Family seeks to block installation of cousin as chief

SOME members of the Kareya clan of Chikomba are seeking to block the installation of Onias Muchenje as Chief Kareya, claiming there is an avenging spirit in his family.



Gilson Muzondo of the Kareya lineage told NewsDay that Muchenje, who is set to be installed as chief tomorrow, was not part of their ancestry and was allegedly being installed fraudulently after colluding with their cousin, Chief Enos Musarurwa.

He said they tried to discuss the issue with the Department of Traditional Chiefs, as well as the Rural Development and Preservation of National Cultural Heritage minister Abednico Ncube, but failed to come up with a solution.

According to Muzondo, Muchenje’s late brother, Engesai was convicted of the murder of their brother-in-law Emmanuel Mutsvunguma in the early 70s. He said this rendered Muchenje ineligible for chieftaincy, as traditionally, a person from a family, where there was an avenging spirit could not be installed as chief.

“To prove that there is an avenging spirit in that family, one of his sons mysteriously took poison and died last year. We have gone to the relevant offices, including to Minister Ncube, but nothing has been done,” he said.

“We are trying to stop the process. We know clans are supposed to choose their own chief, but none of the Muzondos chose Muchenje and we have a petition to prove that.”

Muzondo was armed with a petition with 74 signatures from his family.

Ncube was not available for comment yesterday, while Muchenje said if he was not eligible for the position, then none of the Muzondos was fit for chieftainship.

“If I am not eligible, then they are not eligible too because we are the same family. The person you are talking to is my father and I do not know why he is being jealous,” he said.

Chief Musarurwa said Muchenje had already been installed as chief and tomorrow’s event was just a mere celebration.

Chief Musarurwa said it was normal for people to fight over chieftaincy, but said it was taboo to take the matters to the Press and courts blaming the practice for causing droughts.

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