Tongogara’s ‘smallhouse’ dies

THE late Zanla commander and national hero Josiah Magama Tongogara’s alleged “smallhouse”, Anita Nherera, has died. She was 56.


Nherera passed on at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer.

Tongogara’s daughter, Sukai, confirmed the death yesterday, saying the deceased was her mother’s younger sister who sired a son with the national hero.

Parirenyatwa Hospital.
Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“There is a bereavement in the family. My mother’s sister Anita passed on this morning at around 3am after losing her battle with cancer,” she said.

Sukai said no funeral arrangements had been made yet as the family was still waiting for elders in the Nherera family to first meet.

Sukai dispelled social media reports that Tongogara’s first wife Angelina had passed on. Ads

“My mother is alive. It is her sister who passed on, but she had a son with Tongogara — Simba,” she said.

Tongogara died in Mozambique in 1979 as he was driving back home after the liberation struggle.


  1. newsday tipei reporting ine hunhu ,mungabva mati small house dies ,zvakafita kunge zvaiva mu H-Town Metro

  2. Hezvo…i headline yekupi ko iyi….Mukoma Blessed i think you dont reaaly know this family kana yada kukugadzirira size…bvunza vanhu vepaRuwa…show a bit of some respect hanty

  3. Stupid headline…stop it!

  4. Very disrespectful headline, Blessed Mhlanga. And the Editor, where are you?

  5. pa headline apo mr editor….lets respect the dead. and i think this is not even news what if she was the “small house” as yu put it. how does that benefit us the readers?

  6. Hazvina hunhu izvi nyaraiwo vakomana Im really disappointed with you Newsday

  7. News day please, your headline is insulting. Quickly apologise

  8. The headline is insulting and demeaning. That is not responsible journalism. You are not a tabloid paper!

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