Thieving councillor, Zanu PF youths jailed 18 months

A MAKONDE Zanu PF councillor and three party youths have been slapped with an 18-month jail term each for stealing drought relief maize meant to benefit underprivileged members of their community.


The four — Makonde-Obva ward 8 councillor Wilbert Kanyama (46), Zanu PF youths Gift Chikoreki (33), Tapiwa Handiseni (36) and Grahem Mareva (40) — were convicted and sentenced by Chinhoyi magistrate Brenda Dhliwayo last Friday.

The court, however, set aside six months of the sentence on condition of good behaviour and another 12 months on condition they performed 410 hours community service starting today.


It was the State’s case that in November last year, the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare embarked on a programme to distribute relief food in the form of maize grain to the underprivileged in Makonde.

On November 11, the quartet connived and diverted 26 bags of maize valued at $312 for personal use.

They hired a privately-owned haulage truck to ferry the loot from Grain Marketing Board depot in Lions’ Den.

The issue came to light after Kanyama failed to raise $120 demanded by people who loaded the stolen maize into the truck, prompting the truck driver to inform his boss about the heated disagreement and he in turn alerted the police.

All the stolen maize was recovered, and the quartet arrested.

Tinashe Serengwe prosecuted.

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  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    The penalty imposed by the presiding magistrate is too lenient,particularly for the councillor who is a ward representative.It is not sending a strong signal to those who steal and deny relief food for the disadvantaged members of the community.In any case, why should party activists be involved in the distribution of food relief?The supervision and distribution of food should be the responsibility of the traditional leadership and civil servants.A reasonable custodial sentence should had been a better option for this crime.

    1. are they youths//?

  2. In as much as l would want them to get stiffer punishment, the value of the maize stolen is $312. The magistrate was guided by this. We cant have people go prison and we spend $1000 looking after them from public funds when they stole R312. That’s the point to consider. It is the duty of parents to teach their children not to steal, not government…

    1. munhu ane 40 years anoda amai na baba kumudzidzisa right from wrong.Let this be a deterrent to would be perpetrators ,position yaje in society ndochimwe chaita kuti atemwe pakuru.

  3. MGOBHOZI, you seem to be misguided. A crime is a crime irregardless of the value of things stolen. Have you not heard of a Mbare man who was jailed 5 years for stealing a shopping bag valued at $.,10 cents. In this case we are dealing with people stealing food meant for the vulnerable. Such people should be locked up for many years. This is no different from murder, denying one access to food and exposing the same person to hunger, starvation and eventually death.

  4. @ MABALEKA . Are you suggesting that a person charged with stock theft .for stealing a beast worth $200 should not get the mandatory 9 years in prison ?

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