Kasukuwere, suspended chairmen head for showdown

THREE Zanu PF provincial executives have vowed to stand by their leaders unilaterally suspended by national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere at the weekend on allegations of disobedience and insolence.


Kizito Chivamba (Midlands), Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo) and Joel Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) were suspended on allegations of blocking members of the women’s league from attending a rally in Harare to welcome President Robert Mugabe.

The Midlands leadership said the charges were fabricated and meant to weaken one of the strongest provinces of the party.

Zanu Pf commissar Saviour Kasukuwere chat with VP Mnangagwa during the congress Pic Shepherd Tozvireva Saviour Kasukuwere

Provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri said the province was shocked at the charges levelled against Chivamba.

“It is shocking that people who do not even live here alleged that Zanu PF supporters were beaten up and barred from attending a party programme yet nothing of that sort happened,” he said.

“We want to know who took that false information to the commissariat and to what end. In the absence of concrete evidence, we are left to believe that there is a plan to alienate Midlands from Mugabe.”

Mupereri said Midlands province had always been solidly behind Mugabe and remained his power base, saying any talk of undermining his authority was just pure lies.

“We have never taken our eyes off the ball, to us Mugabe is the sole centre of power which we support fully in this province,” he said.

In Masvingo, the tone was more militant with the provincial executive pleading with Mugabe to rein in his “wayward wife”, Grace, if he was to save the country and party from collapse.

At a highly-charged provincial co-ordinating committee meeting, the executive backed Chadzamira and defied his suspension, saying it was unconstitutional and unprocedural

The meeting was attended by party heavyweights including Masvingo Central MP Edmund Mhere, Gutu Central MP and politburo member Lovemore Matuke, former Gutu West MP Noel Mandebvu, former Masvingo Senator Maina Mandava, Masvingo Senator Clemence Makwarimba and former Finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi.

In Mashonaland East, Matiza said his suspension was baseless and unconstitutional.

“I am still the revolutionary party chairman for Mashonaland East province. I was elected by the people and won resoundingly. I have full support from the members of the province,” he said

“The suspension is null and void because it is unconstitutional. I will continue to do my work of mobilising support ahead of the 2018 elections as well as strengthening the party in the province. The accusations are not true at all. How can I block people while I was at the rally or event in Harare myself?”

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  1. End is nigh let’s hang on

  2. Chawakadya chamuka

    This is interesting and I think everyone is now coming up against grace talk show. Madam first lady must not use hate speech and alienate everyone. why is she feeling insecure all the time. why is she firing everyone all the time. lets talk to one another and remain a united family. we love the president we love Zanu PF and will never betray anyone. batanai kumusoro ikoko vanhu imi musatinyangadgadza zasi kuno

    1. When you say “we” are you referring to members of ZPF? Speak for yourself.

    2. I dont think so. Big mistake by Team Lacoste. Cant take Bob head on. Jonathan was waiting for this moment. Provoke them & get them to respond. Its a trap dummies.

      Remember Zanu Pf constitution. Mugabe is the centre of all power in Zanu Pf. If he can fire a Vice President when he feels like it what about a Provincial Chairman. All these suspensions were approved by Mugabe himself. Kasukuwere is too junior to take on Ngewna head on.

      1. not now . there is nothing to lose. Kunyarara they still poke you. Ngakurwiwe zvizivikane kuti kurikurwiwa not kukanda mabomba and then say handisini nadakanda

  3. Kasukuwere lost it this time,he thinks as the PC he can suspend anyone at his will,manje vanhu taramba hunubu.

    1. According to Zanu Pf constitution, Mugabeis the centre of power. If he can fire a Vice President when he feels like it what about a Provincial Chairman? Its game over. & lets not be naive. Kasukuwere is too junior to take on Ngwena without Mugabe’s blessings. & Big mistake by Lacoste. To insult the first lady & take Bob head on. Jonathan was waiting for this moment. Provoke them and get them to respond. We all know whats coming.

      1. You are misguided @AM. Mugabe cannot fire a Provincial Chairman as these are elected at the province. Only the people appointed to the Politburo, remember Politburo members come from elected Central Committee members. The Central Committee members are elected by the people. So constitutionally, he can only fire people in Politburo and in Government. If the aggrieved and mobilise against him, then he cannot fire the Chairpersons as they are elected as well.

        1. Mr try. Wait and see. Seem a like you have short memory. ZANU Pf’s constitution = Mugabe’s mind. Wait and see…these guys are gone.

        2. Mr ttg. Wait and see. Seems like you have short memory. Zanu PF’S CONSTITUTION = Mugabe’s mind. Wait and see. These guys are gone

  4. Now people realise that the moment they allow such suspensions,the next victims would be those who have taken those very positions,then it becomes a vicious circle.Kasukuwere is fast loosing credibility as a national commissar.

    1. Kasukuwere is acting under instructions fron number 1. War Vets and Ngwena can make all the noise they want. Its done. This is Bob’s operation.

  5. Being alienated from Mugabe is not being alienated to Zimbabwe. Zanupf have made Mugabe a god that whoever has a diffrent opinion to him is in trouble. This is why Zimbabwe is a mess. Non talks about being patriotic to Zimbabwe but to Mugabe and First Family my foot.

  6. Comrade “PC” Kasukuwere you do not listen to advise either through the print media or electronic just last Sunday the self styled Bishop who writes in the Sunday mail warned Saviour not to be over excited you cannot put Zanu pf in your pocket go on the ground first and find out if they were comrades stopped coming to the Zanu (pf) headquarters.

  7. Nguruve inozvigocha nemafuta ayo

  8. mugabe he is not God he is a god of g40

  9. Is it still Zanu PF or it’s now Mugabe PF? You can’t allow mbendembe to be in charge! Now Zanu PF is using State resources at it rallies! Chinamasa where are you?

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