No need for radical change: Dube

HIGHLANDERS chairman Peter Dube believes in the status quo and says he will not make radical changes in the way the top-flight football league is operating if he wins the chairmanship post against Dynamos’ Keni Mubaiwa on Saturday.


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Dube believes the Premier Soccer League (PSL) is doing well as it is enjoying a good rapport with sponsors and there is no need for radical changes, but he wants to see clubs being treated in an equal manner.

The Highlanders boss said his role as chairman would be to give direction on policy implementation, adding that the secretariat has been steering the league in the right direction.

“A chairman’s duty is to ensure policy implementation and give direction because we have a fully-fledged secretariat that works on a day-to-day basis,” he said

Dube said the system that has been in place has been working well, although there was room for improvement.

He is a firm believer in inclusivity and wants the clubs to have a say in the way the league is run.

“I am looking forward to the elections on Saturday. What is needed is to understand how PSL is run by 16 governors led by the chairman and his vice and an emergency committee chosen by the league,” he said.

Dube has pledged to the clubs that his administration will strive to make sure every team is treated fairly.

“Whatever I will bring, if elected, will be out of my innovation, but the system is already there,” he said.

“I don’t think there is need for one to come and make radical changes to a system that has already been put in place and which is working well. Of course, there will always be need for improvements, but the league has been run well. It has enjoyed a good relationship with sponsors and what is critical is to maintain what has been set and, of course, try to make improvements. All I can do is adhere to governance matters and ensure the implementation of club licencing and, of course, embracing fair play, ensuring that every club is treated fairly.”

The winner of Saturday’s election will see out former boss Twine Phiri’s term of office, which was cut short after the ex-Caps United president was booted out by Zifa on the grounds he no longer qualified to be a governor, as he had ceased being the Green Machine’s president.

Farai Jere, who is now the majority shareholder at Caps, took over the presidency of that club, leaving Phiri as a minority shareholder, who could not represent the club as a governor.

Dube will not be new to the system if elected, as he has been the acting chairman of the league, since Phiri was shown the door.

He was the vice-chairman during Phiri’s tenure.

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