Poultry demand on the rise

ZIMBABWE today commemorates World Poultry Day, amid a growing demand for chicken meat in the country.


Poultry is expected to become the world’s most consumed meat over the next five years, according to a report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The world’s appetite for chicken is growing faster than any other meat, while pork consumption is slowing even in its most popular markets.

“Currently, pork accounts for the greatest share in world total meat production, however, a comparatively slower growth rate through the next decade will result in it being surpassed by poultry by 2020,” the 2014 report says.

In Zimbabwe many companies support the poultry industry, which is fast becoming popular along with global trends.

Profeeds is one such company renowned for producing the best performance chicken feed in the country and has established one-stop Profeeds Centres countrywide, where poultry producers have easy access to all facets of poultry production.

Profeeds was established in 2007 and currently produces a successful range of premium quality, high performance stockfeeds.

This is attributed to a unique customer-orientated strategy as well the development of a superior product basket.

The company’s range of high performance feeds includes those for broilers, layers, pigs, horses, sheep and dogs.

According to the company’s website, Profeeds in line with the Group’s growth strategy, has expanded significantly in the last few years by increasing its production capacity.

In April 2014, Profeeds’ additional storage and new stock-feed plant was commissioned and this has increased both the production three fold, and capacity and storage fivefold.

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