Gomwe, colleagues hearing postponed

THE Zanu PF national disciplinary committee’s sub-committee has postponed the hearing of three suspended youth leaders accused of attacking First Lady Grace Mugabe to today.


The trio of Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central), Vengai Musengi (Mashonaland West) and Godwin Gomwe (Harare) is set to appear before a sub-committee chaired by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi.

“We were advised that the hearing has been postponed to tomorrow (today). They said some members of the panel were not present,” Tsenengamu said.

Godwin Gomwe Suspended Zanu PF Harare youth leader Godwin Gomwe[/Caption]

“However, we are not moved in any way by the hearing. It actually makes no difference to us. We know they want to expel us, but that is neither here nor there.
We volunteered to join Zanu PF and no one can chuck us out.

“In fact, the hearing will pave way for a hearing for people like First Lady Grace Mugabe, who has been given live broadcast on national television to insult other party officials. The likes of (Women’s League finance secretary) Sarah Mahoka, (national commissar) Saviour Kasukuwere and other culprits should be tried as well,” he said.

Gomwe likened those targeting them to opposition politicians and accused them of having low regard for war veterans.

“War veterans are our fathers and we cannot fold our hands when they are being attacked. If they are attacked, then why did we fight [opposition MDC-T leader Morgan] Tsvangirai, who has low regard for them? We expect (deputy secretary for youth Kudzi (Chipanga), Mahoka and Kasukuwere to be tried as well. Without war veterans, Zanu PF is nothing and even the President [Robert Mugabe] cannot do without them,” he said.

Musengi implored the ruling party to treat all members fairly.

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  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Brave young men,keep it up and be principled.

  2. Shut up yu stupid fool Tsenengamu.When yu attacked Mai Mujuru left,centre and right u enjoyed it.Fools will always be fools.Go and form yo own part.U are now history in Zanu pf.

  3. You are very stupid shut up Zimbabweans are suffering because of your party’s archaic policies …you amended your constitution to have one center of power that is Mugabe then abide by what ever will be his wishes even purges your are now being purged


  5. Aluta-Continua>>>>>>>>>>>>Kasukuwere out he has messed up the party

  6. I think there is no juice coming from the Zanu pf youth now as all the cooperatives they used to lot are banished and clever people not paying subscriptions. The stupid leadership of zanu pf has eroded all the people’s hopeof good life through heavy corruption. The same Gomwe is driving around with a Grace Mugabe branded vehicle. Recently after recieving council notices to let all the occupants in Muzariri housing Coop, he called a meeting were a bogus City Council Engineer was called in to inspect the structures that were illegally built. People were asked to pay $150 oer household, further adding insult to injuries. The private land developer Parabolla has since went to hiding, leaving exploited people hanging and balancing on unheard council resolutions. There are 341 stands under Muzariri which means cash Gomwe and crew can pocket a cool $51 150 without sweat.
    Zanu Pf politics hasn’t got people at heart, they lie on opposition parties to be causing the national suffering. Is Muzariri an MDC Cooperative, what about the airport road displaced people. I think we need good leadership that will jail all the culprits that has caused human suffering.

  7. Youth leader kadhara ikako or kusakara semukuru wavo mushakabvu RGM.

  8. I support Grace only on the issue of war vets. They were becoming a law unto themselves. After all noone forced them to go to war plus everyone played their part during the struggle Those who did not go to the front looked after macomrades. Those who were in the civil service ensured continuity after the war. The vets should enjoy their pensions in silence and let others continue with the struggle. They played their part!

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