Wadyajena pulls down Grace stickers

First Lady Grace Mugabe

GOKWE-NEMBUDZIYA MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena (Zanu PF) on Thursday reportedly pulled down First Lady Grace Mugabe’s stickers from his BMW sport utility vehicle in protest over the brutal attack of war veterans by police in Harare, NewsDay has learnt.

by Everson Mushava

Fellow MPs, who declined to be named, said Wadyajena removed the stickers at Parliament Building just before the afternoon sitting, as a show of anger towards Grace after war veterans were violently dispersed and teargassed by the police for “gathering illegally”.

They claimed that the outspoken MP insisted he was free to do what he wanted with his car when some legislators asked him why he chose to do it in public.

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

“He went to his car in anger and started pulling off Grace’s stickers from his car, saying she was behind the police brutality on war vets,” one MP said.

“We saw him remove the stickers from his car that was parked on the third row from the entrance of Parliament’s parking lot. He threw the stickers in a rubbish bin by Parliament Building entrance.

“When he entered the House, other MPs, who saw him, asked why he decided to do that in public, and he told them that it was his car and was free to do whatever he wanted with it because no one bought it for him.”

Contacted for comment, Wadyajena said: “It’s now a broken record invoking the name of our dear mother the First Lady. No amount of tomfoolery will justify such shameless fabrications. I’m sorry there is no story there.”

However, Nkayi South MP for Abednico Bhebhe (MDC-T) said: “When I saw the car last Thursday, it no longer had stickers, but two weeks ago, it had them. I asked him why he removed them, he just laughed.”

The Gokwe-Nembudziya MP was among the first Zanu PF supporters to have Grace’s stickers on his vehicles when the First Lady was leading a campaign that culminated in the ouster of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

However, continued factional fighting has resulted in an allegedly sour relationship between the two, as Wadyajena allegedly belongs to the Lacoste faction, reportedly led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, that is battling with the G40 faction, which reportedly has Grace in its ranks in the race to succeed Mugabe.

Wadyajena has a pending court case where he is accused of insulting Grace at a Zanu PF conference in Victoria Falls in December.


  1. Abednogo Ncube had no right to ask Wadyajena why he had removed the stickers from his vehicle. Public buildings should always display the President’s portrait. However, I expected Ncube to know that; 1. Wadyajena’s car is not a public building and 2. Grace Mugabe is not Zimbabwe’s president.

  2. these Mps need to be concerned about more critical things than pulling down stickers ….have they seen the state that Zimbabwe is in.

  3. We need courageous young people like you Wadyejena. If Grace’s behavior goes unchecked she will destroy the country. You are spot on because mapurisa akatumwa neG40. Chihuri ari kutotyiravo basa rake because zvipfukuto zveG40 zvinonyepa chaizvo. The President is also wrong because he listens and acts on gossip. Mnangagwa was disgraced by an unknown goat in his presence but he never acted meaning to say that rat had his blessing. Why does he not accept that Grace is ruling because she is the one anotaura zvinhu zvisina humbowo. Makadzinga Nhari kuMasvingo muchiti hakuna G40 chirambai tione.

  4. i like this guy, he really knows where the problem is. he knows where the snake is hidden. too many people like confused dogs are up to this day are barking at the wrong tree. the tree to bark at is robert mugabe and his wife who is making sure everyone who is standing on her way to the throne before her husband dies is taken out. stupid zimbabweans. she will succeed. if mugabe wins 2018, before his term ends grace would have gained more power, then she becomes the next president, then after that he prepares for her sons to take over. the kenyatta, kabila style is what mugabe and his spirits are looking forward to . think i am joking.

  5. Dr. Grace Mugabe, I want to bring to the attention of the President, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Dr. Grace Mugabe, Saviour Kasukuwere and Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri to thoroughly investigate CST Hove stationed at Makamba in Hwedza. i was totally shocked by his utterances when he was on the road block. its unfortunate that i didn’t have a recording phone. He denigrated the President’s celebration to be held in Masvingo saying it was better to give him the money than sponsoring that event. i am not a politician but i was deeply touched by his speeches which was totally misguided. i tried to check his number which appeared like 070 624C. This constable has a very bad influence which should not be swallowed at all by any Zimbabwean even a neutral person. Was he properly vetted when he was included in the police force. i wonder. The place is Goto Rusape. Please, Please, Please, this man must be investigated well.

    • Makandi today you seem to be busy with this nonsense bootlicking of yours. I have seen this message somewhere today. Your stupid president doesn’t even know that you exist, you are just wasting your time. Why don’t you do something productive with your life rather than praising a dictator. Leave the constable alone please.

  6. Makandi you have a shallow mind. Whats wrong about someone speaking his mind. haana kutuka munhu. majaira kungoita ma yes chef people. this is a free country. dont think this cst said anything, wakangomuvenga chete. asi akakupa ticket

  7. This Makandi guy has been posting the same comment on all the stories, huh seems like a plot to have someone fired.

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