Econet unveils home monitoring system

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe has launched a security solution that will enable customers to monitor, control and secure their homes and properties via their mobile phones.


Econet Wireless CEO Douglas Mboweni
Econet Wireless CEO Douglas Mboweni

The Econet ConnectedHome was launched on Tuesday.

Unveiling the new service, Econet Wireless chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni said it was one of the most comprehensive home security systems ever devised.

Econet ConnectedHome is part of a brand of services for the home which would eventually include home automation and independent energy systems.

Mboweni said Econet wanted customers to be able to control household appliances remotely from anywhere in the world.

The new product comes after Econet introduced Econet Connected Car for tracking vehicles last year.

“At Econet we thrive in offering solutions that help people change the way they live and engage with the world. With reports of crimes such as house and shop burglaries, it is now more important than ever to improve home security for peace of mind, improve home visibility, and take full control of one’s home from anywhere,” Mboweni said.

“You will also be able to open gates and close them using your cellphones. The system can also detect fire and water leaks that can damage or destroy your home. The ConnectedHome allows you to see live videos of what is going on in your home, using your cellphone from anywhere in the world.

Econet plans to add automation to allow you to control devices such as your gates, doors and windows using your cellphone.”

He said other conveniences brought by Econet ConnectedHome include, glass break detection, LP gas leakage detection, smoke detection, smart plugs to remotely switch on/off appliances from a mobile application and rapid response in the event of any form of detected or attempted intrusion.

“The use of a mobile application alongside the service brings a lot of flexibility to customers as they do not have to be at home to view what is happening around the home. To all our valued clients and the public at large, we are open for business to assist them through the registration process at any of our Econet shops or ZOL outlets,” Mboweni said.

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  1. Good technology. With Econet I bet you pay an arm and leg for this service. In Zim things like internet and WIFI are still very expensive

  2. i hate everything econet

    ko ecosex inouya rinhi?

  3. Eeeeeee!!!!!!

  4. We want to see more of these innovations in Zimbabwe. Endless possibilities

    1. Except that >60% of the population havana magetsi …..

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  6. econet is expensive totomirira another competitor aite zvichipe cz mkuru unokwachura panorira

  7. Good innovation. We are only scared at charges. Gore rino igore rezhara

  8. As a good will gesture please install all these for Mai Mujuru free of charge. Kkkkkkkkk

  9. Move by econet is very vital but we expect cheap tarrffs

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