Updated: Hungwe upgraded to full Cabinet minister

President Robert Mugabe yesterday upgraded Psychomotor minister Josiah Hungwe to a full Cabinet minister bringing to two the number of Cabinet ministers from Masvingo.

Everson Mushava

Masvingo had lost a Cabinet slot when Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire was fired in 2014, leaving Tourism minister Walter Mzembi as the sole minister from the province.

Josiah Hungwe
Josiah Hungwe

Hungwe was sworn in at State House together with commissioners of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC).

Hungwe was appointed minister in 2013 after Zanu PF’s electoral victory, but did not sit in Cabinet. The Psychomotor minister will now attend Cabinet meetings after his elevation.

“It means more areas of responsibility that will cut across all sectors of the economy,” Hungwe said.

“I must mobilise and we are in the new area of change, particularly in education and new skills.”

Job Whabira was sworn in as Zacc chairperson, while former Speaker of Parliament, Cyril Ndebele was sworn in as NPRC head.

Former ZBC news anchor Nanette Silukhuni, Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations president Goodson Nguni, former anti-corruption commission chairman Denford Chirindo, Cathy Muchechetere, Farai Mashonganyika, Christine Fundira and Boyana Ndou were sworn in as Zacc commissioners.

Lillian Chigwedere, Patience Chiradza, Choice Ndoro, Charles Masunungure, Godfrey Chada, Leslie Ncube and Godfrey Chekenyere were sworn in as members of the NPRC.

The NPRC has a 10-year life span from 2013 when the new Constitution was enacted. In appointing Ndebele, Mugabe reversed the selection of Bishop Emeritus Ambrose Moyo as NPRC chairperson, following an outcry that his appointment was unlawful, as he was not a holder of a law degree as stipulated in the Constitution.

Non-governmental organisations complained at the delay in the operationalisation of the NPRC, saying Zimbabwe needed to address past rights violations to build sustainable peace that would be a bedrock for national development.

Zacc had been operating without commissioners for more than two years, also causing a public outcry over Mugabe’s inertia in stamping out corruption.

Whabira and Ndebele said they would only comment after meeting their responsible ministers despite that they are supposed to operate independent of government.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Mugabe met a Ghanaian reggae artiste, Blakk Rasta, who is set to perform in Harare tomorrow in honour of the Zanu PF leader, who turned 92 on Sunday.

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  1. As someone who hails from the province, I find your insinuations about Masvingo Province very shallow and patronising. Where is stated in the Constitution or any law for that matter that each province must be allocated a certain quota of ministers. Moreso factually you are very wrong in stating that Mzembi was the only minister from Masvingo in Cabinet. What about Mumbengegwi at foreign affairs

    1. Mbengengwi is from midlands

  2. When u see Chasura being promoted like this, it is not just pacifying people of Masvingo but he is being rewarded for a job well done. We will not be surprised if Hungwe is now a senior full member of G40. Lacoste should be worried with this man with an impeccable record of selling out all his life. Time will tell!

  3. The Muchecheteres and Fundiras spurious lot. Remember the dead ZBC Muchechetere and the Allied Timbers Fundira. Why does the government always want to do business with such characters I wonder?

  4. @Rush, Mbengegwi is not from Masvingo but Midlands and this leaves Mzembi as the only Minister from Masvingo minus Hungwe. The Constitution promotes proportional regional representation in any appointed posts.

    1. Kamuzu Banda he is actually from Chivi and not Midlands. Trust me on that one. Proportional regional representation in the Constituition? Give me the section

    2. He just happens to stay in Shurugwi, just like I can have a place at Chitomborwizi in Chinhoyi but come from Zaka

    3. What about Shuvai Mahofa?

  5. Instead of firing ministers, the president is busy doing the opposite as usual

  6. wezhira wekwa Chivi

    @ Michael Rush. Mubengegwi is from Madamombe village in Chivi yes but he holds a senatorial post for Shurugwi constiuency which is in the midalands province. so interms of provincial committee he is from the midlads leaving Mzembi as the only Masvingo minister. he chose to contest under midlands province. they actually come from the same village na Chasura avo.

  7. My problem is with the recycling of these old and tired guys. Vana Job Whabhira from Perm Sec Defence to Public Service Commissioner now Zacc Chairperson all this for someone over 8o years of age. Isu vadoko tozoshanda kupi kana madhara asingadi kuzorora?

  8. Taking a powerful ministry(energy) mopiwa physcomotor …mototi mane maminister two muprovince …iyo tourism inobetserei kuvanhu vemasvngo..haiunzi magetsi,mvura,Chikafu,etc…..masvingo people let’s act and stop being used

  9. NPRC yacho yazadzwa maC10 saka kwandiri it’s already impartial. vatatu so far.

  10. With due respect to VaMugabe do we really need to continuously balloon the cabinet, if one considers that the same gvt of his is struggling to pay civil servants? If Hungwe seems not understand what to do. The fictitious ministry should be abolished and channel the resources to the starving communities of Msvingo province.

    Sekuru Hungwe is being rewarded for having sold out by dumping Team Lacoste and made sensational claims that there were people planning to poison VaMugabe. ‘Amai chenjerai musangorega baba vachidya pesepese…..’ yet in 2015 he was the MC at Mnangagwa’s celebration for having been appointed VP. VaHungwe had referred Mnangagwa as the anointed, a status that is reserved for Gushungo and noone else. Having realized kuti ndapisira, he abandoned ngwena and started bootlcking the First Family zvebasa. History knows that during the war he was employed the Ministry of Information headed by Piet Vanderbly as a propagandist, denigrating freedom fighters composing song ‘Mabhinya chamuka inyama. chenjera bhinya chamuka inyama.

    1. Hungwe is rewarded for having fought the late genius the real Dr Edison Zvobgo and split Masvingo province into Muzenda v Zvobgo factions.Zvobgo was a fighter and refused to accept the Zezuru dominance in government.Simeon was happy to be deputy for life even after Mugabe’s death.

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