‘Mujuru was shot before being burnt’

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru has claimed her husband, Solomon, was shot before he was burnt, claims that are likely to re-ignite the debate into the death the country’s first army commander, whose demise in a mysterious fire continues to baffle Zimbabweans almost five years later.


Mujuru, in an interview with the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times, said her husband’s killers will be revealed at some stage and they were known to the “people in power”.

“I can’t say who did it, but they know, the people in power. It will come out,” she said.

Solomon_-Mujuru Solomon Mujuru

Mujuru said she was woken up at 1:30am on the fateful August 2011 night and she rushed to the farm, still in her pyjamas, after she heard reports there had been a fire.

“The Harare fire brigade was there, but they had no water, so we had to use the farm bowsers,” she told the UK paper, “and we tried to pour water on his body. There was a blue, blue flame, almost one-and-a-half to two metres high, not normal at all.

“It seemed to me there was some kind of accelerant.”

According to the Sunday Times article, a white farmer, who rushed to the scene, said he believed a white phosphorous grenade had been used to burn the body.

Solomon died in a mysterious house inferno at his Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice on August 15, 2011.

“That wasn’t all that was strange: Solomon seemed to have made no effort to escape. The carpet underneath his body was not burnt,” she said.

The family of the late general has claimed foul play Mujuru’s death after some witnesses, during the inquest held at Harare Magistrates’ Court, alleged they heard gunshots from the direction of the farmhouse on the fateful night.

A security guard at the farm also told the inquest, which was presided over by regional magistrate Walter Chikwanha, that when Mujuru arrived at his home on that night, he was in the company of a stranger, whose identity has remained a mystery.

Although Chikwanha ruled out foul play and said Mujuru could have perished due to choking from inhaling smoke from the fire, the cause of the inferno remains unexplained.

On First Lady Grace Mugabe, whose political stock has been rising since she orchestrated Mujuru’s axing, the former Vice-President said “her power only lasts as long as he (President Robert Mugabe) is there”.

“She saw me as a threat, both did,” she said.

Mujuru was accused of using witchcraft in a plot to oust and kill Mugabe, accusations she denies to this day.

“I am a Christian and a member of the Salvation Army. I have never used magic,” she insisted.

“A Head of State using this platform to lie and believing stories about frogs being kept in a calabash and if one dies, he will die, I said to myself: ‘What a backward man’.”

Mujuru said she confronted Mugabe after she was accused of plotting his ouster and he said this was what intelligence reports were telling him.

She said following that encounter, she left the meeting in fear, her mouth completely dry.

In December 2014, Mujuru was fired as Vice-President, “It was the shock of my life,” she said.

In spite of claims she embellished her liberation war record, Mujuru insisted she had downed a helicopter during the armed struggle.

The ex-VP also took a dig at her former boss, saying Mugabe slept quite often during Cabinet meetings, adding that in most instances, she had to chair the meetings.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday disputed Mujuru’s claims that Mugabe slept in Cabinet meetings.

“I don’t remember seeing the President sleeping during Cabinet meetings,” he said. “She must explain what she meant there. But in any case, we don’t discuss Cabinet proceedings with the Press. She risks breaching the law (Official Secrets Act).”

Contacted for comment over Mujuru’s claims, Information minister Christopher Mushohwe said he had not yet seen the Sunday Times article.

“I will have to read through the report first and understand the import of her statements. Kindly email me the questions and the article so that I can read and I will respond,” he said.

He had not responded at the time of going to print.

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  1. The evil hired merchants of death are comfortable in their hideouts while they enjoy their bloody money singing praises to their vampire cult leader.

    1. Mai Mujuru is hiding behind a finger. Look at these 2 simple questions and you have your man:

      -Who has the resources to organise the murder of a prominent general and get away with it?
      -Who has the resources to manage the aftermath of the murder to such an extent the police could not even tell us who the general was talking to in the days leading to his death?

      She knows who ordered the hit on her husband but the only problem is what do you do to him if he has such resources behind him?

    2. Exactly what Khaya Moyo is doing, He should have said he doesn’t remember a meeting when the old man did not sleep. most of the pictures we see in these meeting the man is asleep unless Simon has a different interpretation to that.

  2. THe Goromonzi ZanuPF gathering was his last and his no-holds barred contributions hastened his demise.

  3. Uri kutya kudzingwa muZANU PF Khaya-Moyo. Mugabe anokotsira pese paango gara. Akadyiswa naGrace

  4. simon khaya moyo mfowethu, how long will you continue lying. are you only going to say the truth when you have been fired like mujuru.
    and christorpher mushohwe i hope you will live for the truth after i saw you at my dad’s prophet jb joshua’s meeting. you cant play around with that anointing.

  5. Munhu asura hake mu-cabinet meeting somebody speaks about it is that breaching Official Secrets Act Khaya Moyo? Ungabosiyangisa mani your brains are just as short as you are!

  6. Simon, if you’ve not seen RGM asleep, chances are you were also asleep at the same time!

    I feel very sorry for people whose only gravitas to life lies with an individual who is so fickle you’d need to be insane to trust him.

  7. some stories are insane “I can’t say who did it, but they know, the people in power. It will come out,” she said so why go to the press and talk about if you cant expose the people so they will be brought to justice. whats also funny is you now claim today that he slept in cabinet meetings why say it now and not when you still worked together dont take us for fools Joice look for better ways to campaign rather than bring fury tales nxa

    1. Fatso are you ZImbabwean? if you were yu would know about judiciary system and justice, unfortunately you are too dumb to see that.

  8. why are u telling us nw, why did u remain silent whilst in power it seems you enjoyed power other than your husband mysterious death.

  9. joice tibvire,ndive vakauraya murume…why vairambira will, vakamuuraira hupfumi.

  10. waka chekeresa murume wakuda support after being fired. hauna kupopota iwe vanhu vachiti investigate death Usajairire

  11. stop saying are you a Cde

  12. still life goes on,

  13. But guys…she shot down a herricoppoterra! She must be amazing!

  14. we need christ izvi zvakuratidza mazuva ekupedzisira

  15. josphat mugadzaweta

    get away joice. if they killed rex and you knew, why were you silent along? you are such a useless and greedy hypocrite who should just keep quite. what a morally bankrupt lady who hordes loot from auridium mine in beitbridge through sugar estates in chiredzi through mine claims in chiyadzwa, multiple farms in Beatrice and goromonzi. you are just interested in looting that is why you have formed pockets first with basket, get away!!!

  16. ooooooooooooooooo JESUS come again pasi renyu raakuda imi ……………..


  18. Simon Khaya Moyo was not a minister during the Mujuru era hence he could not have seen Mugabe sleeping. Khaya Moyo was a Gaamatox (Mujuru supporter) but now is singing for his supper, this is the wisest thing to do in this iG40 controlled ZanuPF..

  19. I just wonder why she was silent all these years.Okulempondo akufihlwa esakeni…..

    1. Was she silent, I don’t think so because they were not happy with the state findings but had no control. Inga wani we all agree kuti there is only one center of power in Zimbabwe and theat is one RGM and he has all the answers the rest don’t have.

  20. Probably SK slept first before the president followed suit. And eventually the president woke first before SK woke up himself.


    MHSRP. However, during the liberation war, soldiers used to kill. After the war, the surviving soldiers who killed and torched other people’s houses are now tormented by avenging spirits. They say, if you kill by a sword you die by a sword. What goes around comes around, it hurts, but its true. The white farmers whose lands were taken together with their inputs, cried crimson tears and their tears are now causing bad luck to those who illegally took their land.


    MHSRP. However, during the liberation war, soldiers used to kill. After the war, the surviving soldiers who killed and torched other people’s houses are now tormented by avenging spirits. They say, if you kill by a sword you die by a sword. What goes around comes around, it hurts, but its true. The white farmers whose land was taken together with their inputs, cried crimson tears and their tears are now causing bad luck to those who illegally took their land. Avenging spirits are there, and if you killed in the war, the chances of dying mysteriously are quite high.

  23. Iyi nyaya yokungonanzvana midhidhi ndoyaita kuti tive patiri nhasi. VanaShamhu, Khaya Moyo kwanai. At least Shamhu aingonanzvira mahara. Nxaa. Are you telling me kuti hapana mumwe anogona kuita mukuru wenyika? Kwanai mazanu. Nderipi basa risina retirement age? Saka mose mukutya fambi iyi?? nxaa

  24. The Rhodesian Air Force did not lose a helicopter in 1974. To say she shot down a helicopter is a pathetic lie. Mugabe’s government has records of how many Rhodesian Air Force jets had and which went missing or shot down. I do not recall a helicopter being shot down in 1974. We know of the Air Rhodesia Pas*enger Viscount which was shot down by Zipra on the Vic Falls – Salisbury route in 1979 but not a helicopter shot down in 1974.

    1. Smith’s propaganda made sure battle victories by the liberation fighters or losses in battle were never reported to the public so it all appeared the RF had an upper hand. For your information, some plane and flight records were never handed over to the new govt in 1980. They were burnt. Many working fighter planes had to be decommissioned at independence for lack of flight records. I for one know of and saw a downed helicopter in Zowa (Zvimba) in 1979, but listening to radio news the whole month that was never reported. Some of these planes were reinforcements from apartheid south Africa so records wouldnt be found here. People who were not part of her fighter group or platoon should not find pleasure rubbishing things that happened kwavakanga vasiko.

    2. and you know this how were you part of the Rhodesian intelligence

  25. nehanda Nyakasikana

    moms dai vasiyana nenyaya yechikopokopo iyi. .inovamakisa big time figures don’t lie. but of course ‘one centre of power’ vanoziva zvose vanotonga zvose hakuna chinoiitika kana kuitwa vasina kutendera kuti chiitike commander in chief havangatadze kuziva zvakaitika kana kuti zvakaitwa pahupenyu hwaRex. at least the nation was kept constantly reminded of how omnipotent HE actually is especially so since the GNU tenure and afterward even up to today we are reminded about how HE is almost deity so much that there are some amongst us that actually think HE is immortal.

  26. foolish talk by Joice Mujuru

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