Chimene defies High Court order

MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimeme yesterday defied a High Court order barring her from masquerading as leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association and told journalists in Mutare she does not recognise the court ruling.


High Court judge Justice Happias Zhou on Sunday ruled in favour of embattled War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and ordered Chimene to stop issuing Press statements purporting to be representing the association.

“The High Court ruling on the war veterans matter refers: I am a war veteran, not a purported war veteran. Since our time in the liberation struggle, we never used to go to court. Our President Robert Mugabe has spoken about the situation and we stand guided by the President’s word,’’ she said.

mandi chimene Mandiitawepi Chimeme

“Those who go to court to defend themselves have different interests from those of war veterans and we are beginning to wonder what they are benefiting from the post. I will not be barred from working with the war veterans by a court order because there was no court during the liberation struggle to solve our problems.
What I know is, comrades do not solve their matters in court.’’

Chimene claimed that their vote of no confidence in Mutsvangwa’s administration passed on February 12 still stands and she remains interim chairman of the war veterans’ association.

“I follow court proceedings and have my own lawyers, but in this case I will not waste my money. I am not insane, I will continue to serve war veterans because in this case they want me to serve them. If they call from Bulawayo, Gweru, I will serve them,’’ she said, before claiming there had been attempts to assassinate her children.

“And I want to tell you they are after my children, whoever they are. Last week, my daughter’s car was ripped into pieces in Yeovil. They failed to get her and
focused on the car, and recently I transferred my young daughter from Chitakatira because they were always waylaying her and now they are after her sister,’’ she claimed.

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  1. What does that has to do with the court verdict Mandy? When you say you stand by what the President says and disregard the courts, are u implying that our president is an absolute ruler who does not rule by a constitution? You must be a drug addict and typical moron.The other day you claimed that you are the de facto curator of the City of Mutare. Hey….., if you were my mom ……..

  2. She seems to smoke something rare. Forgive her please.

  3. Nonsense! It is apparent that the country is sliding into anarchy.It’s just a matter of time before the country is plunged into a Somali scenario.Nowhere in the civilised world does one find a senior government official defying court orders and worse still, uttering primitive and contemptuous statements for that matter.To say the comrades did not solve their problems through the courts during the struggle is neither here nor there,that is simple naivety.Grievance handling procedures,disciplinary procedures existed in the structures of the military wings of the liberation movements.Hopefully, the president would reprimand this recalcitrant provincial minister who is tarnishing the image of the government and party by failing to comply with orders issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.In fact, this is naked violation of the supreme law of the land.

    1. Mandi might be getting a tad carried away but then how many court orders has government itself disregarded…? That said she might need to get some advice on this issue..

  4. Oooh. Why should you support to respect the President when you have the guts to show contempt for the same judicial system he installed. He is the custodian of the state, the head of state with all its tripartite architectural prongs (viz: the executive to which he appointed you Mandi; the Legislature to which you are an MP; and the judiciary to which he installs Judges). Lesson for you.

    Mutsvangwa could be wrong but yours is a case of daftness. We need exemplary leadership that respects our laws, our state structures and the people at large.

    If you had no courts in the bush, no rule of law blah blah, is it what a civilised nation perpetuates in contemporary peacetimes? What precedent are you seeding?

    Uuum….even in Parliament your uncivilized primitive contributions were always depicting a clear deficiency of civility, reason and intellect. b

    What a disgrace to the nation. Wait..but you will be arrested.. learn from Tomana..

  5. Error: pupport not support

    1. I picked up the error. your point is well understood.

  6. Erratum: pupport not support

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