama. Mangwana unowana anomira newe. Tsvangirai wakamutukirira, tevere JT Mujuru iyezvino ZANU pf. Manje ozodiiko? Dead end.

  4. To Mr and Mrs Mutsvangwa..just calm down, cool down and come down gracefully. There are always lessons at each life-stage.

    It was always coming. The noise you were making was just too unpalatable. Jabu tried it. Thought you were reading much of it from Jabu’s obituary.

    Didymus sank for it, Rugare as well..Tekere, even Mavhaire.

    So just join us in the cradle of eternal hope. You played the wrong card.

  5. Kugara ZANU (PF) kudyira uroyi mukunyara. Just join us without making a lot of noise. If Mutsvangwa played a pivotal role to oust JT Mujuru then what goes around comes around. Just pack your bags and don’t narrate your history the way you want because it is known. Uya nevanhu ku’Ndizvo’ wakanyarara.

  6. tose tirivanhu

    reminds me of a jimmy cliff song from the 70’s yaidzi house of exile.i urge you to listen to it cde Mtsvangwa you could really learn a thing or two about kugarisana nevamwe.after all when all is said and done we are all zimbabweans and long for a good life for all.i rest my case….by the way i can avail that and two other jimmy cliff songs from the same album to help you reflect.they are more relevent to present day zimbabwe than they were decades ago

  7. 12Months of UN-productivity guys isu tichiti tinewanhu warikushanda ??? and still wait to be FIRED and you say you regret? GOD have mercy

    1. Taura hako @Basil! And why does everyone seem to see the light once out of the gravy train? Mutsvangwa never ceases to amaze. It’s all about himself, no one else. I did this, that and the other. It’s me who started A,B,C and D. Ah baba manyanya. Ko vamwe vakaitei? Just last year you were the super war veteran as if you fought the war alone. Mugabe read your mind and rewarded with a “super war-veteran” post. You developed wings and started flying, soaring way above everyone. When you had gained quite s significant altitude, Mugabe took you down. Come down gracefully Mr Mutsvangwa, apologize to all comrades you tore apart on your short way up. You need a local family, not this huge global network you are talking about. Zero!

    2. @Basil. If anyone believes this loser then they will believe anything. A bona fide successful businessman does not wait to be fired but they resign on their own accord citing “pressure of work from other commitments” but alas this no-gooder had to be thrown out of the feeding trough hence his bitterness.He might have some semblance of talent but all his post-independence life he has been a beneficiary of the patronage system and hand-holding. The only minister worth his professional salt was Nkosana Moyo who told Mugabe to his face that he was quitting and went on to do so.

  8. On your way up be good to the people you meet,
    For you gonna meet them on your way down!

  9. KuZANU madzingwa mese nemukadzi. Ku PF you cannot go. KuMDC no ways. You have done a good decision. Wangozosiya kuti ndasiya zvepolitics!

  10. Kkkkk unendepi Mai Mujuru wakavatuka kkkkk zvenyika izvi

  11. God is now taking care of everything, vatenderi vamwari those who believe in jesus christ. look now christ vanobata vega and those who injoyed the yields of the earth on expense of others shall testify. Zimbabwe yakakura vaMugabe havana mhosva vano delegetwa basa ndovaroi.Ngavambobuda low low tichavaona vanonyebera musangano.

  12. Liar Liar liar. you an`t happy Chris!

  13. You regret that you have been fired kikikikikiki

  14. Hahaha just like mujuru, sei muchizoyeuka bako mvura yonaya. Nxaa to you all.If you are genuine leave that rotten party now, dont wait to be fired first

  15. Coming from the same man who last week said: “I left with the million-dollar question of whether I could trust him. The man I had trusted and served for 40 years was no longer there. I came out unsure of whether I could hang onto his word. I left with a distinct feeling of mistrust.”

  16. Aluta continua ,,,no stone will be left unturned,,ngazviende mberi

  17. After ALL GRAPES ARE SOUR!!!

  18. Worry comrade.I wish you out there for very soon we will forget anything about you

  19. ha ha ha ha!!!!! Hanzi Mai Mujuru havana kudonhedza ndege, ko iwe wakadonhedzei, zvakange zviine basa rei izvozvo, vamwe venyu havana kana kumboridza a single bullet asi tinongovaremekedza wani semaWar Veteran? Nhasi hausiwe wadonhedzwa?

    Chete zvinonetsa. Uyuwo Tshinga Dube atove kutoita noise aripo. Unoda kuzoitei pauri kuona kuti mumwe adzingirwa zvisina maturo? Saka wauya kuzoti zii uripoka iwe, uchitya kuti ukaita chinhu chausina kuudzwa unozodzingwa? Where is our dignity as Zimbabweans? Inhamo here? Ko kungotiwo handizvikwanisi woita iwo mabhizimisi arikutaurwa naMutsvangwa usati wadzingwa? Kana wanga uri Deputy Minister kureva kuti you were handling the same matter neadzingwa, you are equally guilty. Unless you were spying on your boss and reporting upwards all this time.

  20. Shame on you Cde u did it to EX VP mai Mujuru it was all roses and lakker its o turn u now saying hee i dont care heee blessing in disigaizii kkkkkk nxa nxa nxa .u hv learnt the bible concept wch says you will reap the fruits of your wickedness

  21. Chris Mutsvangwa same difference with Dzino Machingura. Too much yap yap talking about hot air and being self centred. Big words confused both of them, got lost in imagined ideology which neither could practise.

    1. Why would you compare him with Dzino Machingura… Dzino Machingura…never served in in ZANUPF gravy train. A principled man till the day he died.

    2. Mageja, are you for real? Do you know anything about Dzinashe Machingura whose real name was Alfred Mhanda? The man was so principled he was one of the few who refused to arse leak Mugabe right to the end of his days.

  22. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. You educated him well

  23. l am enjoying the current Zim circus,akadohedza ndege.aaaah haana kudonhedza ndenge.those who regrets,we have nothing else to expect from you.you did your part for others to have a better experience.Wish your the best in farming.

  24. The good comrade needs to speak less..should in fact insist on written questions so he spplies his mind be4 answering

  25. I love this guy, he has gone down with his gun blazing to the very end just like a real war veteran Rambo style, unlike people like ‘Cremora’ who were fired but are still begging to return to zanupf. There is life outside the party

  26. Haiwawooo. Kuto vhaira ne mari dzekuba ku ZBC. Mira hako. Ramba uchitaura rubber kudayi tuma business twese which came from theft and corruption tuchapera utwo.
    Senge iwe ndiwe watirikuda manje to show all overzelous war veterans kuti the game is fast changing.
    Zvimbambaira takaita demining tikapedza. Kana mada zvevhinzi bring it on. Isu ma born free hatitye chunhu coz we also yearn for war kuti tiwane a better life.
    Pamh#ta pako ne Mukadzi wako. Mad?zvi evanhu.

    1. anaCremora maduche shaz

  27. come on Bob fire the whole cabinet they will be happier kikikikikikikikikikikiki

  28. Chivaviro James

    liar. the reason why he was always at loggerheads with Foreign Affairs Minister, is because he wanted a full ministry. He thinks highly of himself, which is not bad.

  29. mutsvanga. . . . kudziya moto wemasveta simba ukazviona se wavakutonga Zimbabwe kiikikki! politics is not your area . . . welcome to the political rubbish bin!

  30. why is he regretting now? if he was not fired, wouldnt he hev continued participating and enjoying ilgotten powers and wealth? kkkkkk hell heth no fury like mutsvangwa sconned. nonsense

  31. Uyu Mutsvangwa haana here kumbotukana naMumbengegwi?

  32. Haaaaa bob atenderedza anhu misoro hanzi nemunwe muzvinafundo self actualisation kkkkkkkkkkkk hezvo bob akudzinga wakuchema kunge ambulance kkkk wamama

  33. this guy insults HE. how can he boldly say “the last 12 months were the least productive” How many more so called ministers would give the same confession…ndosaka kumunda kusiri kubuda chinhu coz any minister who has been appointed by HE becomes “non productive”. Apa madhara acho ndiwo ane the most fertile and productive land…. May God heal ZImbabwe..

  34. chero mukamutuka blaz uyu anotaura zvavanoda, plus gwazh riri tititi fut. Uyu haashaye basa manje Cv yake chero ku UN anopinda, musamutarisire pasi

  35. zimbabwe yazoora manje let God shuffle only be brave wll survive

  36. Heya Munofungasu

    Very soon he will regret ever joining them

    Are u disappointed in love or u want to get back your ex lover who is either drifting apart or has moved on but you just can’t let go: ignite the romance! battling with bad luck ,family ,business problems, time to change the way life comes to you! yes its destiny but it can be twisted a little to get the best out of life! don’t give up yet, there is hope, looking for your dream job but the mission seems close to impossible: don’t give up come to me! is your life not pleasant and you wish you deserve better; then you do! is your marriage at the verge of breakdown ,is there a divorce in the pipeline? get the results that you wish it doesn’t have to be messy if you don’t want it that way and alternatively you can stop it immediately or fasten it and start over again to minimize the pain ,the choice is yours! court cases at whatev



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