‘Macheso needs some soul-searching’

THE much-awaited album Tsoka Dzerwendo by Alick Macheso is now out and there is still debate raging as to whether the sungura maestro has outdone his previous works.


Although there has been so much hype in the wake of the album’s release, it may be early days to judge.

The album seems to be enjoying air play on all radio stations. It is a six-track compilation with songs Baba, Kurarama Inyasha, Wandirangaridza, Munyaradzi, Gungwa and Mude Mude.

Some fans have argued that there is nothing to write home about the album although it is arguably better than its predecessor, Kwatakabva Mitunhu.

Two of the songs on the album — Gungwa and Wandirangaridza — are, however, set to be top hits.

“There is no doubt that Tsoka Dzerwendo is a better album than Kwatakabva Mitunhu. Macheso has slightly improved, although on some of the songs there is discord both on guitars and the vocals, especially on the song Munyaradzi,” said one Macheso fan.

He, however, noted that it was an average effort when pitted against Macheso’s earlier works, Magariro, Vakiridzo, Simbaradzo, Zvakanaka Zvakadaro, Zvido Zvenyu Kunyanya, Vapupuri Pupurai and Ndezvashe.

For many of Macheso’s fans, there is a strong possibility that the new offering is not what they had expected, particularly after a four-year drought.

“There are only three good songs – Mude Mude, Gungwa and Wandirangaridza — otherwise there is no expertise introduced. The rest of the songs are just ordinary.

Macheso should really up his game to
match the standard he set on Vapupuri Pupurai,” a Harare kombi driver said.

Macheso may still be paying the price for losing some of his seasoned band members in the mould of Lucky Mumiriki, Obert Gomba and Darlington Chabata who he poached from Chazezesa Challengers soon after the death of Peter Tazvida, Noel Nyazanda whom he recruited from Leonard Zhakata’s Zimbabwe All Stars and Innocent Mjintu from Barura Express.

However, with the current set up at Orchestra Mberikwazvo, which is now composed largely of inexperienced members recruited from smaller groups, it shall take time for them to adjust to Macheso’s standards.

This may be a reason it took him time to release the album Tsoka Dzerwendo. History has it that Macheso would release one hit of an album after another with the ease of the sungura maestro that he has become.

Macheso says he took a long time to release the latest album as he needed to get his newly-recruited members used with the Orchestra Mberikwazvo system, but from the latest offering, it is clear that there is an X-factor still missing.

The rich talent he lost was a major contributor to the brand Macheso associated with quality productions. Perhaps his redeeming grace is that he has become such a brand that die-hard fans would still give this album the thumbs up.

But going forward, Macheso may need to go back to the drawing board and re-strategise. He should not be carried away by the current hype because soon, when sobriety returns, the wiser among the fans will be able to pick out what is amiss.

Macheso should be mature enough to appreciate that he would need to do some serious soul searching and and defend his brand.

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  1. Don’t think so. Where I have been criss – crossing, that is Kombis, flea markets (stores), mishikashika and residential areas; the album has been dearly received. After all any album with three (3) excellent songs as you are quoting can really not be said to be bad.

    Yesterday ZBC NEWS also carried out their CBD review and the verdict was there for everyone to see. Baba Shero is on top…

    1. hapana zvaakaita murume uyu i know his capacity he should not take us for granted coz haana chaakabudisa for the past thee or so years.MaVocals haasi kunyatsobuda hameno kuti producer wake ndewerudzii plus maDicords haa iJahwi.

  2. This Reporter bought a 2litre of Mazoe and split it into 2 halves. Now he is comparing the 2 halves….hapana mutsauko. Comparing Macheso and Baba Shero is utterly madness. Mr or Miss Reporter, please take 6 months to rethink and come back and give us another review. Seems music yavaMacheso takes time to sink in you. Or is it too much for you to handle…..relax and find out why?

  3. That album doesn’t sound professional at all, too much discord to imagine they call themselves an orchestra. It’s high time Zim artist realized you need a board of critics that listen to your music before you dish it out, if that had been done. I’m sure those moments of discord wld hv been picked out & polished. Now Macheso sounds like a yesteryear urban groove record wth no mastering at all – Pathetic – then again what wld you expect from a $1 record.

    1. Macheso is not there to please those who don’t appreciate him.if you don’t like his type of music go and listen to what pleases you and don’t live to criticize other people

    2. 3 good songs from an album of 6 is not bad considering that Macheso did it with new recruits. took time to listen to album. Macheso is not a spent force. He is still in the game. There is prowess where he does the lead vocals and back vocals all in one. Baba Sharoo is the king!!!

  4. NewsDay Reporters you are a full of crap…..musarwadziwe….resurface of sungura music again….Tinoramba tichizora….#Tsoka Dzerwendo

    1. uchazora matozvi ukanhuhwa

  5. Your Brains are full of politics all the time, you still have that mentality be reminded that this is art not polishit….so no competition…Ticharamba tichizora…#Tsoka Dzerwendo

    1. Im sorry Pasipamire , i wonder where you picking politics from?Everyone has an opinion and here we are talkjing about art and if the truth be told , with all due respect to Baba shero the vocals where below par.When you listen to the songs you can hear that it lacks the touch of a proffessional producer.The point of the album being played everywhere is because of the hype created and the four year period that he starved his fans.I rate the abulm at 6 stars ,he could have done better.

  6. zora na baba shero that is wat legends do …mdara uyu haapere asiyana nana sulu

  7. 3 good songs from an album of 6 is not bad considering that Macheso did it with new recruits. took time to listen to album. Macheso is not a spent force. He is still in the game. There is prowess where he does the lead vocals and back vocals all in one. Baba Sharoo is the king!!!

  8. The reporter is clearly out of sorts. There is one thing that is always going to be obvious, not everyone will be please with Macheso’s new album, but to go on to say it is not great is purely madness. There are those who never loved Cheso’s music and you go and interview those people, obviously they will say they are not happy. It is normal that we are all not pleased but if the majority is happy it means a job well done. if a 6 track album has 3 hit songs it means it is a blockbuster, some albums manage just one and are said to be good albums, so I wonder what Mr Reporter was smoking when he wrote this article. It continues to surprise me that people want to compare this album and the previous ones, it does not work, each album appeals to everyone differently because of the circumstances surrounding each person when they hear it. Some say Simbaradzo will always be Macheso’s best, some say Zvinoda Kutendwa other Kwatakabva Mitunhu so the comparisons do not mean anything as far as the goodness of an album goes. Take Tsoka Dzerwendo as it is and enjoy it without thinking about comparisons. Haters will always be there but it will not stop us from enjoying a good album , Tsoka Dzerwendo. Well done Baba Shero, you no longer have anything to prove to anyone.

  9. Baba Shero kwakuseri

  10. i think Mr reporter yu are biased towards the tsoka dzerwendo hitmaker,,,why cant yu jus accept a good work from baba sharoe n if yu listen to 5 of the songs without smoking Nyaope i think yu wil think twice n remove yr biased article

  11. most of the songs seems were recorded live on stage better kuteerera zvakanaka zvakadaro iyi itsvina baba Shero infect kwangosara zita makuda kusungirirwa kabhero kaye kanoti tii tii tii tii kuratidza kupera kwenyu

  12. I don’t blame the reporter. I put my blame on the entertainment editor. Honestly, how does one allow misplaced opinions to be published as news. Which songs have discord? Even then do you know dissonance can be deliberately achieved? For instance instead of sing f you sing fee. You obviously don’t know that since you just read faa as efu and fii as fee.

    My personal favourite is munyaradzi which you dismissed there. If we ask you what he did differently on this album hauna chaunoziva. You wait for comments from Facebook and you make their words your analysis. I feel sorry for the keyboard you used to type your rubbish. It was abused by a celebrated fool. Benzi rakabikirwa doro nekutambirwa muchongoyo kuti ridhunye

  13. pane kadiscord pana munyaradzi asi so far so good cheso cheso kwakuseri. sulu arumwa nenyuchi.

  14. ADMIRE JAMU-MLAMBO i think you article illustrates your bias against Alick Macheso. Maybe u should take your own advise and do some soul searching on whether it is good to abuse your position as a journalist and use a newspaper column to peddle your personal opinions. Out of 100 people, how many think Macheso’s latest album is a gem? He obviously cant please everyone but then again who can? Those that dont like his album should just find something else to listen to without trying to preach their dislike to everyone else.

  15. Chinonzi critique kutarisa umhizha hwakaiswa, pakagonekwa, pakatadzwa, zvisina kuitwa kuitira kuti munhu azive pakakonekwa azogona ramangwana. Iyi nyaya yekungoti akagona, akagona nepasina kugona munhu hakuiti kuti munhu azogona mangwana. Macheso haangapedzi 4 years asina kuburitsa chinhu, ozoburitsa idzo mvura mvura idzodzi. Pane madiscord akanyanya mhani paalbum racho rese haungambofungi kuti ndiMacheso. Mafans abaShero garai pasi moteerera zvakanaka, mopa feedback kuna Macheso azokubikirai zvakanaka mangwana. Hapana kana one song inonakidza saNdave Sekete kaLeonard Dembo ka19 chakuti.

    1. Iwe hausi fan yavo saka chekushora unotochiwana, but ukacherechedza unozoona kuti iwe zvaunoteerera kwandiri nevamwe vazhinji itoriwo rubbish asi iwe unonakidzwa wani. Music haimbofa yakaita perfect isu vamwe ikangoti dakadza thats good enough kana isina kukufadza nyika yakasununguka enda unoteerera zvimwe.

  16. Mr. Macheso well done. You simply the best on top of the rest, others follow………..Munyaradzi kwakuseri mudhara cheso. Musaterere mabiased reporters anenge achingoda kutengerwa doro kuti anyore zvakanaka. Apa makabvonga Baba Shero.

  17. The albumnis just super. its only that the reporter knows nothing about sungura music. its beter tgat he/she listen to dancehall. ukaona Album ichinzi ine 3 masongs anonakidza ziva kuti kwakuseri. vangani vanozviita?? munyaradzi is just a superb… well ochestrated…rich with meaningfull lyrics.

    well done baba sharo!.. Pasi nezvima reporter zvekupenga! Pasi nevasingagutsikane!. Pasi nenhire!..

  18. ini im a die hard Macheso fan bt this tym baba shero havana kunyatsorova marovero avo atinosiziva vachiita though hapo pane mamoments of brilliance here and there.this is an average album i will give it a 4 out of 10.

  19. Media is always undermining Sungura music and promote dancehall. I suggest some news reporters should not be allowed to publish what they dont know because they continue devaluing the legends and promote contemporary artistes who are still new in music industry. But the real fact is obvious, Macheso will never lose value even if you negatively comment him. Why do people compare the new album with the previous ones? They will never be the same because they are different and a music legend can never repeat what he delivered previously, he brings new to the market. Tsoka dzerwendo, according to my own views and experiences, he managed. That one is standard

  20. haa munenge matanga kumuterera nhasi imi..he did great albums before but seriously chamuitisa 4 years ndiro dambudziko… he its up there.. haana kusvika level yake yatoziva murume uyu.. chakanaka chakanaka..chakashata chakashata.. usadye poison nekunyara… what he did is he tried his best to fight piracy and in the process compromised on his quality..Quality hapana.. unotokaruka 6 tracks dzapera uchifunga kuti pane zvichanakidza… listen to his copy cats..u will actually think kuti ndiye macheso wekare… i bought the disc and the listened to iro chete for 4 hours ndiri muhighway… at first i thot ndatenga wrong cd.. u cant feel Cheso power in the album..tsvagai Shedia muterere futi.. tora iri woriridza pakazara vanhu nehigh volume for example.. the guitars and instruments over shadowed the voice..hautonzwe msg… hapana hamorny pavoice ne instrument..u can here the msg..akaita nhafu mukomana ..tarisai kuti pakanyorwa kuti Producer ndiani…imagine that guy was the producer..does he have the expertise to produce… ndosaka rabuda rine kadiscord… kamwe karuzha..raida finr tuning.. hameno palive show but paCD pane mbodza … dont follow things blindly..we all like that guy but apa atirasisa….haisi album yekuti unonzwa kuramba uchida kunzwa… kana watoterera from a friend u dont wish to hav a copy rako wega…. inozvimbira

  21. Pple shud differentiate kuda munhu nekunzwa music yakaridzwa. Apa Macheso did below his standards. Even Gungwa itori nediscord pa9 mins to 11 mins. And Musicology showing his idioty

  22. Gud work reporter the album has no expertise at all too much discord kutoita as if its not Macheso. Thats an averagely done album. Muchinda anonzi MUSICOLOGIST ndovarume vanonzi svinai matumbu vamwe vari kudare. A ratidza hudofo. Ndovaya vana GUNDA MUSAIRA vanoti chakanaka nokuti chaitwa nanhingi. Apo Bashero vakatadza apa. Reporter dai wakati ndozvakazogumisira zvoita vana Jonah Moyo vokupisa naSolo naMutsa maGutu. Macheso wotopera sesipo bit by bit rambai makatarisa.

  23. There are different types of listeners or people, there are people who border on the extreme other are moderate and some a too soft. if you judge anything harshly all you will always get is negative. Do not compare this album to the previous ones, take it on its own merits. If you compare with older ones you are going to be disappointed not because Tsoka Dzerwendo is pathetic but because this music of creative artistes like Cheso evolve and our circumstances as people change, so we relate to things based on our current life circumstances. There are issues of production quality being raised yes they might be there but they clearly being exaggerated. Music and football are subjective issues they depend on each individuals tastes and experiences so no opinion is fact but just a person’s own of a thing but it really does not have anything to do with the actual merit of the work. To me the criteria to measure merit since this is subjective is by looking at the number of happy people if the majority is happy to that settles it. Indications are that this is a great album so I take that.

  24. even pakabuda jerusarema ra Jahprayzah vanhu vakada kushoora but 2wks later vanga voimba chiname, vachi spakwa. Look now jah prayzah’s Jerusarema ndoraka hwina ma awards. Macheso apa akarova, chete music ya macheso need somebody who is intelligent, not madofo aya ma reporter eku kopera, stupid analysis. Cheso kumberi, tinorarama nenyasha, nyaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaa shaaaaa. This is great cheso power. Ticharega kutenga kapepa kenyu, totenga dailynews… Stupid

  25. Macheso foever

  26. I e­­­arn 21 do­­­llars e­­­very 25 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­….

    —— W­W­W.P­a­y­a­b­i­l­i­t­y­7­0.C­­O­­M

  27. the problem in zimbabwe is that you dont have to be good to be popular….the only country with a 92year old president

  28. guys Macheso is not forced to release an album year after year.it is up to him to release when he feels like.so to say the album is bad coz he was absent for the past four yrs is total madness to some extent.noone is forced to appriciate macheso’ music.what surprise us most is, zimdancehall you comment, gospel you comment, raggue, rnb every type of music you are there, so which one is yours.

  29. Godo rinorwadza

    Its a good album by any standards the sells speak for themselves. His performance at the launch was out of this world. Haters go hang, You are free to support whoever you want but King Macheso remains the force to reckon with. You can bad mouth him asi kuhukura kwembwa hakumisi nzou kufamba. What have you achieved yourself in your whole life. Nothing.

  30. True Zimbo lover

    vanorwadziwa mese hamusati mati……from the biased reporter to all the other anti macheso pseudo music critics…l say to yo tha yo are all mad fools only good at commenting and reporting negatively about the success and personalm achievements of others…nobody is perfect in ths world….better to take ths advice yo idiots….usngade kuteerera album yacho regedza coz haumanikidzwi…….DOWN WITH U ALL IDIOTS….BUSTARDS….WITH MASTERS DEGREES IN PHD(pull him down syndrome)

  31. the usual Newsday anti-Macheso rythm. but tiri kutenga muchingosvotwa. How many copies have been sold in two days of the “not so good” album? 250k in 2 days! muchanzwa negodo.
    Ndaitova paSoweto apa…ndichitoona ichitengeswa paOrlando West like hot cakes!

  32. wat are you smoking @Newsday. betta appreciate good works done by Macheso

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