‘Kasukuwere suspensions meant to prop up G40’

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere

TOP Zanu PF officials have dismissed the recent suspension of the party’s three provincial chairpersons by national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere as a nullity, saying the move was both “illegal, secessionist and meant to prop up sinister campaigns” by the shadowy G40 faction.


The highly-placed sources said Kasukuwere had no authority to suspend any member of the governing party.

“He has six functions in line with the party constitution and these are clearly spelt out in chapter of one article nine section 50 of the constitution. In view of the constitution, his recent move of suspending the three chairpersons can only be viewed from a G40 position,” the source who declined to be named said.

Saviour-Kasukuwere Saviour Kasukuwere

The source added Kasukuwere’s duties were only confined to co-ordinating party programmes, maintaining programme and membership registers, formulating and implementing strategy, chairing political and policy committee of central committee, organising, supervising party elections and administering party ideological schools.

“He is abusing his position to prop up G40 because it is important to note the provisions of the constitution state clearly that a member of the party at any level suspected of an offence should be liable to disciplinary action by the appropriate organ. This means if the member is at district level the matter should be acted upon at district level,” the source said.

But Kasukuwere yesterday laughed off allegations that the indefinite suspension of Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo), Joel Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) and Kizito Chivamba (Midlands) on charges of indiscipline and disrespect of party leadership were illegal.

The appointment of Midlands administration secretary Tapiwa Matangaidze to take over from Chivamba has also been met with scorn.

“This shows you the G40 element in this move because we are guided by the one step up approach in the party. In the absence of the chairman, the vice-chairman takes over and in the case of Midlands province, (Daniel) Mackenzie was supposed to act,” another source said.

Midlands provincial spokesperson Conelious Mupereri said the provincial leadership had chosen to let the party process take its course.

“We stand guided by the party and we will wait for due process to take place and we are sure that the truth of the matter will be revealed in due course,” Mupereri said.


  1. Comrade Kasukuwere you claimed that you entered Gorogoza Alphonse Dhalkama base maybe as a tourist not as a fighting soldier what i see you now doing to my beloved party leaves me with a huge a question mark if you are the right person for the post of National Political Commissar this position is not for civilians its for military men who can give orders do you know what giving orders mean in military terminology ?In the battle front they was a political Commissar what was his job?You are not doing it you are destroying the party Saviour infact Comrade Christopher Mutsvangwa is right that your parents connived with the white settlers in Rhodesia.

  2. To be honest, much as I do not like Jonathan for his being pompous, its time Team Lacoste start paying for their sins. Their God Father has overtime been known for being cruel and destroyed people’s lives. The Bible says God is not mocked and men shall reap whatever he sows.
    The God Father had a big hand in the Zuwa Supreme court judgement which saw thousands being jobless and with no benefits, he arm twisted the judiciary, all the affected keep on praying and God is answering. He is surrounded by people who think along the same lines with him ie Chinamasa, Mutodi, July Moyo, Wadyajena who are outright capitalists, its them, their children, their girlfriends, and close cronies, they are against the indiginization drive. See what has become of the civil service after Chinamasa’s pronouncements about the bonuses. Ngwena yabuda mumvura haidzokerimo- all the gold deals with the Macmillans, the Lacoste crowd is as bad as the Gamatox crowd imbavha and very cruel people, its pay back time.

  3. Saviour went to Gorongoza as the driver of the then Manicaland Provincial Intelligence Officer weCIO. He did not fight and neither did his boss. That is where he looted maUSD aDyakama ndokutanga kutenga macompany.

  4. it is funny how team lacoste are crying fowl over their suspensions but as the first lady put it right a fortnight ago it was the mujuru faction and the munangagwas and the mutsvangwas and the charambas were rejoicing and happy about it.i remember how overjoyed mnangagwa seemed at the2014 congress adddressing his speaches by first saying”‘paaaaaaaaasi ne mhaaandu! because he knew his faction was the one taking over .Kudos to the first lady and the G40 i dont think they want to succeed pres Mugabe in any way but should get rid of all the factions.musatya cde Kasukuwere tinemi all the way!Pasi nema factions mu zanu pf!ngavabviswe vese the sooner the better so we can have a better clean zanu pf

  5. Problem is people actually believe the lie that zanu pf is a party for the people and therefore rules will be followed. It has one owner and whatever he wants goes rules or no rules saka tibvireyi

  6. Its only a logical conclusion that after the weeding out of the Gamatox their rival faction, the Team Lacoste, should also be cleaned out. They were beginning to think they were untouchable after plotting and benefiting from the dethronement of Joyce Mujuru.

  7. Pamberi namai Mugabe. Ndibvisei pachigaro amai nekuti ndakafurirwa nevanhu kuda kutora chigaro nekunobomber Gushungo dairy. Muriright vanhu havasi kuziva cgokwadi. Mufunge kuti takanga tichironga kunouraya Chatunga. Zvakaipa. I regret my action. Only you Amai Mugabe has the right to rule because murikutonga kare. Mutsvangwa ndiye aindifurira.

  8. Mai Mugabe vakati,there were 2 factions.Gamatox left,but the other was strengthened.Now it is their time to go as wel and must not be allowed to strengthen themselves using the Mugabe brandl.They did not repent.We will have another 2 yeara of votes of no confidence until 2018.Thank you Grace.
    Those who have balls,let them come out and challenge Grace Mugabe.Mugabe is candidate for 2023,never mind the term limits,Constitution will be changed.

  9. shumba you are only emotional and bitter but no facts.EM is justified to hate Joice because Joice went there by favouritism , regionalism and the merit of his late general husband who even killed our KARANGA general Tongo so that he become general himself.

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