Realtor, resident sued over $11 500 land deal

A HARARE resident, Gilbert Mhlanga, and Property Connect Estate Agency director Shadreck Muvaka recently had their household properties attached by the Deputy Sheriff over charges of duping two ladies of $11 500 in a land deal that went sour.


In the Harare High Court case HC4545/15, Loveness Chipangura and Dorcas Makumborenga won a writ of execution against Property Connect last October to recover $11 500, which they paid for stand 1794 Crowborough, measuring 312 square metres.

Chipangura, in the chamber application, submitted that Property Connect and Muvaka misled her into believing that the stand belonged to Mhlanga and acting on the information, she proceeded to purchase the land through the estate agency.


“We, the applicants, then entered into an agreement of sale with a person purporting to be Mhlanga wherein we purchased a piece of land . . . the terms of the agreement were that the entire purchase price shall be held in the trust account of Property Connect and shall be released upon transfer of the property to the applicants,” the application reads.

It was, however, later realised that the person who had signed the agreement was a bogus Mhlanga and was not entitled to the stand, rendering the agreement “null and void”.

Chipangura submitted that Property Connect and Muvaka failed to reimburse her despite the demand and claimed they had released it to the fake Mhlanga.

“Property Connect and Muvaka could not have released the purchase price to the ‘seller’ prior to transfer in terms of the agreement,” Chipangura submitted.

The Deputy Sheriff has already attached Muvaka’s household property valued at $220.

Chipangura and Makumborenga are seeking to recover their $11 500 and want the agency to pay the costs of the lawsuit plus 5% interest.

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