Trouble for Southern African President: TB Joshua

POPULAR Nigerian prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as TB Joshua, has predicted turmoil for a southern African president between February and April this year, a forecast likely to incite anxiety among Zimbabweans.



In his televised prophecy on January 3 to thousands of his congregates gathered at his Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria, TB Joshua predicted trouble for a Southern African President that will take place between February and April this year.

“I am being careful so that the Press does not misquote me because the message is very sensitive and some direct words have been replaced to avoid causing panic. Words such as peculiar are just a replacement of the actual sensitive direct word,” TB Joshua said.

The charismatic preacher, who commands a large following across the globe, is famed for prophesying the death of the late Malawian leader, Bingu wa Mutharika, in 2012, a predication which came to pass that same year.

“End of February to April this year, peculiar months for Southern Africa. Organise prayer sessions for the leaders,” TB Joshua said, without elaborating.

He said he would not reveal anything regarding the calamity likely to befall a Southern African leader because the message was highly sensitive.

But the prophecy has ignited panic in Zimbabwe — a country that has its economy on the brink and is under the stewardship of the soon-to-be 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

While the prophecy could raise consternation in Zimbabwe, local authorities may take heart that two other Malawian prophets have made similar prophecies that proved to be fake.

First to strike was controversial Malawian prophet, Austin Liabunya, who told his church during a New Year cross-over service in Lilongwe on January 1, 2015 that “Mugabe’s biological clock will not tick beyond this year”.

In February 2015, another Malawian prophet, Kenneth Eagle, of the Holy Tabernacle Ministries in Lilongwe, claimed the Zimbabwean leader would not end last year alive.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday refused to comment on the matter, saying he was now seized with party policy issues and would not respond to “mere matters”.

“This year, I am commenting on policy issues only, not everything that you guys want a comment on,” he said.

TB Joshua also had a good message for South Africans, whose currency has been on a free-fall, saying the instability currently being experienced was temporary.

He, however, warned that the region would experience its worst food shortages in living memory.

“There will be scarcity and shortage of food because of little rain and at wrong times, which is not good for farming. Many farmers will be discouraged,” TB Joshua said.

As advice to the region, TB Joshua said construction of dams and irrigation projects could solve the food crisis.

The well-travelled preacher also warned governments not to surrender their companies to foreigners due to desperation.

He said the crisis bedevilling the region would come to an end by mid-year and that the countries would come out of the problems stronger than before.

TB Joshua’s prophecy is also likely to rouse interest in Zambia, where two presidents have died while in office in recent years.

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  1. Useless prophet…. Couldnt even predict the collapse od his own church.

    1. God can hide things from His prophets. Check what happened to prophet Elisha in 2kings 4:27-28 abiut the Shunamite woman

      1. Shunamite woman my arse, this guy is a useless ‘prophet’.

        1. Iwe ndiwe uri useless because u know nothing about prophecy

        2. my blistering god you really are brainwashed by these useless beings calling themselves prophets, there is no prophesy here my friend just predictions which are ill timed. Just give them your money and spare us your misguided locality. Moron.

    2. hw many prophecies he has made so far which came to pass?

      1. are u not alive when he predicted d death of micheal jackson….same goes to paris terrorist attack in paris…..wat abt malazia flight that was missed and latter found…… where are u when he prophesied all this……….

    3. Prophet does not give himself visions…God does!

    4. u re a fool the bible says dont judge

  2. We are sick and tired of these useless rent seeking prophecies!

    1. It must be Mugabe fosho. He will have trouble finishing his morning porridge, or putting on his suit, or boarding the plane, whatever. But kufa haa bodo. Mudhara uya haafi zvekumhanya. Porai henyu muti zii kusvika maona wheelchair, nhaika. As long as Dr’ Amai’s envisioned wheelchair is not seen, VaMugabe havafeba vanhuwee. Mirirai henyu netariro…

  3. It doesnt need a prophet to ‘predict’ Matibili’s imminent demise…

    1. Kwangwari Gwaindepi

      Of course any 92 year old will naturally be in trouble with his health and Bob will be no exception this year. As for the drought, this has been known since mid last year (2015) through meteorological forecasts. TB Joshua is a charlatan.

  4. Mese muchafa mukasiya Mugabe arimupenyu

    1. Ko iwewe? Uchasara naye here?

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  6. ….saka manje

  7. Yesterday in the Chronicle, our very own Magaya and Makandiwa are predicting a year of huge economic turn around for the Zim. Magaya who is apparently Big Tsotsi’s spiritual son (watever that means) stated that his prophecy or vision has been confirmed by his spiritual father. Today here you have it Big Tsotsi is predicting bloodshed, hunger etc. So which is which here. Father totally saying opposite to wat son said. HMMMM. Guys the writing is clear on the wall,,, this year its a huge drought and yes they will be shortage of food. Politically its clear that our president will have the going tough this year if not bloodshed. So Mr Big Tsotsi Joshua mana mbinjana, On the bloodshed issue, I doubt very much if it will happen, I am very confident that our brave, patriotic young army will not adhere to a command to kill or maim us ordinary citizens let alone fight each other. Bloodshed would have happened 10-15yrs ago when the army was still infested by the war vets,, not now no chance,, Any sane person knows that the ordinary gun carrying soldier is sick and tired of the policies of their commander in chief which have led to hunger, late payment of salaries and bonuses. What you Big Tsotsi should be advising us zimbabweans to stay clear of politics and let these ruling kleptocrats sort out each other. Remember ” when two big bull elephants fight, the grass always suffers. I thank you


    Its Zambia not Zimbabwe.

  9. We are told that TB Joshua is Walter Magaya’s spiritual father. Magaya said that everything is going to be good i.e the economy but his master sees the opposite. So who is telling the truth?

    1. When the man of God speaks the wise listen

    2. zvemahumbwe izvo



    @MAKANDIWA, A prophet need other prophets to prophesise him. Zvinonzi nyoka huru haizvirume. The collapse of the church was not in TB Joshua’s vision becoz he also need other prophets to prophesise him.

    1. @Mubvumbi you full of boolsheet nonsense.

    2. @willard mubvumbi check the prophecy for the collapse of scoan building is there on youtube by tb joshua check the link which follows musazotaure zvamusina info nazvo


    Sorry, its Prophesied.

  12. The problem is Zimbabweans now wish their own President dead for reason best known by him and them, but TB Joshua did noy say Zimbabwe, it could be Zambia and could be Malawi because Botswana and Namibia are too stable to be in turmoil but more chaos would be in Zimbabwe because we are already in turmoil with him alife, I don’t when he drips dead how worse it will be but mark my words it will be terrible, desolation of abomination.

    1. ndiZuma regai ndikuudze shuwa

  13. southern Africa is big ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, will see come Feb and April wacho

  14. True, we are sick and tired of these useless prophecies. Why not prophesy about the progress of God’s people? Zvekufa kwevanhu siirai kuna Mwari. Ndiye akasika munhu and He knows nguva yokufa kweumwe neumwe wedu

  15. he prophesied many thing and they come to pass I thnk we shld wait n c what is goin to happen nt jus shouting

  16. When the prophet speaks the wise will listen please don”t touch the anointed one its like you are fighting God.


  18. This is meant for Zambia not Zim. Our President will never have trouble in his lifetime!!

    1. Leave us (Zambians) out of this. It’s your president who is 92 years old.

  19. “The ides of March are come”

  20. One thing for sure when TB Joshua prophesies it comes to pass. Tick tock to that leader

  21. Incidentally, on the same day (3 January), a local prophet was saying even if you are a leader, you will reap not later than April 2016. He said whether one would reap good or bad, the reaping will take place. We were listening.

  22. Mugabe will make sure someone dies in his place, he is capable of diverting his own death to others if you didn’t know

  23. These fake profits should just tell us when Matibilli is going to snuff it.

    1. Kwangwari Gwaindepi

      They don’t know, just like you, Hungwe. They are true false prophets!

  24. true @dumi sani, you might think you are joking but that is possible especially in the spirit world robert mugabe is involved in. the spirits which are operating in zimbabwe at present want him there for a purpose. i know people say leaders are set up by GOD, true but some are pharoahs and we should not say there are right. for this case i am not worried if its going to be mugabe or not. all i got concerned about was if the msgs from prophets magaya and makandiwa were well interpreted. i just cant see how our Lord GOD can send an overflow to “Zimbabwe” to promote corruption and oppression which is on at present. The have mercy on me on that. GOD sends an overflow when his money is taxed for some guys to be more corrupt. GOD covers corruption and oppression without repentance. GOD help me on that.

  25. pamusoro pazvozvose kunaivo mwaribaba

  26. Michael Maronga

    In my own view,I think its Zimbabwe.REASON: during the crossover night @ phdministries,Prophet Magaya prophesied that Zimbabwe’s economy is going to be stable…very very far beyond what we are imagining and seeing at this juncture.He also prophesied on the climatic and agricultural crisis in Zimbabwe this year,2016…On the other hand His spiritual father,Prophet TB Joshua,prophesied that the crisis is going to end around mid year this year and things(economy) are going to be stable.He also prophesied about the agricultural line of that country in southern Africa.

    I now see like we are hearding to these moments….Remember:…”…WHEN A PROPHET SPEAKS,THE WISE LISTEN!”

  27. Yea. neh!!

  28. HEY…HEY YOU ALL. Please tell me that this is the debate we need to have to choose the next leader who will deliver us from Matibili’s failures of 36years!? I thought we were wiser now? Please Zimbabwe, let’s take this time to look around for a visionary leader with corporate experience and dexterity to guide this nation to competitiveness in this new century of data and .coms. The issues you are dwelling on to appraise the kind of leader we require to take this nation forward are wrong!

    Please Zimbabwe, it’s no longer about downing helicopters or blowing trains. It’s about brains now, it’s about strategy to navigate the country forward in a competitive world of production of goods and services and balancing internal and foreign interests/policies. It’s about growing the GDP from Mugabe’s USD3billion budget for 14million population (shrunk – less than Smith’s USD18billion for 7million population) to USD500billion within the next 15-20years.

    Who, among all the names you have put in the hat can measure up? ZERO! Zimbabwe, it’s time we consider the top business persons in our country, those who understand and have experience of the balance sheet, cash flow, income statements, capital formation and operations of corporate entities.

    I can help with names if you want. Mutizwa (ex Delta) Strive Masiyiwa (Econet) Albert Nduna (Zimre), Arther Mutambara; Lovemore Mukono (Mukonitronics) John Mberi (Afrosoft) Dr Guramatunhu; Muthuli Ncube…among others.

    Zimbabwe, let us sober up. The future is there for us to build or destroy. Being jailed or spared death by Smith will not bring a better future for Zimbabwe’s economy and neither is carrying a gun in the 1970s going to deliver prosperity. Only smart minds and visionary leadership of the modern times will do. Lets look around for our best brains. Please consider this seriously. Our country has been blessed with good security and stability. There are no bombs blasting everywhere as elsewhere, no militias are terrorising citizens, thanks to those who are active in this sector. But economically, our country is crying out for leadership. None of the names you have put forward can rise up to this challenge. It’s time for fresh thinking, its time for tried and tested corporate leaders to try their skills in nation building. Right now, the Mugabe people are corrupt and corrupt to the bone. They have corrupted everything from the air we breathe to the graves we are buried in. Fertile farms are being subdivided to sell as plots, Zisco is gone, ESC/ZESA is gone, NRZ is gone, ZUPCO is gone (remember Salisbury United? CSC is gone..the list is your who’s who.

    Please Zimbabwe, the new debate should centre on the new narrative. Mugabe generation again?

    1. Only Strive seems to be the business person of note- zimbabweans we are good at amassing qualifications which we dont use- our country is in shit yet we say we have a good education. Expensive cars are being driven in Harare instead of buying machines that can do production- its sad

    2. Hemeni taura hako gonorenda….yako sorusheni ikatenge nani…

  29. mwari ndewemunhu wese nese uchafawo

  30. Why people has to say man of God, mwari upi amunotaura, nigeria ine masuicide bombing everyday nda prophesise izvozvo boko haram killed more people than isis, pray for that, vanongona kutaura zvinhu zva mugabe because zvine media attention chete. Ukona munhu achiti dont talk talk bad about man of God is on the side the devil. Why do u what to be better than the master, dma Pharises haan ku mhura Jesu here, if u a true man of God, yo fruits will show…they talk a lot these fakazi,

  31. pidigori waenda hakuna member.I miss Mukanya.

  32. The situation in southerb africa needs no prophets zviri pamhene se sure kwembudzu

  33. The prophecy talks about trouble not death

  34. Is Zimbabwe the only country in the south Region?

  35. firip chiyangwaa

    regai tione.Asi tomboti ndiMugabe, ndiani anosara achitonga. NdiNgwena here or NdiMphoko. Constitution yeZanu inoti last acting VP. Mphoko is the current acting VP, so will he allow Ngwena to rule. Pano pachanakidza zvokuti!

  36. Willard Mubvumbi

    @TREZ, son of a bi*ch.

  37. “End of February to April this year, peculiar months for Southern Africa. Organise prayer sessions for the leaders,” TB Joshua said, without elaborating.


  38. peculiar=DEADLY


  40. Sick idiot man he is supposed to be preaching the word of God not foreseeing things he did not foresee his church building collapse.

  41. Brothers and Sisters in Zibwabwe, The Man of God whom God Himself owners and respect did not mention Zimbabwe in his prophecy. Of course am Malawian and from Malawi and listened his prophecy through You Tube. But I want to warn Zimbabweans castigating the Man of God that stop this and probably repent. Scriptures in Galatians 6:7 says,” do not be deceived God is not mocked” I have no doubt, TB Joshua is man of God. His prophecies are for people to know what trouble devil snares for the world. About the collapse of Synagogue Church of all Nation building God had revealed to Joshua to return to the church because something evil was going to happen. The bible says that the secrets are to the Jehovah, why God did not give Joshua the vision of the collapse of the SCOAN building was for Him God to remain God. If God is able to reveal everything to human beings he would be revealing to people when they are dying. But it remains a secret to God about our death day and so for God to be known that He is God, He hid the vision of the collapse of the building. In addition, Zimbabweans, any Christian ministry that preach the gospel is always under attach by the kingdom of darkness. Remember Revelation 12:12, so the fact that man of GOD TB Joshua is a prophet of his repute it does not mean that God reveals everything to him hence he could not know the battle devil had planned that fateful day.
    so respect men of God. You may sound you talk very well, you know a lot but God is never mocked. we in Malawi we are praying for Southern Africa. Man of God has revealed.
    God bless Zimbabwe, God bless Malawi, God bless South Africa, God bless Zambia, God bless Botswana and all Southern Africa.He loves us and He will see us through.
    Kidwell (Malawi)

  42. Pakaipa

  43. wakomana dzokai ku skuru munodzidza kuti Southern Africa haisi Zimbabwe,asi Zimbabwe irimoo imomo muSouthern Africa including Zambia,Swazi,Lesotho,SA,Moza,malawi,namibia,kenya,

  44. I wish to plead to those who are go around creticising people of God to stop for is abomination and can cause the rot of God to destroy their entire generation.

  45. The prophecy could be about South Africa. I can foresee Jacob Zuma not completing his term of presidency.

  46. hapana chisingaperi

    mwari akasika zvinhu zvose panyika asi haana kuti muzorwisana pamusoro pazvo tingava neshuwiro yezvakaipa pamsoro pemumwe asi zivai kuti akasikwa nemufananidzo wamwari.Ngative neshuwiro yakanaka kumunhu wese nekuti takafanana mutongi ariko muridzi wevanhu

  47. mazeru mandirahwe

    @gonorenda thank you for thinking outside the box

  48. If we believe death is inevitable for all mortals, then there is nothing to celebrate about this prophecy. TB Joshua is predicting a calamity ( which is not synonymous with death), could be a close family member involved into something or even the leader himself in some various types of misfortune. As for death, I do not believe it should be cause to celebrate. As John Donne preached: “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, [therefore never ask] to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for [you]. Let us learn to find solutions to our problems and not depend on doomsday prophesies.

  49. hino kana isu marasta tonamata tonanga papi chaipo nokuti southern Africa yakakura iyi pliz prophet b specific maporofita emubhaibheri anga asina chekuvanza uye aisatya kuti vanhu vangapanika..icho chipo chekuporofita chamakapiwa mukada kuita chokudada nacho muchidai chinotorwa naNyadenga, this applies even to our local prophets murikunyanya kuvanza chokwadi

  50. jah is the answer, mwari havaite kuda kwevanhu. Tarisiro handi dzose dzinobuda.

  51. its Zuma he is not going to finish his term

  52. When God speaks his prophets, some canal Christians sleep not only physically, but spiritually as well.
    Base on what some people argue this.
    Please the respective country should start praying to avoid being caught while sleeping

  53. Ricky Robby do not rule out your visionless violent jameson kabotolo Lungu. This chicken shit has messed up Zambia and continues with all evil acts in order to win the coming elections.
    He allows his pfool cadres to cause violence and bloodshed while restraining the opposition. He preaches peace but plans and encourage evil deeds. Do you think the opposition will not respond one day? He likes disadvantaging others through the Pablic Order Act.
    There are many reasons Zambia should not be ruled out.

  54. let’s leave all this in the hands of all mighty God fo he is the ruler of everything.Thank u be Blssd

  55. Let’s respect the Man of God,even they found with wrong things but once we hear that is aman of God let’s respect them.Is God who can Judge only not us and God will bless us.

  56. Kingifrika The 1st

    TB Joshua is simply manifesting who he is and that is a False Prophet period. He has issues taking place which he can’t handle in his on back yard BOKO HARAM for example he can’t tell where those girls are hidden even if you give him a satellite, the fellow is FALSEHOOD itself comeon people. His country is riddled with a history of coups de etas and corruption check for yourself and he makes no comment about that .

  57. Kingifrika The 1st

    Lastly I prophesy that TB Joshua is Fake and this will soon be exposed internationally keep watching

  58. Kingifrika The 1st

    TB Joshua is a huge insult to intelligence

  59. Kingifrika The 1st

    All those of you who cannot use their brains to distinguish junk from good regarding TB Joshua please leave that job to some of us who can. Its not only God who can judge those with brains can too

  60. people musaswero tukana nekumarana chokwadi chichabuda kana zvaitika

  61. prophecy? profit? this man I think he’s evil. he let people die in his church because of ignorance. He ordered the extension of more floors on poor building foundation. Ngaasungwe chete. Chimwe chinhu uncle bob is too young to die but he can retire.

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