War vets target Jonathan Moyo


The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association has threatened to physically block Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo from attending the Zanu PF politburo indaba most likely this week, demanding that he publicly apologises for labelling presidential spokesperson George Charamba an “idiot”.


War Veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda told NewsDay yesterday that they were convinced the insults were indirectly targeted at President Robert Mugabe.

“If he [Moyo] doesn’t obey the President or listen to someone who speaks on behalf of the President, then he has no business entering a Zanu PF politburo meeting,” Matemadanda argued.

“What we are doing here is to protect the institution of Zanu PF. We are not going to allow people who disobey the President to attend Zanu PF meetings he is chairing. The tactic will depend on how he [Moyo] comes. If he comes with a helicopter then there will be a tactic for that. It will be different from when he comes with a bus or Mercedes Benz or by foot.”


Asked to clarify if they were only targeting Moyo, Matemadanda said several other top Zanu PF officials were being monitored, but had been spared as they had “not yet crossed the red line”.

“For now, we are talking of a person who has crossed the red line. There are some who have their issues, but they haven’t crossed the red line as yet,” Matemadanda said.

Over the past few days, Moyo and Charamba have been involved in a nasty verbal exchange which has further exposed Zanu PF factional fights.

The verbal showdown reached a climax last Wednesday when Charamba, during an interview with a radio station, fired a salvo at Moyo describing the Tsholotsho North MP as a “successionist”.

This prompted Moyo to hit back in equal measure using his micro-blogging platform, Twitter, challenging Charamba, who is both Presidential Press Secretary and Information, Media and Broadcasting Services secretary, to remain apolitical or quit his job and join active politics.

Moyo accused Charamba of defending Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his vicious succession campaign against an ambitious grouping known as the Generation 40 (G40) that is reportedly sympathetic to First Lady Grace Mugabe.

But, Matemadanda said by attacking Charamba, the Higher Education minister was, in fact, showing disrespect for the President.

“What we are saying as war vets is that since we joined the revolution we have never seen anyone disobeying the order of the Commander-in-Chief. President Mugabe has repeatedly said people shouldn’t attack each other on social media, but we have those in politburo and Cabinet doing it.

“We are saying this should stop. Cde Charamba stressed in a recent radio interview that he was speaking as Presidential spokesperson and in that he will be speaking the President’s mind. When saying that person is an idiot, then who are you referring to as the idiot?” Matemadanda asked.

Matemadanda also threatened “to deal” with anyone found circulating petitions against senior party leaders.

This came amid reports that the Zanu PF commissariat led by Kasukuwere was reportedly receiving petitions against some leaders allegedly aligned to Mnangagwa.

In the run-up to the party’s 15th annual conference in Victoria Falls last year, little known Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP) also threatened to bar Moyo, Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere from stepping their feet at the Heroes Acre for allegedly insulting veterans of the country’s 1970s war of liberation.

Repeated efforts to contact Moyo the whole day yesterday were fruitless.


  1. These war veterans , if they are genuine ones , should not seen taking sides. Its obvious that these guys belong to the faction of Mnangagwa. They are trying to hide by the finger as if they are supporting the president. The fact is that very few people at the current moment support Mugabe because of our economic situation. Its an open secret that Charamba was speaking on behalf of Mnangagwa not the other way round. He is creating a political space for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe , which is bad news to the people of Zimbabwe because Ngwena is likely to be a worst dictator than the current one.

    • it only make sense if the side with one of their own ie Ngwena. how can they side with G40? it cant. so they are correct its critical to know where your bread is buttered

  2. Surely these war veterans are drunkages because their reason capacity is below par. They think we are idiots we can not see the facts. They are suppose to come open and tell us that they are supporting the man who claims that he was trained to kill.

  3. What a silly analysis by the war vets as usual. Mugabe would never stoop so low as to speak thru Charamba on such matters & Moyo certainly never insulted the President here. War vets should just concentrate on farming

  4. I think Moyo is abusing twitter that is fact and this torches all these storms. he is the one creating so much divisions in the party. Unfortunately all claim to support the President so who is not?

  5. Look gents Mr. Charamba is a civil servant who is accountable to nobody and was voted into his current office by nobody and represents nobody if he feels to join the political team fine let him quit the civil service and be a full time politician. To tell the truth Charamba is a problem or has a problem which needs spiritual intervention. Prof. Moyo was just stating facts not interfering with the President. We should all remember that Charamba being a spokesperson of President it does not mean that He (Charamba) is a president so Cde Matemadanda should know and understand the difference between the President and a man working in the presidents office.

  6. These so-called war veterans are a bunch of idiots who think everyone is as foolish as they are. Charamba called Jonathan Moyo a fool, little man, secessionist among all kinds of names and according to them, Proff Moyo was supposed to keep quiet and pretend nothing has happened. Unless if Jonathan is a fool, which he clearly is not, there is no way he would allow someone to call him a fool and get away with it. Charamba is the one who is a big problem. He is dabbling in politics to the extent of pronouncing his loyalty to Mnangagwa and calling those who are opposed to the Midlands Godfather “foolish little men” yet he is a civil servants. Personally, i doubt the authenticity of his claim that he was speaking on behalf of the President. He sounded too emotional and one could feel that he is using his proximity to the President to fight his factional battles.

  7. This shows how biased the war vets are. Let Moyo and Charamba sought themselves out. Some war vets went to school in 1980 to sharpen their minds and not be used. Whats wrong with these war vets led by Matematanda? Go to school mhani. Cde Mutsvangwa can you clip Matematanda wings. If you let these people use your Ministry, you will be nobody. Professor Moyo never ever insulted the President. I agree with you @Son of the Soil. Matematanda is being used. Uchadzingwa whilst Mutsvangwa continues with his work. Matematanda is trying to incite violence in the country. Gone are those days. We are watching you. If truth be said, Zanu PF cannot succeed without PROFESSOR JONATHAN MOYO. And to Professor Jonathan Moyo, don’t stoop so low to challenge Matematanda. Leave the uneducated alone. Continue doing your work for the Party and President. Our President, Mugabe, is too smart to listen to these Matematanda gossips. @Maita, Moyo is not abusing twitter but the War Vets are abusing the First Family. The War Vets know that their Minister anomborasa muromo, so they are trying to protect him. Kufunda its very important in life. Ma War Vets akafunda zii zvavo. Vasina kufunda tsika tsika nemunhu. Look at Mnangagwa, zii zvake. Vasina kufunda pese pese Ngwena, pese pese Lacoste. Shame on you. War vets of Matematanda faction should know that they are not bigger than President Mugabe nor Dr. Grace Mugabe even if she didn’t go to war. By virtue of being President’s wife, murivafana. Yitai pwee tione.

  8. Both personalities are arrogant, pompous and condescending, in my view.
    They want to hoodwink the populace into believing each one is right and the other wrong.
    Hypocrites! None of these are patriotic and I doubt that either really speaks for the prez or ZPF…..

  9. These high sounding words from George Charamba are meant to obscure ill-gotten funds from the PSMAS. let us demand that George and others pay back the money.

  10. This Matemadanda is advocating lawlessness. Who is he anyway? We are really sick of these guys who think that they, and their ‘chosen’ are above the law. What we need is a revolution that will remove the likes of this Matemadanda IDIOT and those of his ilk from meddling with national politics and anything else that will affect the generality of people.

  11. Matendahama once led the war veterans and was dropped. Why? Hauzive. No man of integrity can fight for an individual instead of a system. Wajaira jambanja. Manje zvichapera

  12. Quite “interesting” for MDC supporters to fight in Prof J N Moyo’s corner; times are changing indeed!

    • I suppose those you refer to as MDC supporters are just ‘common sense’ people, commenting on a story, as written. Ko iwe (usiri MDC) urikuiona sei nyaya iri mudariro?

  13. Its true George Charamba has become subservient to VP instead of the Person he is supposed to serve – The President. In short this is a bedroom coup by Mnangagwa. President Mugabe is still alive and very live but surprisingly some people have already installed that own. Is this not another Gamatox?

  14. Its true George Charamba has become subservient to VP instead of the Person he is supposed to serve – The President. In short this is a bedroom coup by Mnangagwa. President Mugabe is still alive and very live but surprisingly some people have already installed their own. Is this not another Gamatox?

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