PDZ leader to return for national tour

PROGRESSIVE Democrats of Zimbabwe (PDZ) leader Barbara Nyagomo says she will soon embark on a national tour to mobilise support for her party ahead of the 2018 watershed elections.

by Jairos Saunyama

The 44-year-old United Kingdom-based politician-cum-philanthropist said she was bubbling with confidence after her party scored a “respectable” number of votes during the Nkulumane constituency by-election held in December last year.

She said the tour would begin with a rally in Chitungwiza on February 20 and end in Masvingo on March 6.

Barbra Nyarie Nyagomo

In the Nkulumane by-election, Zanu PF’s Killian Sibanda garnered 2 161 votes, while Ngwalo Nyathi of PDZ came second with 680 votes and Sibusisiwe Mpofu of the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe led by Elton Mangoma had 397.

Speaking from her base in the UK, Nyagomo said she would meet her structures in every province as well as attending the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) meeting.

“The political landscape in Zimbabwe is fluid at the moment. We recently had an exodus of members with their party structures from RDZ, some people are moving to People First, and all that. I am coming to Zimbabwe soon, I am settling back home to be in the trenches. I am also attending the NERA meeting of opposition principals on February 23,” she said.

“We are on a massive recruitment and mobilisation exercise. We recently contested in the Nkulumane by-elections and we bagged a number of votes, something that shows how powerful PDZ is. The party has great potential to grow in Zimbabwe because its vision and values are people-centred.”

Nyagomo, who left the country in 1997, formed PDZ in 2014.

“The formation of PDZ was the culmination of many years of suffering and failed attempts to reach out to the elite leadership who have formed a social class that is above its people. In addition, many years of research and discussions have been undertaken to ensure a clear identification and understanding of the citizen’s fears, concerns and hopes for a better Zimbabwe are taken into consideration,” she said.

“The people of Zimbabwe are shouting, but no one is listening. PDZ is the voice of reason and the listening ear of the poor and downtrodden. 2018 will be a defining time for every Zimbabwean as it will give its people an opportunity to change their futures and fortunes for the better, by voting for a party that represents their needs.”

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  1. Is this some sort of joke??.who is this nyagomo or negomo lady??

    1. Why is it a joke..She seems focussed, intelligent and determined..In any case she ONLY wants to be president, a dead end job anyhow. According to Vladimir Lenin, one of history’s luminaries..’Any good cook can run government’…It is this ‘deitification’ of run of the mill mortals that has landed us where we are…Are there those among us who were designed in a special place by God to rule? And what special qualification other than IMMENSE LOVE for the job must one have? I say the more the merrier..Tell us the message and good tidings this lady brings rather than shoot her before you have even HEARD what she has to say. If anything there appears to be a GLARING vacancy for this job…May the best person win come 2018!

  2. Zimbabweans will not be lead by a dishwasher-cum-laundry girl

  3. Robert you’re, sadly,one of the millions of Zimbabweans who were conditioned by our country’s man made hardship to be programmed thinkers.You sound like you belong to the used slogan chanting empty head type who have been telling us time and again that Tsvangirai is a teaboy and a sellout and now this lady whose background you dont even know, and yet you’ve already levelled her ‘dish washer-cum laundry girl’.My question to people like you is who do you think is the owner of this country and why do you think this country is a personal possession?Why do you seem to want to kill anyone who aspires to be president?

  4. Supporter for life

    Mama Nyagomo you are proving to be a real deal.Keep the hard work n the determination and definately you will reap-we salute all the way

  5. Tibvigwe zvedu. Kutonga kukisawa here nechikomba? Hauna kana JC wotofunga zvekutonga ibvapo
    Ukawana 10000 votes iwe i will commit suicide

  6. A lot of people like Nyagomo will be sacrificing a lot to lead these parties and so we should applaud them and not denigrate them.
    However, I think the key will be not be having several parties come 2018 otherwise the vote will be split among the opposition ranks. How these leaders see that scenario is important I guess.

  7. Sister qualification yekutanga murume kana musina murume bodo vakadzi vasina varume munonetsa kushanda nemi.

  8. Sisi bhabhura a friendly advice:madii marima potatoes muchino tengesa kumbare uku?its better than kuteya nzou neriva.Wena ana Tsvangi and Mujuru are light years ahead of u in Zim politics bt enda unovabvunza unzwe vanokuudza kut wadii wambonoona a psychiatrist.Cz kana dzrimo dzese dnt plan abt wasting tym.

  9. Barbara you sound disillusioned try the stupid project and see what zim has for you. We informed you on Facebook,so you are welcome but inform your close relatives of where you are going

  10. Ngaauye pa zimbo …. Pakaipa

  11. She looks too beautiful to be involved in politics! Is she married? I need her phone number please. Kikikiki.

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