Mugabe’s nephew rips into Mutsvangwa

War veterans chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, yesterday blasted War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and described threats by a group of former liberation war fighters to block some politburo members from attending tomorrow’s meeting as akin to usurping the Zanu PF leader’s authority.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare, where he was flanked by Mashonaland West provincial chairman Ephraim Chengeta and his deputy, Keith Guzah, Zhuwao castigated the war veterans for resorting to threats of violence.

“I want to place it on record that any issue of violence at all against a fellow member of Zanu PF is deplorable, unacceptable and that should never be a way in which anybody can try to enforce support for any measure whatsoever,” he said.


“Furthermore, it is highly disrespectful to even attempt to then bar members of the politburo from attending a meeting that has been called for by the President and First Secretary of the party. It is the President of the party, who is the appointing authority and, therefore, any attempt to then turn around and say that you will not allow someone to attend a meeting they have been invited to attend by the appointing authority is tantamount to usurping the powers of that same appointing authority.”

Mutsvangwa recently said, while he had issues with Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo, he had a modus vivendi (an arrangement or agreement allowing conflicting parties to co-exist peacefully, either indefinitely or until a final settlement is reached) with Zhuwao and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, but Mugabe’s nephew shot back, saying he had no relationship with the War Veterans minister.

“Chris Mutsvangwa has created an erroneous impression that he has a modus vivendi with me.

“It means we have agreed to disagree, it means that I have agreed that we can continue with whatever route that he wants to continue with, therefore, I am placing it on record that I don’t agree with that.

“I wish to state that I have not agreed to disagree with Chris Mutsvangwa, especially in light of his stated cordial relations with the European Union, which has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and still maintains them,” Zhuwao said, equating the war veterans’ leader to a herd boy, who calls for a fight, but later chickens out claiming he was a champion.

Zhuwao has been linked to the Generation 40 (G40) group, a Zanu PF faction reportedly fighting to block Vice- President Emmerson Mnangagwa from succeeding Mugabe.

Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao are said to be the brains behind G40.

Last week, war veterans threatened to bar Moyo from attending a politburo meeting and also called for his expulsion from the party, accusing him of disrespecting Mugabe.

G40 has recently come under waves of attack and besides Moyo, its other members have been silent and Zhuwao’s remarks could be an indicator the group will not give up without a fight.

Moyo has been at loggerheads with Mutsvangwa and Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, after the latter gave an interview insinuating the Higher and Tertiary Education minister would soon face the axe from the party over his involvement in factionalist politics.

In a radio interview, Charamba said he was speaking on Mugabe’s behalf.

Asked if Charamba had been sent by Mugabe to rein in Moyo, Zhuwao said: “We all have an individual relationship with the President and, therefore, I cannot say that this person was given this specific task for this mandate to do the following.

“What I would want to say is that one thing I know definitely is that the President does not condone violence and I know the President does not condone violence by anybody else, let alone a member of Zanu PF.”

Zhuwao said he supported the position taken by Mashonaland West province to pass a vote of no-confidence on Mutsvangwa.


  1. Wow, if there was ever any shred of doubt the 2 factions have now fully manifested in their naked glory for all to see. Mutsvangwa & co are now in deep trouble

  2. So violence is ok as long as it is not “violence at all against a fellow member of Zanu PF”. Makes me sick, but fight on, you are the ones with degrees in violence as your president said. Fight on kill each other off, we won’t shed any tears. Go ahead, maybe the country can make a clean start after you eliminate each other.

  3. Mapenzi ezanu pf akatadza kurigger ecenomy after elections thinking everything is gng to be ok,yet now yu are busy fighting like the way yu are accustomed to violence ,manje hamuitongi zimbabwe counting down to zanu pf de- existence watch the space

  4. Zhuwawo usareva nhema iwe and dont show us your ignorance when u were mobilising people to block Mujuru Gumbo Mutasa JB Sibanda Goche and company to attending the congress what was that. Is this not the same reason why Moyo is not supposed not to attend a politiburo meeting. Hindava urisusapota vanhu vari kuda kubvisa sekuru vako pachigarao. This company u r in yana Katsukukuviri is a dangerous company. U r being fooled by Moyo who thinks he has all the brains in Zimbabwe… this guy wl fall not long from nw.

  5. Let them rip each other apart who cares. We will not shed a tear for either. It is the beginning of the end.

  6. What you have to know is that Mutsvangwa is of a different faction from Amai Mugabe’s faction and as a result he is likely to face the wrath of Amai. Jonathan, obviously has an agenda and that agenda is diminishing the Zanu PF status quo and its main surviving spouse at the moment is Mnangagwa, who when uprooted, many like Chivengwa, Chiuri, Zimondi, Bonyongwe and all others, will follow. Presumably, that will be the end of the indispensable Zanu PF – the one with the ideology of war veterans being the ones legible to rule in Zimbabwe, which a theory has been exacerbated by crimes of inhumanity and kleptomania.

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