Mcpotar releases second animation video

RAPPER Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa on Monday released his second animation video in two years for his new song The City, immediately gaining popularity on YouTube and SoundCloud.


The song captures the struggle by graduates in blue collar jobs to make ends meet, while the three minute 47 seconds video brings a unique angle to the Zimbabwean hip-hop scene.

Mcpotar revealed that The City was his second animated video after My Struggle Your Struggle released in 2013.


“The first video didn’t get much traction, but I am sure now the audience is better and bigger and I have made a lot of improvements from the first video,” he said.

The video, which was uploaded on Sunday, had 123 views by yesterday morning.

“I have always wanted to do things differently. Every move I make has to be historically relevant. I am a self-taught animator, who is yet to get to the levels of big media houses. I had a pretty hard time putting this together, but I’m happy I did it,” Mcpotar said.

The 27-year-old Bulawayo-born artiste also doubles up as a dental therapist. He was the 2014 winner of Best Online Media category at Zimbabwe Hip-hop Awards and a nominee in the same category during the awards’ 2015 edition.

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