Police summon Pasuwa


THE police have summoned national football team coach Kalisto Pasuwa for an interview, as part of their investigations into football match-fixing allegations, which have been raised against, among others, Zifa executive committee member, Edzai Kasinauyo and former association chief executive officer, Henrietta Rushwaya.


The police had been trying to get hold of Pasuwa since last Friday, but the Warriors technical head was out of the country at the time.

Yesterday Pasuwa confirmed he had been summoned to Harare Central Police Station to give evidence in the match-fixing scam, which is alleged to have targeted the Warriors’ 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifiers against Swaziland next week.

“I am told that the police have been looking for me since Friday, but I was not around,” he said yesterday. “The chief executive officer (Jonathan Mashingaidze) has just called to tell me that I should go and see them as per their request.”

Pasuwa said he would visit the police this morning.

There are allegations Zimbabwe’s Chan tournament matches in Rwanda might have been manipulated as well.

It has been established that Pasuwa and goalkeeper, Tatenda Mukuruva are some of the key witnesses in the investigation where Rushwaya is accused of being the kingpin of the latest match-fixing operation to hit Zimbabwean football.

Zifa made a police report on Thursday last week and implicated former Warriors coach, Ian Gorowa and Pasuwa’s assistant coach, Nation Dube together with Rushwaya.

The alleged cartel is also said to have arranged the fixing of South Africa’s Premier League matches involving Polokwane City, Pretoria University and Bloemfontein Celtic.

Rushwaya has denied the allegations, claiming she was working undercover to expose match-fixing, a defence Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa has refused to accept.

The Warriors are pencilled to play Swaziland in back-to-back matches with the first game in Mbabane on March 25 and the other at the National Sports Stadium on Easter Monday three days later.

Allegations are that the alleged cartel had targeted Mukuruva as well as defenders Eric Chipeta and Costa Nhamoinesu to let in goals and manufacture Zimbabwe defeats in both matches.

Both Swaziland and the Warriors are on four points after two games and defeats for the Warriors, as allegedly plotted, would have seen Zimbabwe crash out of the 2017 Afcon finals to be hosted by Gabon. The other teams in the group are Guinea and Malawi. The suspects also face arrest in South Africa, as the police in that country are also seized with the case.

Zifa volunteered information, which it gathered from its witnesses that include Leroy Waguta, who claims to have been a close associate of Rushwaya.

Rushwaya and player agent, Kudzi Shaba also face charges from the Asiagate scandal.

Zifa believe Rushwaya recruited her alleged accomplices and is the key link to their sponsors, who are of Asian origin.

The association’s key witness supplied Zifa with text messages, photographs and emails that implicate the suspects and he also claims to have been employed as a runner, communicating with and paying players. Zifa claim to have loads of evidence, which also implicated South Africa-based Zimbabwean players goalkeeper George Chigova and defender Partson Jaure.

Chiyangwa on Tuesday travelled to South Africa, where he was scheduled to meet the South African Football Association leadership, as well as that country’s Sports minister Fikile Mbalula over the match-fixing issue.


  1. so they where going to fix a match and they have already fixed matches in south africa.so tell us why is thuis scandal not headline news anywhere else except in Zimbabwe.With loads of evidence,no charge has been raised noone arrested,does not make sense to me?

  2. Why would police want to interview this fellow over monkey nuts and not an iota of concern over the missing $15b in diamond money? The country is supposed to show seriousness over actual money missing from Treasury, than this hearsay. A certain Doctor and Honourable MP should have been summoned before the whistle blower completed his speech. Please Police Commissioner, before you leave office create history, for busting the diamond mafia.

    • Brovictor and Metellus Cimber you are both spot on ,however I have the view that Zifa must consult Fifa to ascertain Rushwaya’s claims that her involvement was a trap to expose the culprits. If Fifa says yes then the lady is exonerated of any wrong doing,if Fifa says no she is lying then she should be locked in jail for a long,long period. Oh my God, when I made a comment yesterday,I did know that I had invited a barrage of unwarranted attacks from one who signs as ‘Dj’.
      I really do agree with both of you. Suppose we genuinely lose in Swaziland do you see Pasuwa accepting blame? I do see him blaming the ‘match fixers’. Even if Zifa’s contribution to the losses are now overshadowed by these allegations. If all the people are found guilty they should all be locked in for a long period. The same goes to all those who looted the diamonds proceeds.

  3. FIFA have already disowned Henrietta’s version of the saga and they have unequivocally stated that they do not work with individuals on such cases but with authorities. They have further stated that she has never been in their employ at any given time. Honestly speaking the Swazi is now heavily compromised because as Gandanga correctly asks whether Pasuwa would accept defeat in the event that it is genuine. The Warriors would have to win at whatever cost even if it means carrying the ball from the center and throwing it into the nets!!

  4. I get paid $200 for winning a match. The cartel offers $2000 for losing a match. Isn’t it any fool’s guess which option one would take? Just saying

    • Captain Fantastic from economic sense you are right but however,That not how patriotic players think. You ARE WRONG. Do you think the teams that have perfomed well at national level were really doing so for benefits of money.
      Secondly short sighted YOU ARE. Qualifying for a major tournament will market these players. Money from such deals will not really do anything you will see.

  5. Gururo, you are talking sense. Not even from an economic view, but from a criminal view one can avoid a job that pays $200 per month and robs ànother person thereby making even $10000 in an hour. Should that be the way to go Captain Fantastic ? We must speak like responsible people.

  6. Nothing makes sense in life maface angu. Dai sense yenyu yaishanda maizoba $15bn here iyo nyika ichikwangwaya kudai. My point is ziva zvinoraramisa mhuri yako, legal or otherwise, moral or otherwise. Inongova njake njake munyika yekwedu. What patriotism are we preaching here when the very people who shout their voices horse are left to get away with such impunity(stealing $15bn) when the nation is suffering? Kunyeperana kwegakwega. In short, iri i packet remukaka- iwe inoboora yakoo corner yekunwa nayo. Ukapusa unofa nenzera ukatadza kushandira even the so called future generations that you purport to save. Al Nyati said, “How can I be expected to be just where there is no justice…..and to be peaceful where there is no peace?”

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