In Pictures: Itai Dzamara- Activists march against forced disappearances







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  1. Ask MDC T where Dzamara is. Stop creating issues here,thats bulshit you think we dnt knw that MDC T is responsible for Dzamara’s disappearnce

    1. dzakanyatsot kwesere?

    2. And we have a 90% employment rate, salaries all paid on time, very few leaving the prosperity and safety of Zimbabwe…………

  2. If you know who is responsible for Itai’s disappearance in the MDC why are you not reporting to the Police?

    1. future president of zimbabwe

      Ikr !!!!

  3. Unoti hatizivi kuti ndiwe wakamutora manje muchasotana mwari haasi wako wega, uchazviona u criminals bring back Dzamara what u dont no is time shall come muchazviona imi mazanu mhondi murikusiira vana nemadzinza nhamo guys nezvamunoiita ropa remunhu harisi rokutamba naro

  4. Some people never cease to amaze.Now you want the nation to believe that the MDC is responsible for Dzamara’s disappearance. What rubbish? In the ultimate end you will be answerable, this madness will certainly come to an end.

  5. That imposter by subaltern sounds lunatic. He needs to be taken to a specialist who deals with mental disorders. He is being haunted by the evil act he and his thugs did abducting Dzamara. How on earth can you blame MDC for abducting Dzamara. You cant even listen to Jestina Mukoko crying for Didmus Mutasa to release names of her abductors. Did Mutasa work in the MDC? Stupid idiot,manje if you killed him muchamama ne ngozi .

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