Grace allies booted out

THE Zanu PF Masvingo provincial executive has taken the bull by the horns, booting out First Lady Grace Mugabe’s suspected G40 allies — provincial political commissar Jeppy Jaboon and women’s league chairperson Veronica Makonese — accusing them of maligning senior party members and backbiting.


Jaboon and Makonese met their fate at a heated provincial executive meeting held in Masvingo on Tuesday, where the provincial leadership rallied behind their suspended chairman, Ezra Chadzamira, who was shown the exit door by party political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere at the weekend on allegations of indiscipline.

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

In their resolutions, the Masvingo provincial leaders turned the sword on Jaboon, the Bikita South legislator, and Makonese, accusing them of causing Chadzamira’s suspension on false allegations.
“The news that Chadzamira blocked women from going to Harare at the recently held politburo meeting was false,” provincial spokesperson, Ailess Baloyi said.

“In fact, it is Jeppy Jaboon, who asked me on the way forward, and I said let us leave it to the women’s league since it is their event, we cannot interfere in their affairs.”

While Baloyi was reading out the resolutions, an unidentified party member requested that they add to their resolutions the suspension of Jaboon and Makonese, which was agreed at the meeting.

However, Jaboon yesterday insisted he had not been suspended, arguing the provincial executive meeting was not properly constituted.

“People who attended the meeting were handpicked from the streets,” he maintained.

Makonese was not reachable for comment.

This is not the first time Masvingo has defied Grace.

In the run-up to last year’s Zanu PF conference, the province said it stood by Mnangagwa as Mugabe’s number two and was opposed to moves to replace him with the First Lady.

This comes as Kasukuwere yesterday threatened to expel all party members aligned to Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction.

Kasukuwere, who is also believed to belong to the G40 faction, last week suspended three provincial chairpersons reportedly aligned to Mnangagwa’s camp.

Kasukuwere yesterday threatened to wield the axe on all party members, including youths and war veterans, who publicly questioned Grace’s recent attack on Mnangagwa.

“The party has a clear policy of dealing with issues,” he said.

“Party issues should not go outside the party. So when people start to attack their seniors in public, we then ask: Are they still Zanu PF members or not?

“Such people risk being disciplined in accordance with the party procedure. They must not cry foul when fate falls on them.”

But war veterans and party youths sympathetic to Mnangagwa vowed to fight back, insisting that the First Lady needed to be cautioned for putting the names of other senior Zanu PF and military officials into disrepute through her unfounded allegations.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association national executive member Francis Zimuto, popularly known as Black Jesus, on Tuesday dared Grace, describing her as a “young girl”, whose behaviour was “unmotherly” and in sharp contrast to her predecessor, the late Sally.

His comments were also echoed by a group of party youths identifying themselves as the Save Zanu PF Campaign team led by suspended Mashonaland Central youth chairman, Godfrey Tsenengamu.

Posting on micro-blogging site Twitter yesterday, Zanu PF politburo member, Jonathan Moyo said the youths said to be linked to Mnangagwa should not attack party leadership.

“How can anyone appointed by the President have allies who are against the President? How? This nonsense must stop,” he wrote.

The Save Zanu PF Campaign has in its ranks suspended Harare youth chairman Godfrey Gomwe, suspended Mashonaland West youth chairman Vengai Musengi and suspended Manicaland youth chairman Kelvin Manyengavana.

But Tsenengamu yesterday said the youths were not afraid to speak out.

“We committed ourselves to this knowing that there might be people who might try to punish us,” he declared.

“This is a people’s cause and I cannot be intimidated.

“We reiterate that the First Lady should be cautioned. We appeal to President Robert Mugabe to stop his wife and protect his image.

“Imagine what would happen if all other first ladies behaved in such a manner, for example in South Africa, where there are numerous and each of them doing exactly the same as ours. What will come out of that?”

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators’ Association secretary-general, Jabulani Mbetu said his organisation fully supported embattled War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa.

“Mutsvangwa is the real leader. He was elected and we are for what he is saying. We will not listen to G40, which is trying to destabilise the nation. Army generals will not be fired at a rally,” he said.

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  1. Not even drunkards in a beerhall who are drunk with kachasu & high on dagga at the same time can behave like what zanu pf is doing

  2. They are right ? she needs to be taken head-on.

  3. G40 cannot do without Joice Mujuru kkkkk….bcoz without her soon they will realise they are naked

  4. “How can someone appointed by the President have allies against the President?” asks Jonathan Moyo. This is not about the president. It’s not about being allies of Mnangagwa. It is about Grace Mugabe denigrating senior party members at rallies, contrary to what the president had instructed two days before. People are trying to defend the party from Jonathan Moyo. The real question, Jonathan, should be ‘How can a women’s league leader rubbish the president’s instruction as soon as that instruction is given?’ ‘How can the First Lady, a supposed symbol of national unity, clap hands to celebrate tribal chants at a rally?’ Jonathan Moyo thinks the First Lady is above reproach and nothing should be said against her even if she is wrong. He thinks she should never be corrected.This is not loyalty. It is called idiocy, All Jonathan should tell us is about a guy who stole money in Kenya, and now wants to steal a President and a political party through the First Lady.

    1. Thanks for a well articulated argument

  5. Machakachaka kkkkkk ndolisto.

    1. Zim pple we tend to loose memory quickly .I remember Jonathan Moyo saying that “Zanu Pf can be destroyed from inside” He is taking the advantage of the trust reposed on him as the best strategist and political scientist.Zanu pf dug their own grave by re admitting this “cancerous disease” into the party.see now the whole party is falling apart. He is the proponent of the expulsion strategy on Joice Mujuru.when he falsely misrepresented himself to be behind Mnangagwa ,yet he Knew that Mnangagwa is his next Victim .He is shaking every strong tooth and uprooting the loose ones as he is slowly working his way to the top post in a well calculated chameleon style

      1. If all the affected people are being thrown out of ZANU (PF) as a result of actions by Jonso, then they dont deserve to be our leaders at all. How can we have leaders who can be chucked out as a result of manouvres from any Jack and Jill? Even the leaders concerned have also got to be simpletons to listen to”lies” from Jonso. Therefore, chances are very high that these guys are being chucked out from the party as a result of their actions, and not due to actions from Jonso.

  6. Genetic re-combination within ZANU PF.

  7. Hooooo!!!!!!!Hoooooooo!!!!!Makasi macomrades

  8. Kasukuwera start asking your sister Gire wy should she attack some senior members at her kangaroo rallys first question Grace she is the trouble maker hehehehhehede aamakanyiwa kuzvanu pfiif kuye

  9. ask gire first kasukuwere, she is attacking more senior members at public rallys wy????? some of them wer at war while she was enjoying some loving torns with some other guys. ngaaite kuti amai vadzikame avo coz vanhu vaakudenhanha navo is far deference to amai mujuru vanorova pasi vose nedhara rake

  10. ” How can anyone appointed by the President have allies who are against the President”, How ? This nonsense must stop “. Tweeted Rocket Tweeting Scientist Problem Jonathan Moyo.

    I think he has to re tweet a similar question like ” How can anyone married ? to the President have allies who are against and have no respect to the VP appointed by the President” How? this nonsense must stop.

  11. The Youth and The War Vets, where were you when Mai Mujuru was being tormented unfairly and unnecessarily?? You are hypocrits!! God is watching.

  12. Ngwena should move in and move in fast for the fill otherwise Mai Mujuru the chief simbwido will swallow even his support from Zanu PF. People will get frustrated with goings on and they will jump camp in numbers. Wuye we zve ngwena wacho is just a boot liker – makomana imi nyika yaparara zveshuwa.

  13. the party is dead ,if they dont put their house in order by2028 zanu pf will be history .how can old men be bullied around with this so called doctor amai.

  14. Ini ndiri mutendi weShoko reNguva. Ndakasanganawo nebhuku rakanyorwa nemumwe wedu rinonzi The Hidden Ministry richiwanikwa pa:httpscolonforwardslashforwardslash(areobooksdotcom)forwardslash(books)forwardslash(182). ndakaropafadzwa

  15. How can he help to steal elections when he was beaten not once, not twice but three times by Blessing Chebundo in Kwe Kwe akazo tizira kuruzevha. Munangagwa will never win a national election. My mother in Mudzi down there said it that she will not vote for Munangagwa because is told kuti i Garwe anouraisa wana wese she said will rather vote for Grace..


  17. I like ? the so called team Lacoste very good at counter attack unlike mujuru cabal.Jona it’s a matter of time

  18. I love ZANU P.F. Even va Mugabe vachembera vari muoffice, my prayer has been vaende vaoneke zvakanaka. Ku nyangwe pavanonyarara vanyarare murugare kuti nyika ive neunyararo. Asi zvava kuita Grace ka zvava kuda kuitwa corrected. MaZimbabweans tine long suffering but zva Grace aiwa hatizvibvume

    1. Well Naume for your own information you love a party of thugs being led by a dead donkey (or should I say falling donkey). You should be ashamed of yourself. Its people like you who have turned Zimbabwe into a complete joke. Please do yourself a favour and consult a psychiatrist before its too late.

  19. Grace is a disgrace to Zim and Bob is the one behind her nonsense. Team Lacoste should fight back and go all the way. They need to mobilise other provinces and push for a national congress to change the leadership in the party. Grace is very unpopular and very dull. Bob is just incompetent, 35 years of nothing. A leader that supports tribalism and sponsors it should not run our country.
    MDC should reunite and mount a serious challenge to rid the country of this gushungo curse.

  20. let time tell, they will regret this kkkkkkkk, even Chris atodzingwa kkkkkkkkk,no1 is safe after all

  21. Masvingo is giving Gire a run for her money….it is a thorn on the side…Marwadzo chero zino hari svike ipapo

  22. Hehehe Grace anyangira munhu asiriye, ED anokakata waya she thot it was goiung to be a repeat of mai mujuru but ED is prepared to go down fighting he knows kuti even if you keep quite you will still go Down. i like the turn of Events coz this is what the opposition needed (excluding People first of-course)

  23. Sisi Grace manyanya kutaurisa asi chii nhai why can’t she copy from her predecessors like Amai Sally,Amai maFuyane and amai Muzenda who are all far old than her by far pakuberekwa nehusiniyority kkkkkkkk,pachanakidza muzanu pf umu.

  24. If Kasukuwere continues to fire people and they defy him, then his authority and legitimacy may well be questioned. Matiza defied an earlier vote of no confidence, and now he is defying him again. Perhaps an extra-ordinary congress of the party is necessary.

  25. Grace is taking advantage of the presidents old age, now she has convinced Bob that she (Grace) must be the next president, i think this will spell disaster even for Bob

  26. questioning your elders’ authority then what is happening to Mahoka on her utterance to Lacoste.

  27. hardlife chikwava

    those booted out are not the only true heroes of the struggle. there are some even in the opposition who are war vets but are not complaining. the liberation struggle was not a one man band but a collaborative struggle. no man is perfect and there are two sides of every matter. the First lady like any other human being has got her own strengths and weaknesses, but it is vital to note that we should respect her and his husband who is our President. those who complain much have failed to run this country for the benefit of the ordinary citizens.they should go and for good. there is young blood eager to help move this country forward.

  28. First answer question,who wanted to bomb Gushungo Dairy and kill Chatunga? Who was meeting at a house in KweKwe to plot a coup? Grace Mugabe is the defender of her husband and an attack on Grace is an attack on Mugabe.Handei tione.

  29. Those war vets have brought it upon themselves,by shouting Hondo Hondo and Pamberi na Shumba Chikara and undressing our First Lady in public..Mujuru was leader of Gamatox faction and Dr Amai said when she was removed,the other faction was strengthened.We are seeing the faction in Masvingo misbehaving.The entire Executive will be dissolved and suspended for 5 years.Do you forget who chairs the disciplinary committee and who else sits on it? VP Mphoko,Grace Mugabe and Saviour Kasukuwere and Chinamasa.Handei tione.

    1. Hmmm….I think you’re misleading people here. Everyone can tell that the bombing of Gushungo dairies is trumped up, hyped up rubbish. No different to the allegations Mujuru was accused of. Why would Lacoste send 3 amateurs to use petrol bombs and try and kill Chatunga? That’s vintage Bob, always accusing others of trying to kill him and diverting attention so he can continue to rule. Zanu PF is now a dead party which is good for Zim, They and Bob have destroyed the country.
      Grace is a disaster for the country. There’s nothing good about her, no need to beat about the bush. She and her husband are the worst thing that ever happened to Zim.

      1. At least we still have got people who are not lost. Zimbabwe will never get anywhere if Bob & Grace are still in control. It’s a pity that after 36 years some people still believe anything that comes out of his mouth. By the way Zanu PF has endorsed Bob as their 2018 candidate which clearly shows that the man wants to dread the whole country into his coffin.

  30. Pakaipa Ngazwitenderere ngazwiende mberi.

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  32. The crocodile requires a DAM to survive. the DAM ie Dr. Amai Mugabe is critical in Zim political landscape. H.E. can not oppose his wife. So goodbye Lacoste

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