Mnangagwa defends Grace

ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday angered opposition MPs when he claimed that First Lady Grace Mugabe had a right to hand over government-sourced irrigation equipment and foodstuffs at Zanu PF rallies.


Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa was responding to MDC-T MPs Fani Munengami (Glen Norah North) and Zengeza West’s Simon Chidhakwa, who had asked how fair it was for equipment supposed to benefit all Zimbabweans being dished out at Zanu PF rallies.

“The First Lady is right to donate that equipment because she is the First Lady. It is not a rally that she is donating to, but she is donating to people,” Mnangagwa responded.

“There are about 78 irrigation schemes that benefited, and there is no day when a rally was given irrigation equipment. In Mt Darwin, an MDC-T member is a leader of an irrigation scheme and they benefited. The Brazilian equipment is composed of tractors, harvesters, irrigation gunners and other equipment, and government said each province should have eight irrigation schemes benefiting. Other provinces will have 10 schemes benefiting.”

The opposition MPs also raised concern over Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s continued stay at the upmarket Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare at the expense of taxpayers.

Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T) said government should provide cheaper accommodation for Mphoko so that money earmarked for his hotel stay would be diverted to infrastructure development, including construction of rural clinics.

The backbenchers also quizzed Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi to explain to the House why Zimbabwe deployed peacekeepers to Equatorial Guinea for the Confederation of African Football tournament without seeking Parliament’s consent.

Sekeramayi said deployment of peacekeepers did not require buy-in from Parliament.

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  1. mgobhozi wezintaben

    Offside Hon VP! What she may donates are the dairy products from Gushungu Dairies,that is if she is philanthropic enough.Those implements were sourced by the government of Zimbabwe on behalf of the ministry of agriculture at the tax payer’s money.The Ministry of Agriculture should therefore play a leading role in supervising the distribution of those implements after making needs analysis region by region.Tribute goes to those MPs who raised this burning issue.

    1. Kwahi naED “hautauriri mukuru kuti masura. Unotobvunza kuti hamuna kukuvara here? Musandibatisa zvoto zvipopisa”. These are out war veterans who are soooo afraid of women to the extent of saying rubbish in parliament!

  2. VP ED is defending the indefensible. As they say “if u rear a snake one day it will bite u”. VP ED should not cry foul when Hurricane Grace strikes on him and his supporters. Grace is the First Lady and is entitled to choose who serves in her husband’s govt and who takes over power when her husband departs. These diplomatic comments will come to hound ED soon. Time will tell!

  3. Alouse Mutanga

    That is why zimbabwe suffers most in emergences like drought who is this woman to give people agri equipment. Zanu pf iz not serious about issues of people’s lively wood.A wife of a president must seat down.Zimbabwe wil degenerate into a crisis of hunger

  4. Mnangagwa has proved to be a coward sellout. Bootlicking Grace for his personal political survival while his supporters are decimated left right & centre won’t get him very far. No wonder why Jonathan Moyo fell out with him

  5. VP Mnangagwa is naive if he thinks bootlicking Grace will save him. Depending on generosity of Bob and Grace will not work for ED and his supporters. Let VP Mnangagwa keep on flogging a dead horse while Grace and G40 are having a good time purging ED’s supporters from the Party and Govt. They are determined to finish him off while he is playing diplomacy. The weakness of ED are well known. He does not stand up for his supporters. ED’s hope that Bob will some day give him the throne on a silver plate is misplaced. After all blood is thicker than water!

    1. I listened to the parliamentary debate, There was a lot of SARCASM in ED’s response one will be tempted to think that there is a collusion somewhere.

      1. Hansard does not record sarcasm. What will be on record is that a VP thinks it’s okay for a first Lady with no official role in government to buy voters using tax payer sourced equipment.

  6. stupid mnangagwa. very stupid indeed. thank you.

  7. this old man really puts me off.this is government money not zanu pf which sourced these are very coward and old too.that is why we no longer want you to take over the reigns.we want amai.

  8. Katsotosto kaGrace kanotaura sei nhai? Grace go ahead ED is not a presidential material such arrogance to the August house unequivocally demonstrates stupidity at its highest pitch. Your explanation will never buy back love from Grace lots have been cast on you ED are out and done. Stop being used like tissue paper be a man, a Garanga for that matter. Muchuchu wakabvepi nhai, Iwe uchamutsa Muzenda nehasha achinzwa nzvina yauri kutaura iyi. Just call it a day and join others while the sun shines.

  9. benevolent despotism

  10. The VP is now singing for his supper. He has been totally vanquished and is to the mercy of the G40, a grouping of dubious characters that denigrates those who fought for the independence of Zimbabwe. The VP has been tamed, a domesticated reptile is by the way is a dzvinyu.


  12. The croc has been tamed and is now busy defending Grace while she and G40 are booting out of the party and govt his supporters. Bob cleverly left ED to Act as President and so that he can defend the establishment. Just like a condom VP ED is being used by his enemies and very soon he will be thrown into a dustbin. Grace and G40 are enjoying ED’s circus. Bob has got ED exactly where he wants him to be. Like a lamb ED is being led to slaughter in silence while his supporters are watching in awe.

  13. nehanda nyakasina

    dai uriwe vp waiti chii
    musati taurire zvisina basa imi muri mbwende futi go into the street tione what you’re made up of

  14. ED is becoming what we call in Karanga mubhondo wa Mai Mugabe, meaning junior wife. How can she do it a zanupf rally. Does it need a rally to do that? And this the man Chris and Togarepi risked their political fortunes supporting, shame?

  15. I listened to the debate, ED was being sarcastic so much that one would think there is a collusion in the House

  16. ED is actually saying the opposite, He now knows the gullible ZANU PF want to hear, they just take the actual words as they are and have no clue of body language and tone of the voice.

  17. First Ladies throughout the World have and are carrying out philanthropy work.Just because its being done in Zimbabwe the opposition and private media are a negative blowing a trumpet about it….The are WASTING THEIR TIME & ENERGY!!!!!

  18. No ED is right Bt da first lady should think twice y such question was asked n y ED replied that way.ED akaviga hubenzi hwa gire

  19. It is not the responsibility of ED to remove the G-40, it is the responsibility of all Zimbabwean loving citizens.


      I am sure uri ziso rebofu. rega mapenzi auurayane ega ayo.

  20. No No theres no more time sarcasm imagine instead of defending Mutsvangwa smone goes into overdrive putting the final on the coffin of democracy. Its very disgusting no wonder why Dongo called them Mugabes wives. Imagine Nhari was expelled for just saying pasi neG40 down there in Gutu. Ngwena is not even lifting a finger to defend them but he instead defends Grace. Those who support ngwena watchout your leader will be expelled soon . He is not worth risking anything for idhakisi

  21. For the Last time!!!!!!…there isn’t any known structure or element called G40 or Lacoste in the Revolutionary Party called ZANU PF.The existence of such wishful structures are in the imaginary minds and social media platforms of opposition parties & private media…PLIZ deal with that!!!!

    1. Maybe you need to start dealing with your constant denial and your never ending bootlicking.

  22. Is Humba living in Zimbabwe or in a desert in Sudan? How can you question of G40 or Lacoste something even known by to be born ZANU Pf youths? Humba or HUMBWA?

  23. munhu wese kupi?

    They also allegedly got the backing of nationalists such as Defence Minister, Sydney Sekeramayi and Kembo Mohadi.
    “The two, however, received backlash from the First Lady when they tried to speak against expulsions and they kept quiet thereafter throughout the meeting,” said the source.

  24. Kkkkkkkk. Hu Ngwena only appears to the less powerful like Majonga. To the strong women with balls like Dr Amai Hu Ngwena hwese hunopera kusara vave ka Dhakisi. Kkkkkkkkk
    Cant believe kuti the so called many names of bravery Mnangagwa is now licking clitoris ya Dr Amai for his next meal.
    With Mutsvangwa gone mapihwa size yenyu chaiyo. First Lady reigns supreme. Arse lick or you are out. Kkkkkkkkk

    Are u disappointed in love or u want to get back your ex lover who is either drifting apart or has moved on but you just can’t let go: ignite the romance! battling with bad luck ,family ,business problems, time to change the way life comes to you! yes its destiny but it can be twisted a little to get the best out of life! don’t give up yet, there is hope, looking for your dream job but the mission seems close to impossible: don’t give up come to me! is your life not pleasant and you wish you deserve better; then you do! is your marriage at the verge of breakdown ,is there a divorce in the pipeline? get the results that you wish it doesn’t have to be messy if you don’t want it that way and alternatively you can stop it immediately or fasten it and start over again to minimize the pain ,the choice is yours! court cases at whatev

  26. nehanda Nyakasikana

    Edm will be the next president of the Republic there is no going back on that. I’m not a fan of him but that just happens to be matter of fact even mukuru has for a long time accepted that…zvava pachena izvi. I’m calling on the nation to remain calm….the time line is 31st March for official transitional arrangements to kick start bob is finished 92% finished and time running out too quickly for him

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