52 apply for Chinhoyi town clerk post

AT least 52 applicants have submitted their CVs for the Chinhoyi town clerk’s post, mayor Test Michaels told NewsDay yesterday.

The post fell vacant recently after Mungororo Mazai resigned under a cloud.

Michaels said more than 50 applications had been received by close of business yesterday, adding short-listed candidates would be invited for interviews in two weeks’ time.

After the interviews, names of the top three candidates will be forwarded to the Local Government Board for final selection.

“The town clerk position was overwhelmingly applied for. About 50 applicants submitted their applications, meaning that as the local authority we have the capacity to attract the best brains for the job. We need to get this process done in the shortest possible time” said Michaels.

Council sources said four council employees and Karoi town secretary Maxwell Kaitano were among the 52 applicants.

The town clerk’s post has been problematic since the departure of the long-serving former incumbent Godwill Khosa on retirement a decade ago.

Khosa was replaced by Ezekiel Muringani who was later unceremoniously fired for alleged corruption and replaced by Shepherd Kamba. Kamba, however, died under mysterious circumstances six months after landing the job.

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