NSSA fails to pay water bills

Harare City Council has sued the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) over a $50 000 water and sewer debt for one of its Borrowdale properties.


Through their lawyers Gutu and Chikowero, the council claims NSSA has failed to settle its account since August last year and the local authority has been left with no option, but to take the statutory body to court.

“Harare City Council maintains account number 025010673000019 for 49 Domboshava Road, Borrowdale, Harare, through which defendant has an obligation to pay rates, as well as water, sewage and refuse removal charges in respect of services rendered by plaintiff to defendant at the said immovable property,” part of the summons read.


“As at August 9, 2015, defendant owed plaintiff an outstanding balance of $50 024,46 in respect of water, sewage, refuse removal and property tax/rates in respect of the former’s property situate at 49 Domboshava Road, Borrowdale, Harare.”

Acting for Harare, Adam Wenyimo said NSSA was silent on the debt and had not even bothered to respond to the letter of demand he sent to them.

“They have not even been courteous enough to respond to our letter of demand. So we proceeded to file summons on February 2 in a bid to recover the money on behalf of our client,” he said.

Harare is demanding that the bill be paid with 5% interest together with $1 425,61 being collection commission calculated in terms of the Law Society of Zimbabwe by-laws.

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    NSSA is collecting money from every organisation in the country but reluctant to pay for the services rendered. Govt organisations and ministers have got this habit of wanting to use everything for free. How can the municipalities function when nothing is being paid after using the services? The HCC should name and shame the organisations and ministers who dont pay a dime for the services.

    1. kikikikikikiki. Good luck achieving that one.

      1. You will have better luck getting diesel out of a stone

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