Rosen burial set for Friday


ERIC Rosen, the founder and owner of Motor Action Football Club, who died in Harare on Sunday after a heart attack, will be buried on Friday at Greendale cemetery.

Sport Reporter

Rosen’s wife, Elizabeth said their relatives, including her mother-in-law, who lives in Zambia, had arrived, but were still waiting for the arrival of some relatives from the United Kingdom and other countries.

Lizzy, as she is commonly known, said her husband would be laid to rest at Greendale cemetery near their daughter, who died 15 years ago.

“His mother has arrived from Zambia, but we are still waiting for some of the relatives who are in the UK and other countries, but the burial has been set for Friday, starting at 10am at Nazareth House,” she said.

Rosen founded Motor Action FC from the ashes of Blackpool in 2000, with the club later on competing in the Premier Soccer League for 14 years, before its collapse due to financial problems.

Motor Action’s history is loaded with achievements, including winning the league title in 2010, the 2011 BancABC Sup8r Cup and the 2005 Silver Jubilee Independence Trophy, ranking it as one of the big clubs in the new millennium.

Rosen also served as one of the members of the Sports and Recreation Commission board, then headed by Gibson Mashingaidze.

He also served in the PSL as one of the board members in charge of marketing and was instrumental in luring SuperSport International into covering local games.

A football fanatic, together with his wife, Rosen died when he was in the process of establishing a football academy at Motor Action Sports Club in Harare.

He was 70 and leaves behind a wife and three children Sydney, Allister and Merlyn.

Mourners are gathered at house number 64 Glen Lorne Drive in Glen Lorne, Harare.


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