Mugabe should put Zim’s interests first before his


REPORTS that President Robert Mugabe has threatened to mobilise fellow African leaders to pull out of the United Nations as a way to force the reformation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) all but confirm Mugabe’s lack of wit and understanding of global politics.

Besides, no African leader would have expected Mugabe to seethe with anger over the UNSC when there are more pressing issues at home including the call by opposition political parties for him to reform the country’s security sector and electoral frameworks. According to the opposition, the electoral and security sector reforms are crucial for the holding of free and fair elections in the country, yet Mugabe has refused, neglected and/or reneged to carry out the reforms claiming there was nothing to reform after all.

If indeed Mugabe is serious about the reformation of the UNSC, then he must also see it fit that he accedes to opposition demands to ensure free and fair elections in the 2018 polls, which many international observers believe should be monitored by the UN and other international observers.

It is regrettable that Mugabe is fond of grandstanding each time he is afforded any slightest opportunity on the international stage. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it Cde President?

Mugabe must stop this tomfoolery and concentrate on reviving the country’s economy, which is on its knees, and not play to the gallery at the expense of Zimbabweans.

Is it not true that Zimbabwe’s economic activities are where they are due to the UN systems support programmes in the country? There is no doubt that Mugabe’s planned pull out of the UN could spell doom to Zimbabwe and other African nation’s fragile economies.


While it is long overdue that the UNSC should be reformed African leaders should be sensible in handling the matter rather than Mugabe’s radicalism, which is in all intents and purposes egocentric, in nature. Africa should give international diplomacy a chance and avoid Mugabe’s extremism which has destroyed the country’s economy and reduced half the population to extreme poverty.

While Mugabe’s approach was indeed appropriate during the colonial era, the sad reality is that the President has failed to realise that time has moved forward and that presently, international relations is what wins — not radicalness.

Mugabe pulled Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth organisation on some disagreements with Britain. He also isolated Zimbabwe from the international community and the results are all there for everyone to see — Zimbabwe is practically on its knees economically and politically. The President should learn from past experiences because when he tried to influence Africa to pull out of the International Criminal Court, nothing happened.

Zimbabwe has simply stagnated as a result of the country’s selfish policies which have failed to extricate the country from its economic quagmire.

At a time Zimbabwe is spinning towards the economic hellhole, the last thing people would want to hear is Mugabe’s gibberish about good governance and so on when he has failed to implement any of those things at home.

We agree with like-minded people cautioning the rest of Africa to avoid the Mugabe route for purposes of creating synergies with the rest of the world.

We urge Mugabe to always put Zimbabwe first before his interests as it seems that all Zanu PF politicians always believe they are a gift not only to the country but across Africa.

This is a tragedy that Africa, and indeed Zimbabweans must deal with as Mugabe has continued to live in the past.

Mugabe is clearly offside on this one.


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