Philanthropist makes impact in Gokwe

GOKWE philanthropist Lazarus Muyambi has extended his spiritual healing centre to incorporate a home where orphans will now be looked after and rebranded the centre to St Agnes Children’s Home.


Muyambi has changed the face of the cotton-growing town following his success dating back to the 1970s after establishing the spiritual healing centre in 1972.

An ordained pastor, Muyambi said he built the centre to cater for mental patients and other hysterical disturbances.


“Quite a number of people, including senior government officials, members of different church denominations and many others, have visited the centre for spiritual healing, guidance and counselling,” he said recently.

He said he had extended the centre so he could accomodate orphans and abandoned children within Gokwe and surrounding arreas.

Some of the orphans who have passed through his hands over the years are now doctors, lawyers, accountants and church pastors.

Now the centre has 15 orphans since many have left after reaching the maximum age limit of 14 years they are required to be looked after by the Social Welfare ministry.

Muyambi has also developed the centre to include a medical clinic, Chita Chezvipo Zvemoto Primary School and the orphanage.

The primary school has established a reputation of producing the some of the best results in Midlands, with one Grade 7 class having attained a 100% pass rate, with 21 pupils getting 4 units last year.

Muyambi also opened Logos Empowerment Girls’ High School in 2013, which drew students from Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo.

The first batch of Ordinary Level students attained a 50% pass rate.

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